There are two very distinct chakra groups – Upper Chakra Dominant (UCD) People and Lower Chakra Dominant (LCD) People. In an ideal world, all of our chakras are open and balanced, and we can manifest and appreciate the material world while bringing inspiration and purpose to everything we do.
UCD people can visualize all they want, but often cannot turn those visualizations into reality, and LCD people can have all the material things they want, but frequently cannot find the lightness of spirit they need for their life to have purpose and deep meaning. To experience the full power of both your spiritual and manifest realms, you need to live in both your upper and lower chakras and to have a strong, open heart chakra that bridges these two realms. Many people are quite balanced in their chakras and are equally in their upper and lower chakras, but there are also many people who are stuck on one side of the heart bridge and feel trapped, as if they’re in an unmoving traffic jam on one side of an actual bridge.
The people of this LCD group tend to be heavier in their body (if you know Ayurveda, they have  a more Kapha body type), and they are more rooted, pro-active and consistent in their lives.
Upper Chakra Dominant (UCD) people tend to live above the heart bridge in the more “spiritual” chakras.  They usually meditate or do other activities like yoga that connect them to lighter frequencies. They are normally not very grounded, and can seem scattered.  If they suffer from an overall malaise, it is anxiety rather than depression.
I want to compliment you on your affinity for the number 8 (4 eights in your email address).
Did you find that your consistency and commitment became stronger after you had your 1st chakra tattoo? As far as the Secret, I tell my clients that the Secret is like the tip of the iceberg of the LOA; there is a lot of inner work to be done before one can simply visualize and manifest.
Finally, do you have any tips for those of us who have a hard time with the discipline part?
I have a lumbersacral joint injury which flares up and gives me pain into my hip which caused me to think it was arthritis in my hip.

Latest TweetsThe only person you need to understand you is YOU (everyone else is just icing on the cake). To deal with any negative thoughts that come up as you visualize – and this process does tend to smoke them out!
A common criticism of The Secret is that it seems focused exclusively on the selfish manifestation of material desires.
About BenjaminAs an “astroshaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers both the soul-level insights of astrology and the healing power of shamanism. Benjamin hosts iTunes' #1 astrology podcast, and was voted Western North Carolina's best astrologer in 2014.
It’s now easier for me to stay connected with Spirit. And I feel much more grounded, which for me is a miraculous achievement. During our session, the pain that had completely stopped me from running was reduced by 50%, and I was able to get out and run again the next day. Thank you for your wonderful healing work; it has really helped me!
I can feel the love and light radiating from me, and my friends are even saying that ‘something is different.’ You rock, Benjamin! I’m an engineer, a realist and a rationalist, and I am beyond astonished at the accuracy of 99.9% of what you said!
You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. If this group suffers from an overall malaise, it is depression rather than anxiety, as they have more downward (heavy) energy than upper (light) energy. They typically have a deficiency in (or even an aversion to) one or more of the major qualities of the lower chakras: money (1st chakra), sex (2nd chakra) and power (3rd chakra).
This ancient principle, most recently popularized by the DVD and book The Secret, says that you can mentally manifest whatever you desire into the physical world.

However, the Law of Attraction can just as easily used to manifest things and situations that benefit others.
After doing over 5000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help clients master challenge and embrace transformation. You offered meaning and hope and practical reasons and steps to take…What a relief you are! If composed electronically, be sure to print it out: ink on paper represents the first level of physical manifestation. Direct a 3-D movie in your mind, living out your desired reality in your imagination in as much detail as possible. I took the test you pointed out for chakras, and am under-active in my root, sacral, and heart chakras, with three open and my throat over-active (I talk a lot – one energy worker said she saw my throat chakra as a ticker-tape). However, if you can see ways in which your own efforts can help bring it about, by all means lend a hand!
And I used to do the mantras described on how to open them, but have issues with discipline (which you cover in Pt 2 of this post), and they sort of fell away from my practice a year or so ago. I also appreciated the tip cautioning the use of the 7th chakra chant when the first chakra is not open; I wonder if that affected my use of the chants years ago and why I stopped doing them.

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