Guest stars include Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez, Beverley Mitchell, Anne Ramsay, Paula Turbay, L. Although her intentions were good, Ben is infuriated when he discovers the empty room and cannot hold his rage toward Adrian any longer.
Scott Caldwell, Renee Olstead, Camille Winbush, Allen Evangelista, Amy Rider, Brando Eaton, Grant Harvey, Mackenzie Rosman, William R.

After an emotional blow up, Adrian is left crushed once again, while Ben’s grief threatens to lead him down a dangerous path.
Meanwhile, Jack walks in on Grace and her new boyfriend Daniel kissing, and Jack reveals that he’s not over her, making Grace wonder if she still has feelings for Jack. And Amy is upset that Adrian called Ricky – but he blows it off as if it didn’t mean anything, but did it?

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