With over 25 years of experience and customer service, Anna's Secret Garden specializes in floral arrangement for all occasions. A bare pedestrian path can become a beautiful garden space with some work and tender loving care.
With a vast array of possibilities, we are confident that your ideas will be precisely captured and brought to life.
Because all of our customers are important, our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one.

He hung two of the bird houses in trees, put the smallest on a pole back in the garden, and placed the shells back where they were left.
Some little one signed the guest book, "Thank you for making My Secret Garden, I love it." Don't you just love it? I was very touched that a child would paint a picture for the garden and told them we would put a frame on it and hang it for everyone to see. Recently someone told me they were Mexican Palms and not native to this area and will destroy the garden.

I painted flowers on the chairs and wrote "Stop and Rest in the Garden Chair" across the top and "Please Do Not Remove" across the bottom. Los huespedes deberan mostrar un documento de identidad valido y una tarjeta de credito al realizar el registro de entrada.

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