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One of Australia's best and most beloved festivals, Secret Garden Festival, is back for another year. Returning to the festival's hallowed and not-so-secret-anymore location outside of Sydney, Secret Garden is celebrating its eighth year over February 26 and 27.Hold up, you haven't heard of Secret Garden? Secret Garden is Australia's most genuine, perpetually surprising, made-for-mates-by-mates festival, with a bigger heart than most festivals could hope to have. Directed by the inimitable, larger-than-life, outrageously hard-working Clare Downes, held annually on the idyllic Downes family farm outside of Sydney and brought to life by the ever-loyal Secret Garden family, this NSW festival reminds punters to ditch the attitude and remember what bloody good fun looks like.Secret Garden's more than a lineup (although said lineup is inevitably kickass each year, with Parquet Courts, Sharon Van Etten, Remi, Gang Of Youths, Client Liaison, The Griswolds, Japanese Wallpaper, UV Boi, Willow Beats, Milwaukee Banks, Total Giovanni, Peter Combe (PETER COMBE) and more playing last year).

But with hidden handcrafted areas, drag queens, lawn games, facepainting, ballpits, pillow forts, craft tents, forest pop-up bars, huge art installations, local food, tiny rave caves, photobooths, birds nest-shaped DJ booths, kissing booths, ticket booths and a hell of lot more to be found at the festival, you'll be pressed for time.Importantly, you should start planning your costume, because if any festival goes above and beyond on the dress-ups, it's Secret Garden.
But as usual, in true SG tradition, the festivals always sells out before the lineup's announced. As always, proceeds from ticket and bar sales will go toward charity — and these guys have donated more than $200,000 to Oxfam, The Boys and Girls Brigade and the Sarah Hilt Foundation.
Noice.Capacity hasn't changed even though the festival program has, so tickets are going to evaporate. And you'll want to — last year Client Liaison brought confetti cannons.In a highly ineloquent statement, Secret Garden rules.

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