Please note: Alton Towers Almanac has not been updated for a long time, and as such, information on the site is out of date. Lonely Planet can't book you a room here, but want to make sure you find the best hotel possible. This tiny place with a lush garden has five tiled units with fans, mosquito nets, and hot-water showers in cubicle-style bathrooms, plus one five-bed dorm with cold showers. This small but beautiful park – just 10 sq km – is one of the more frequently visited national parks in Costa Rica.

This outdoor bar has its own swimming pool and often hosts roots and reggae nights, private parties and other special events. This humble spot on Cahuita's main street serves delicious, reasonably priced casados cooked over a wood fire. Koh Samui Hotels is a travel information site for all your travel needs in Koh Samui Island.
We recommend that you do not use this site to plan your visit – please use the official website.

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