You can discover our germination chamber that holds up to 143 trays of seedlings at a time below. Starting your fussy transplants should be easy now that you have watched the training video. Until the next High Performance Garden Training Video may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic! It has always been common sense for organic growers that the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance is enhanced naturally when the soil is allowed to live and breathe. A recent major report from the Soil Association reviewing the research on soil carbon found that soils under organic management have 28 percent higher levels of carbon than conventionally farmed soils in Northern Europe, and 20 percent higher in the rest of the world. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Japan is one of the world’s leading users of chemicals to grow food.
The atmosphere around our fields is filled to overcapacity with exhaust from cars, factories and energy production facilities, meaning that the dead soil has further levels of chemicals poured into it every day.
The good news is that the Soil Association report shows that, under organic management, soils can provide carbon sequestration of 2 tonnes per hectare per year. In the UK, that would translate into a 23 percent cut in emissions by the agricultural sector, rather than the 6 percent proposed by the current UK Government.
Organic soil making is an industry waiting to boom in Japan and the ageing agricultural workforce is waiting for a new job. Beyond soil management, a low carbon farming system would be more diverse for human and non-human food growth.
Fortunately, many farmers grow their own family supply of food without chemicals, separate from the food grown on their own farms. Further, if we want to reduce the carbon footprint of food, we must start by tackling the fact that 50 percent of what global agriculture produces is thrown away.
There are very few organizations like Second Harvest Japan who re-distribute unneeded or imperfect food to people who will use it, or my own john moore organics organization that runs a Food Commons offering surplus food to people in exchange for their commitment to create a better tomorrow. These actions may not yet threaten corporate interests in the nation’s food market, but they do enhance people’s respect for the texture and experience of food. Unfortunately, such initiatives are not numerous in Japan and they barely make a dent in the huge problem of food waste and the energy-intensity of Japan’s food. There are various simple ways to reduce the vast quantities of importing and exporting of produce that could easily have been grown close to the consumer. But how do street and parks maintenance crews dispose of all the leaves and branches that are cut every season? The Secret is in the Soil by John Moore is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. John Moore is creator of John Moore Organics in Japan and has grown organic food for 45 years.
Lastly, this morning in the Huffington Post, a new Tokyoite, Jared Braiterman (previously from California), wrote a review of Azby Brown’s Just Enough about Edo era ideas for the 21st century.
And what this article states so fitting, is the importance of FOOD and natural growing methods. Most of us think nothing of rainfall or where it goes, unless it leads to flooding or landslides.
The flow of water in agriculture gives rise to many questions: Can we correctly predicting recharge rates of our aquifers in drought regions?
Soil pore size is important to conductivity because of some complex geometry and scientific properties. Hirmas has been using a special tool called a multistripe laser triangulation (MLT) scanner.
To determine if the MLT scanner could be used to predict preferential flow, Hirmas designed a study. Create a hand-crafted and nurturing soil environment with Premier Tech Horticulture PRO-MIX® growing mixes. Gardeners can start their planting on the right foot with PRO-MIX in their garden beds and containers. Whether it’s an orchid collection, a plot of tomatoes and basil, or a garden bed full of colorful annual flowers, we’ve developed a PRO-MIX® growing mix to improve plants growing environment and help them thrive. A high-quality and nutritious growing environment doesn’t just happen in today’s landscapes.
The eight growing mixes in the PRO-MIX® line are the proven solutions to these and other soil problems every gardener encounters.
As spring emerges around the country, gardeners can start their planting on the right foot with PRO-MIX® in their garden beds and containers.

