If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. Quite simply put, if you enjoy games like Roads of Rome, My Kingdom for the Princess and even Island Tribe this is the Time Management game for you. Similar to other resource gathering games, like My Kingdom for the Princess, Roads of Rome etc. The background music becomes somewhat repetitive and annoying after after a while, but luckily you can just turn it off.
I love city building games, and Secrets of the five Gods is just perfect for me.I only wish you could play casual.
This one actually teaches a bit about ancient Egypt and let's you move right through it without a lot of down time. My only comments are that it seems to tell you you have the best time, every time you finish a segment - even when you know that is not the case. The graphics and music reminded me so much of the Pharoah and Cleopatra games of the late 90s, and I loved the storyline.
Plays just like Royal Envoy and Kingdom series, story line is rebuilding areas destroyed by evil God.
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Sichere Einkaufsgarantie: Wir garantieren die Sicherheit jeder uber WildTangent abgewickelten Transaktion.

After Ra disappears, a massive sandstorm destroys Egypt and now Hatshepsut has been chosen by Bastet to repair the country.
I love the graphics, tasks are fairly challenging as you go and I find it just as addicting as the others I mentioned. Royal Envoy] then I can see why your carriers always going back to temple could be annoying.
The storyline features the Egyptian gods w Anubis and Set stirring up a whole lot of trouble for the citizens of Egypt. The graphics are great and although it is a little slow getting started, it does pick up to a challenging point pretty early on.
All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. Nachdem Ra verschwunden war, fegte ein machtiger Sandsturm uber Agypten hinweg und vernichtete alles in seinem Weg. Das bedeutet, dass Sie nichts bezahlen mussen, wenn als Folge eines Einkaufs bei WildTangent unbefugt Betrage uber Ihre Kreditkarte abgebucht werden. Drive the dark gods Seth and Anubis away by rebuilding important statues and saving the day in this incredible Strategy game.
It didn't take long for the difficulty level to go up and had to replay several of the #rather# early levels to get the "gold" award!
But once you get past I find this game great fun, though admittedly anything Egyptian I love.

I challenge myself on speed of completion and would like to see how my speed stacks up to others who play in the same way they compare my points.
Recruit powerful warriors to scare away the scavenging bandits and build new farms to feed the populace in Egypt: Secret of Five Gods! The maps are varied with new buildings, rivers, crocodiles, demons etc, and the spells [requiring the collection of water from wells etc] really gives the game some extra strategies [e.g.
I get so tired of games that make you sit thru their oftentimes ridiculous story lines every time or make you wait while they slowly add up your points or show you your awards.
Good thing is once you have built a farm you can send a worker out immediately to collect it's resources while waiting for some to recharge. Vertreibe die dunklen Gotter Seth und Anubis, indem du wichtige Statuen neu errichtest und in diesem gro?artigen Strategiespiel zum Retter Agyptens wirst. There is a strong element of strategy as you can choose what to build on the building lots based on needs and existing resources, or lack of them. I thought it was well written, amusing at times and had just the right amount of difficulty to keep you on your toes.
Rekrutiere machtige Krieger, um die rauberischen Banditen in die Schranken zu weisen, und erbaue neue Bauernhofe, um die Bevolkerung zu ernahren – in „Egypt: Secret of Five Gods“.

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