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This week, we’re covering the 1990 LucasArts adventure, The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequels. Was just listening to this episode again today, and I completely agree: this is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the UMBcast!! El juego mostraba la historia de Guybrush Threepwood, un chico que quiere ser pirata, pero para ello debera cumplir una serie de pruebas. The Secret of Monkey Island nos mostraba infinidad de escenas comicas y momentos de exprimirse la cabeza. Se utilizaba el SCUMM (siglas de “Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion”), un motor especializado para aventuras graficas, y fue el quinto juego en usar dicho motor, tras Maniac Mansion, Zack McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure y Loom. Tras este juego se han desarrollado otras cuatro entregas, siendo la ultima (Tales of Monkey Island) desarrollada por Telltale Games con la licencia de Lucas Arts. El juego ha sido lanzado en sistemas tan dispares como Amiga, Atari ST, Mac OS, Sega Mega CD, MS-DOS, Windows, y mas actualmente su version remake lanzada en 2009 para Xbox 360 en Xbox Live Arcade, o iPhone.
Os dejo con un video de este remake del juego original, donde se puede apreciar como era antes, y como lo han mejorado en la actualidad sin perder su esencia.

I was glad to know also that Ron Gilber the original game designer was invited for an early look at that edition, so they’re trying to bring him back in and take his feedback. I never had a chance to play the monkey island franchise, this will be a perfect opportunity. Guybrush's desire to become a swashbuckling pirate gets him more adventure than he bargained for. Secret of Monkey Island is the story of a young boy whith an unpronounceable name, who wishes to become a pirate. We go through the story, gameplay, tech specs and history for the entire series up to today.
Pero el mayor disenador de la serie fue Ron Gilbert, quien trabajo en las dos primeras entregas de la saga antes de dejar Lucas Arts.
Todo esto le llevara a conocer y enamorarse a Elaine Marley, gobernadora de la Isla Melee entre otras, asi como enfrentarse a LeChuck, un malvado pirata que secuestra a la gobernadora. Nos presentaba unos graficos “EGA” (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) que mostraba 16 colores, para mas tarde mejorarse en una version de 256 colores (VGA) y otra en formato CD-ROM, con la consiguiente mejora a nivel sonoro. I was hoping Lucasarts will come back with full budget long length adventure game, as no matter what, episodic does not compare to full length games, but it’s just more economic I guess. Microsoft’s press conference was great and will be a tough act to follow by Sony and Nintendo.
Not a Microsoft fan, but if what they show is real (not like all the hyped Vista), I am definitely buying one.

Lucasarts have finally decided to honor the lovers of the old Monkey Island franchise, and is in an advanced stage of releasing the special edition of Secret of Monkey Island game this summer with enhanced graphics and art, original actor voices re-recorded, it looks freaking awesome.
Also, this means (like any other episodic thing) it will takes ages more to know THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND. It is the first game in the much loved Monkey Island franchise, and one of the most influencial PC adventure games. During his stay on Melee Island, Guybrush seeks the advice of pirate captains in the SCUMM Bar (named after Gilbert's SCUMM game engine) of how to become a pirate. QUE RESULTA SER UNA SIMPLE CAMISETA DE MELEE ISLAND! Pero descubrimos un tesoro, eso es lo que vale. The quests are just the tip of the iceberg as Guybrush eventually tackles the fearsome ghost pirate LeChuck and travels to the secluded Monkey Island.
Reunimos a la maestra de la espada, al casi-pirata de la Isla Hook y por ultimo un prisionero que nos engano pero volvio.
Nos ayuda a entender algunas cosas y realizamos muchas actividades para alcanzar unos remos y navegar a traves de la isla.

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