Other specialized PRO-MIX® products include Ultimate Potting Mix, Ultimate All Purpose, Ultimate Organic Seed Starting, Fortified Peat Moss, Orchid Mix, African Violet Mix and Cactus Mix. The PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix will be sought after by gardeners this spring.The PRO-MIX Garden Mix is suitable for planting outdoor plants and vegetables.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Lettuce grown in transparent soil developed by researchers at the James Hutton Institute and the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland. Developed by a team led by Lionel Dupuy, a theoretical biologist in the Ecological Sciences group at the James Hutton Institute, the transparent soil is the result of two years of research. It’s made from granules of Nafion, which is a lot easier than calling it a sulfonated tetrafluoroethylene based fluoropolymer-copolymer. Researchers say that the transparent soil could be used to study root systems, help breed crops with more efficient roots that need less fertilizers, and study the ecology of plants and microorganisms. Once we had an understanding of how to start our seeds that will be easy to transplant we can begin starting fussy plants.
You should transplant 2-4 weeks after you start them to avoid the roots winding tightly at the bottom of your pot. Yet, this situation has only been the case for the past 30 years, less than one generation of farmers. The exposure of open soil to all this pollution, which happens for months at a time during non-growing seasons, also further exacerbates the loss of microbes and diminishes absorption abilities. That, for the UK alone, would mean the sequestration of 64 million tons of carbon over the next 20 years — the same as taking a million cars off the road. Similar action on organic farming at a prefectural level would help the current Japanese government to reach its proposed target of a 25 percent cut in CO2 levels that was proudly put on the world table by Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.
Thirty years ago, human effort made its own soil and its own fertilization from leaf and vegetable matter, and animal and human wastes. It would incorporate more perennial plants, open pollinated, heirloom and native seeds that enhance biodiversity and DNA strength. These country gardens still hold local seed varieties and heirloom seeds passed down from previous generations. This is something that would reduce the amount of CO2 that finds its way into not just the atmosphere, but also into our soils and food everyday. Japan`s wonderful climate makes this happen within weeks and the necessary leaves, insects, microbes and vegetable matter is abundant and cheap, if not free. In municipalities around the developed world, this precious organic matter is plastic bagged and trucked away from the soil. He grows soil and seeds on six organic farms in Japan to produce organic deli food for sale at the UNU Farmers Market and cafes in and around Tokyo. Oh, and a healthier ecosystem, and biodiversity, and a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle, etc., etc. The Monetary System combined with the egoism and greed it produces is a system that simply eats the world until there’s nothing left. Perhaps we can more efficiently use water for food production or predict how areas will react to climate change. Also within the soil is organic matter - decomposed plant litter, soil microbes, other organisms, and root systems.
Simply, a soil pore that is twice as large as another will conduct sixteen times the volume of water as the smaller pore in the same amount of time. Hirmas explains, "Preferential in this case means that a significant portion of the water will be transported through a relatively few number of large pores. It’s a secret known by professional and experienced gardeners for many, many years and is now being adopted by the average home gardener.
It’s crafted through the addition of growing mixes and amendments, producing a soil much improved over the often hard-packed, poor-quality “dirt” found surrounding many homes. Its organic fertilizer provides a gradual feeding to plants, and MycoActive™ helps improve plant growth.
Enriched with plant food that feed plants for up to 9 months, and MycoActive™ is MYCORRHIZAE, a natural plant stimulant which assists plants for nutrient and water uptake for improved plant growth and resistance to stresses.
For most of our photosynthetic friends, the majority of the plant is underground in the form of an intricate system of roots.
Used in batteries, fuel cells and a wide range of applications, Nafion is naturally transparent, but in order to make it translucent enough for for botanical purposes it needs a special water-based formula.
Currently, the team is working on controlling the properties of the transparent soil and bringing down its cost.

I prefer to drop my seeds into the pot and then sift my soil mixture in my hands over the seeds. Currently, varieties of Japanese vegetables and native species are lost daily because farmers plant only the seed supplied to them by Japan’s agriculture cooperatives and no longer plant local seed that has its own unique taste and growing cycles. We have around 10 years to gather them and pass them onto the next generation to maintain better nutrition and DNA diversity. In fact, much of it tossed out by farmers even before it reaches the supermarket in order to maintain higher food prices in cases of excess supply. To get started, check out the work of the Rodale Institute and the information in the ‘How this affects you’ sidebar of this page to get started.
He holds organic growing workshops that encourage people to grow food in their own apartment, balcony garden or farm, as well as monthly seed exchanges.
Daniel Hirmas, a professor at University of Kansas, and his team may be taking the study of soil hydrology to some exciting new territory.
Also, we could have better prediction of water runoff and soil erosion, deposition, and sedimentation of surface water reservoirs. Building soil in pots, mixed containers, garden beds and vegetable patches is well worth it and goes a long way in producing beautiful blooms and bountiful harvests. Consider creating a $10 hole for a $1 plant using Premier Tech Horticulture PRO-MIX® growing mixes formulated for a multitude of gardening needs. In fact, it’s a bit like those high-tech ant farms where instead of sand, the ants burrow through a jelly that also provides them with food and water.
Forming the polymer into pellets allows it to mimic soil particle properties, such as forming channels, retaining water and nutrients and sustaining plant growth.
Water your pots by placing them in a tub of water so the soil can wick up the moisture and not disturb the seeds. The microbial activity, the oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and water cycles are low, slow to enact, or non-active. After that, the current older farming generation will no longer be here and the seeds and soil secrets will pass away along with them. That’s a problem for scientists trying to study plants because growing them in media that allow you to see the roots, such as hydroponics, doesn't mimic real soil very well. In the next few weeks we will release a Secret of Seeds episode detailing transplanting our fussier plants. I will show you my families secret seedling soil mix that allows for the oxygen, moisture and eventually nutrients that the seedling will need.
What would be thought about would be the best possible solutions and products for all people. That might well be, but now we’re all a slave of this system, and it is so to say impossible to get out.
Within another system, a Resource Based Economy, we could free our minds to REALLY develop stuff to the best for Humanity.
Now, a team of researchers at the James Hutton Institute and the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland has developed an artificial transparent soil that allows scientists to make detailed studies of root structures and subterranean soil ecology on a microscopic level.
It supports root structures, holds suspended minerals, can be colonized by microorganisms and even exchanges gases like soil. If you want to refresh your memory of the easy, difficult and impossible plants to transplant you can read our previous blog post Starting Seeds Indoors.
The seedling soil mix is three parts peat moss or coconut coir to one part sand and one part perlite. Once you have started your fussy to transplant seedlings share this with the struggling gardeners in your life. This slow carbon absorption rate is further exacerbated by carbon and lead expelling machines and tractors. Let’s begin starting fussy plants such as cucumbers, beets and squash seeds in this episode of the Secret of Seeds Series.
Once the roots of the seedling reach this layer of compost is the exact timing they will need to have those key nutrients. It would be a world where the planet’s resources are considered the heritage of Humanity, and will be developed accordingly. All you need is a tin can the size you would like your pot to be and a strip of newspaper about three inches tall and two feet wide.

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