The Secret Life of Ian Fleming follows the exciting life of a dashing young Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind the highly successful James Bond books and movies. For whatever reason, Philippe and Daniel choose to vacation in Southeast Asia, where they meet Hans, a resident of the area who acts as their patron and guide. The 1990 film The Secret Life of Ian Fleming (also known as Spymaker) is finally (previously only available on VHS) released on DVD as a Made To Order DVD.
His adventures span the world - from Russia (with love and betrayal) to a top-secret Nazi fortress, where he defeats the enemy on His Majesty's secret service. Born into an aristocratic English family, Fleming had the sexual exploits and talent for danger and intrigue that made him destined for a life of a hero and spy. Spymaker was first broadcast on Swedish television by TV4 on March 3, 1995 with the title En spions historia. Fiona Fullerton, who portrays Ian Fleming's mother (Lady Caroline) in the film, played "Bond girl" Pola Ivanova in the 1985 Bond film A View to a Kill. All information, text and graphics (unless otherwise stated) on this website are protected by copyright law. The image of Ian Fleming pecking away at his typewriter at his tropical retreat while sounds of the surf pounding and warm breezes flow through the open windows is an idyllic one, especially for anyone who has dreamed of writing the next bestseller. It’s worth noting that an adjustment in expectations for the book may be in order, though that is by no fault of Mr Parker. All the background information is vital to the story of Ian Fleming and his creation, because there is so much of it in the writings of Fleming.
The relationship of Ann and Ian Fleming is also crucial to the account, as once again, the ups and downs of this relationship are reflected in Ian’s writing. Mr Parker spent extensive time interviewing those who actually knew Fleming. As the years go by, these accounts become even more precious, knowing that in the not-so-distant future, this generation will be gone.

There are numerous photographs throughout the book, both in-line and as part of a color collection in the center of the book. The book was released in the UK last August, but is not set for a US release until March 11th of 2015. Before they leave to return to Paris, the two present Hans with a gift of their leftover native hashish. A complicated, stubborn man of iron routine, who could be charming, but mostly preferred to avoid social entanglements, Fleming struggled with marital discord and declining health for much of the time in which he spent in his beloved Jamaica writing the James Bond novels. This includes all the Bond novels, not just those in which the setting includes time in Jamaica – Live and Let Die, Dr No, The Man With the Golden Gun and the short stories For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy. Blanche Blackwell, still going strong at 102, her son Chris Blackwell, who now owns Goldeneye, Jamaican swimming champion Barrington Roper, who Fleming used as a guide, and surviving members of the Fleming’s extended family were among those who assisted Mr Parker with his research for the book. I cannot stop looking at the photo on page 253 which shows Ian sitting on a windowsill in Goldeneye, and sitting next to him, on his right is Blanche and on his left is Ann.
18 month's later, an Amnesty International lawyer, shows up and informs them that Hans was arrested and imprisoned for drug possession shortly after their departure and is now condemned to death. Thus there is much in the way of background and history of the island, all of which is fascinating and informative. Mr Parker notes that in From Russia With Love, when Tatiana Romanova tries to compliment Bond by telling him he looks like an American film star, Bond snaps back at her ‘For God’s sake! Ann meanwhile carried on with Hugh Gaitskell in much the same manner in which she had carried on with Ian when she was married to someone else. Mr Parker captures this period for both Jamaica and Ian Fleming, giving us a view that has not been seen in this detail previously. Philippe and Daniel have an opportunity to help Hans by confessing their deed to the authorities, sharing blame for the crime and accepting prison terms.

If you were looking at 320 pages of Ian Fleming and James Bond, that’s not what this book is.
Despite this, the pair never divorced, and would still write affectionately to and about the other. Blanche is wearing what looks like a button-down shirt over presumably a swimsuit, with her bare legs dangling down. Additional pressure is enforced by Hans' ex-girlfriend, the argument being that the life at stake is Hans'. Ian’s friend and Jamaican neighbor Noel Coward even created characters in his plays which were obviously based on Ian and Ann, and Blanche Blackwell. Ann, on the hand is more formally dressed, with a high neckline blouse and long skirt and you see no leg from her. The man who created James Bond, Ian Fleming (Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery), actually lived the most exciting spy thriller of all. Mr Parker draws these connections for us in Coward’s work, while detailing the unlikely friendship between the men. Ian is sitting up straight, arms crossed on his lap, with something of a sheepish look on his face. A sizzling, action-packed adventure of the life of the man who created James Bond: Fleming.

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