Mary Lennox (Margaret O'Brien) recently became an orphan while living with her family in India. The dark oppressiveness of the mansion is matched by the neighboring moors however these are no match for the vitality of nature (gardens, animals, etc.) and the youthfulness of the children. Elsa Lanchester has a notable role as the jolly maid Martha and I enjoyed watching Reginald Owen play the gardener. Warner Archive Wednesday - On (random) Wednesdays, I review one title from the Warner Archive Collection. Whatever is wrong inside that mansion will be made right with the healing powers of nature and youth. I highly recommend it especially if you are looking for a good way to introduce kids to old movies.

It's not something I ever would have planned to watch, but once it came on, for some reason I just couldn't turn it off! If it is a long one, make sure you save a draft of it elsewhere just in case Google gobbles it up and spits it out. I haven't been able to confirm that but if you are interested Terry of A Shroud of Thoughts has a great post about that bird's career in film. If the film were just a bit longer, maybe some more time could have been spent developing some of the characters. The three children in the story prove to be receptive and triumphant as they outsmart the adults.
The kids are the heroes and even without the inherent powers that come with adulthood, they are able to change their own worlds.

My favorite scene is the one where Mary and Colin have a screaming contest during one of Colin's tantrums. Behind the back of gardener Ben Weatherstaff (Reginald Owen), Mary and Dickon break into a secret garden that has been closed up ever since Colin's mother was killed there by a falling tree.
The kids revive the garden bringing color (literally and figuratively) and hope back into everyone's lives.

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