Polecam rowniez zapoznanie sie z materialami prezentujacymi prace nad filmem: wykorzystanie efektow specjalnych, material z planu zdjeciowego oraz porownanie cinematiku z ukonczonym filmem. Secret Number may be driven by the idea of a scientific conspiracy theory but its presentation is completely transparent. Levy does an accomplished job of handling the material, creating a sustained air of menace and un-reality, assisted by skilful post-production visual effects. Not only is Colin Levy’s award-winning student film viewable in its entirety online, there are also accompanying diary films, recording the production process. Indeed, Secret Number is an extremely well shot and nicely edited work, especially for an emerging director.

Oczywiscie nie stworzyl calosci sam, ale dbalosc o detal, bardzo poprawna narracja i zdolnosc opowiadania angazujacej historii bardzo dobrze wroza Colinowi na przyszlosc. The film is an adaptation of a short story by Igor Teper, which challenges our everyday perceptions by proposing that there is a secret number between three and four. However, it is a shame the film does not rise above being a straightforward drama to become a more unusual work in its visual representation of how numbers shape our understanding of the world. The suggestion comes in the form of a conversation between troubled mathematician, Prof Ersheim (played by Tom Nowicki in the film), and his psychiatrist, Dr Tomlin (played by Daniel Jones).
While the ending succeeds in emphasising how thin our grasp of reality can be, the accident scene also feels like the necessary twist of a more conventional thriller and, as such, slightly disappoints.

Still, these reservations aside, Secret Number demonstrates a great deal of technical promise and Levy’s ability to create a tight, well-paced narrative structure. The idea throws open some interesting questions about our individual experiences of reality (and sanity), suggesting that there is subjectivity to what is accepted and propagated as the norm.

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