You know the feeling you get when you see a well-made TV show, with great acting and an intriguing plot?
The character Amy Juergens is quite annoying and the character does not grow at all throughout the series, I agree with that but it's also a great show. Teenage pregnancy is a big deal nowadays and I believe the show was created to show, in someway, what it's like dealing with that.
Brenda Hampton and her staff have cooked up one very interesting premiere for the fans of the show which contained more drama and more surprises than usual. The installment picked up where the series left off last March,is Adrian pregnant for Ben or not? And he is right to be puzzled by the matter-because at the end of the episode we learned that she is indeed pregnant and is trying to have an abortion. Nonetheless it was a decent opener of Secret Life episode,thanks to the shocking ending- Adrian turns out to be pregnant!
Be prepared to bid adieu to that wonderful emotion before you sit down to see the atrocious monstrosity of a television show that is “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Created by Brenda Hampton in 2008, “Secret Life” makes it a goal to find any teenage cliche and exploit it – various times.
My sister and I watched it and gave up because we hated the everything about Amy's character.

The show has made it's message obviously clear: don't have sex, cause you will get pregnant, and die. Yes this show presents some bad influence, and has whining, but the show itself, as a WHOLE is good.
The plot sucks and so do the actors and actresses; though, I do feel they've gotten better over the years. I believe that even though you have a bad influence there, doesnt mean you have to repeat it?
The reason why I love this show is because it can be so bad and overly dramatic and full of cliche that it ends up being hilarious; I end up cackling to myself.
The characters have no substance whatsoever; all they ever seem to do on this show is have sex or talk about having sex. I mean, anyone who has good morals and is strong can avoid situations like these, or if they are in these situations, just be able to say "No"! Though Amy only does the deed once, it turns out that once is more than enough for her uterus to start cooking up a baby. The first season follows her pregnancy, and the second season – so far- chronicles her exploits as a teenage mother.

Amy Juergens is the very picture of selfish immaturity; ninety percent of the show is centered on her whiny, judgmental comments.
There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever in this character, a sad fact that ruins the already comatose show. No, instead, we get dull, scripted actions that simply increase the growing urge to bash your head against the TV. What started as a follow up to increasingly popular films such as Juno turned into a stilted, abysmal joke of a show. However, if you have a hunger for shows that drag, and characters that whine almost as much as the overpaid actors that play them, then “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” is for you!

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