I would never "drink the kool-aid just because my father did." What I do know is that we, as human beings, all have a natural credibility filter. Yeah maybe older folks don't check their email as often and don't own an iphone, but we shouldn't count them out.
The only thing Ahmadinejads statement created was laughter and amazement that a person that crazy is handed a microphone at the UN. That is like if I was a bank guard and just watched some homeless guy wander into the vault and leave with bags of money and did nothing about it. I, served in the US army as a medic, was a private pilot instructor, before receiving his PhD in the Wildlife sciences. If you read through the report you will see where the DOD wants new nukes the request it in ever bill. Racism, Facism and Terrorism, mind you they are all the same anyway, just different perspectives.
I just cant see how so many people can be so wrong and yet still the government keep quiet.
All this concern over the nukes, when nothing happened that was more than curiosty on the part of the 'UFO's.
And I think this sudden change in attitude which seems to signal coming disclosure is because they know they can't hide it for much longer.
Dunno which one is correct Personally (my gut feeling) I would say all 1-3 are correct at the same time. 30-40 something in a room full of 20 year olds) got the courage to raise their hand and ask.
As an older person, I can tell you that this happens to some degree every late summer when a lot of the usual news crews take vacations. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. For all we know humanoids could be hundreds of millions of years old and could have destroyed themselves repeatedly over time.
It seems to me that there are quite a few "shills" here on ATS that are intent on guiding and manipulating discussions in a certain direction. Someone said "manmade" but there's no way, it would take at least Martian technological knowhow or greater!
Finally in THEMIS enlarged The object may not be what the arrow is pointing to I just want to point it out.. American desert which straddles part of the United States-Mexico border and covers large parts of the U.S. Facts about the Giant Desert Centipede (Scolopendra heros), and the CommonDesert Centipede (Scolopendra polymorpha).
This by no means is a complete list of all of the animals that reside in the Sonoran Desert.
Posts like this are always an absolute delight, and anyone who bothers to post them is a real softy.

We are fragile as well - people tend to overlook that fact because there are so many humans on this planet. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. Is this part of the planet susceptible to high winds and substantial temperature deferential? Registering on our community gives you access to our forums, territories, roleplays, chatbox, art galleries, worlds, and more!
Somewhat emotional and easily irritated, she has a good singing voice and has mastered the longbow and crossbow.
She has a pet hunting dog named Rover, who she keeps in a wide pen she made herself near the forest's edge.
She often gets picked for adventures, because over the years she has learned to overcome and prepare for many dangers, and, as I have mentioned, she is highly skilled in almost every line of weaponry, especially the bow and knife.
I think that enough people joined that it's okay to start RPing, ill add you when I get a chance to go back on the computer ALSO! She carries around her bow, in the curve of the hand-carved wood, there is a hidden dagger. The floor was covered in unwashed clothes but she just scowled and kicked them away, onto the face of a sleeping half sibling, who grumbled and shook it off. She had just done an early morning run to the nearest convenient store for some sodas and gum, which she hoped to sell to campers in order to pay back a few people. Touching her leather belt, she felt for her celestial bronze dagger, given to her by Zeus himself. She smiled, and, in her own sneaky and silent way, crept out of the cabin not waking her fellow campers.
She immediately walked out and shut the door loudly, that time to specifically make her campmates wake up.
She didn't know what she wanted to do, probably see Chiron or Dionysus for some reason, or maybe climb the wall. She had help from the Hephaestus kids, but she had build a large, steel cage behind her cabin, near the forest's edge for her hound. The cage was about as big as your local park or soccer field, and she was lucky enough to let Chiron approve of making it. She often did her archery practice in the woods with Rover, because he scared off predators and such.
She got dressed in her white boots, red shirt with a white jacket, and a white hat (she likes white and red :3), her favorite outfit. Damien is feeding rover anyway, I talk to him after this, Nicole thought, and trotted over to Felicity. Pushing the dark hair from her face, she hunched back over the string and continued rubbing the beeswax on. The dragon below puffed rings of gray smoke that spiraled towards her, torn apart by the wind every time before it actually reached her.

Brynne had ignored Chiron's warnings about not getting close to the dragon; she'd climbed over him today and up the tree, and the dragon hadn't cared that much. Turning her attention back to the waking camp, Brynne sighed and clambered down a couple branches so she was just above the Golden Fleece. She hopped directly off the branch, a reckless move as she was more than six feet in the air. Brynne landed lightly on her feet, and jogged across the grass towards Felicity and Nicole.
She participated little in sparring herself; Brynne was more partial to watching other people's matches, learning their moves and sometimes changing or combining them to a completely new tactic. Her chestnut ponytail bounced against her back as she slowed, stopping just 10 feet away from the match. Before the battle started getting hasty, a loud screech emitted from the forest, making everyone on the ground fall to the ground and most likely making the sleeping campers jolt awake.
Hellhound from the underworld!" he screamed across the courtyard, allowing people to shove themselves out of the cabins with weapons and armor. She was good with high distance shooting, so she climbed, stopping to admire the Golden Fleece.
She can tell if a person is lying or not, and is very good at discerning people and relationships.
She also has a ring that can drain people's willpower so that they come under her control for a short period of time.
He caught the faint glimmer of Jessica's eyes through the door of her cabin, searing through his arm.
Cursing, she broke into a sprint toward the Zeus cabin, ducking through the gathering crowd with long-practiced ease. Brynne could fight without weapons just fine, but it was suicide to get into close-quarters with a hellhound the size of a truck, she'd learned. Slinging it over her shoulder, she ran after Jessica with her longbow clenched in both hands.
Surely that they were children of Zeus, they could blast the hellhound with a great glory lightning bolt and be done with it?
Forcing her hands to move, Solo strung the bow, nocking an arrow as she swung so she was slightly behind the hellhound at an angle. A true, straight shot right behind the shoulder blades would go straight to the creature's heart, she knew, but the stupid mutt was twisting and writhing around like mad. Solo drew back the bow to full draw, her thumb brushing the corner of her mouth as she carefully aimed at the hellhound.

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