To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. It seems as if everyone is talking about The Secret Life of 4 Year-olds, Channel 4’s fascinating fly-on-the-wall account of a group of 12 pre-schoolers engaging in friend courtship, conflict resolution, the forming of alliances, the handling of rejection and concealing of disappointment.
The John Lewis Christmas ad is now enough to set 40-year-olds off I cry often - at game show wins, song lyrics, old couples holding hands, dogs with jobs, anything involving war veterans, David Attenborough documentaries (especially those featuring polar bears) and yes, even the John Lewis Christmas advert.
If Philip Boucher-Hayes didn't do enough to turn you off all your favourite food, this new series will. This video is not showing because you did not accept our terms of use for age restricted material. Obviously, there was no way I was going to miss a documentary called The Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds. Hindsight, therefore, turned what would have been a fairly tedious documentary full of people sending and receiving cardboard boxes into a caustic study in dramatic irony. Summary: The four-year-olds are back after a fortnight apart, and are joined by some new faces. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you've watched, earn points and more. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you.
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I have a four-year-old myself, and now that he has started school most of his life is secret, at least from me. No one in this programme saw it coming, least of all, apparently, the programme makers, who seemed oblivious to what was happening behind the scenes.
Well this documentary will explore the world of 10 four-year-olds as they meet in a nursery rigged with cameras that capture every glance, whisper, tussle and emotion. With their parents watching on monitors, the children encounter one another for the first time in October and then again in May.

These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. Unfortunately, the local primary has yet to install cameras everywhere as 1) they can’t afford it and 2) filming children is currently as socially acceptable as beating them, so The Secret Life of Four-Year-Olds was the next best thing.
Overseeing the action are two experts - educational neuroscientist Paul Howard-Jones and developmental psychologist Sam Wass - as the youngsters make and break friendships, and find their place in this new social group. Dare we suggest the film-maker Arron Fellows wasn’t asking the right people the right questions? Regardless, it all made for curious viewing – 24 Hour Parcel People was like going to a party and having a rare old time, only to be told at the end it was a funeral. These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners. We’ve been working really hard chez Wilson at sharing, a concept that appears to be about as easy to grasp among under-fives as particle physics. It wasn't until we starting looking at the science of four year olds that we realised they're also blueprints for their future selves.
So it was a little dispiriting to be told by the educational neuroscientist here that sharing was, in actual fact, a devious ploy to garner friends and build a power base or support network.
Sharing, it turns out, is not caring, it’s a Machiavellian power play that would make Ed Balls shudder with glee. But there is also great insight as we realise the significance of these first forays into the social world. Taking turns, it further transpires, is for wimps and, worst of all, naughty behaviour is a sign of intelligence.
Queuing to get in anywhere is out of the question, and music in bars must be low enough to allow conversation. Yesterday my son nicked a tenner from the dresser and, when I asked for it back, he posted it through the floorboards. Noisier still is the entirely needless grunt I expel as I hoist myself from a chair after dinner.
I now need reading specs which I clean by leaning over an open dishwasher door and waiting for them to cloud up.

This documentary had taken the award for Most Grimly Ironic Programme of the year long before it was even broadcast, as it was filmed at the delivery service City Link last summer. With delectable timing, the firm’s owners, Better Capital, called in the administrators on Christmas Day.
Quite the opposite - you just cull them from your life without dwelling on why you’re not their bag. I’m old enough to know and accept that Dubai is not for me, and am cheery in the knowledge that I will never go skiing anywhere. Otherwise, any week off in which I laugh, eat and watch films somewhere lovely with my partner, constitutes the holiday of a lifetime. Having been appalled and dismissive of their abject uncoolness in my teens, I now really, really fancy Take That. Death becomes a pre-occupation Not in some nihilistic or maudlin way – I think about death every day simply because I am more accepting of its inevitability. By contrast, I now collect happy memories obsessively, take time out to enjoy my loved ones and actively plan things I want to do instead of putting them off.
Less maturely, I become irrationally furious at all the obnoxious people allowed to live while my loved ones are stolen by cancer. I can digest a week’s worth of junk mail catalogues in one extended sitting, unfathomably intrigued by everything from equestrian wear to mobility aids. Likewise, I can spend five hours on Google, researching exactly the right A?3.29 anti-slam door bumper. I now keep warranty cards, register appliances, insure everything up the wazoo and will never let my AA cover lapse, because I no longer enjoy the blind optimism of youth. We can say sorry Like bossy 4-year-old Tia in secret Life of 4-year olds, I am able to say I made a mistake.

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