The ultimate goal of any wellness program is to create an environment where employees are engaged, healthy and productive. A strong system of Wellness Champions can ease the workload associated with running large programs.
We know how crucial wellness ambassadors are to the success of a program, so we have outlined a few objectives to keep in mind while creating a champion network. Whether you call them ambassadors, evangelists, champions or ninjas, your organization’s wellness warriors can play a pivotal role in the deployment and ongoing results of your programs. If you would like more information about our approach to wellness, answer a few questions and we'll get in touch right away.

Our most successful clients, those with a strong culture of health, often leverage a number of grassroots approaches to reach their goals. They can spread the word about your wellness programs, build enthusiasm and rally participation. To learn how one of our most successful clients, Aon Corporation, built and optimized its wellness ambassador network, join me for our next webinar on Tuesday, July 28!
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Wellness Champions can also serve as an invaluable resource for information and feedback on specific programs, providing management with vital insight and suggestions for enhancement. Once this foundation of highly motivated employees is in place, a growing culture of health can be nurtured through ongoing communication and social motivation.

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