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Women who work in offices all over the country tend to have an irrational regard for Rafael Nadal just because he is built like a brick hacienda, but I’m told they took it reasonably well when he crashed out of Wimbledon (BBC) in the first week. Nearly all the bits of the programme in which Schama himself wasn’t speaking were a waste of time. Their weeping and gnashing of teeth were comparatively restrained, and the rending of garments lasted less than 20 minutes. He told us the story of how, as a very young man, he would go to the Old Vic to see Richard Burton and would come home all stoked up to start acting.

There is a scene in his Hamlet when he proves he is a prince by simply handing his duelling foils aside, knowing there will be a servant there to take them. The first instalment of The Hollow Crown (BBC Two) was Richard II, as directed on film by Rupert Goold. Every aspect of the production has already been showered with critical praise, but let me concentrate on the speaking, an aspect which has become a fetish for me in my old age. I am too old and frail now to be in business to punish people, but I do have to say that there were times, during the endless course of the programme, when I wished him at the bottom of the sea.
As his two semi-improvised movies with Julie Delpy prove, Hawke can be a charming screen actor.

But to act Shakespeare you have to be at ease with the lines set down for you, so that you can keep them going while you attend to your share of the action. Since most of them are scarcely bigger than shoe boxes, it shows you the power of a district: when in town, the lucky like to live near each other.
When in the country, of course, they need a few hundred acres so Samantha can canter her pony.

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