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What have the generations of immigrant women living in Britain got to say about their experiences?
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The first street in the series exploring social history, one road at a time, The Secret History Of Our Streets, is Deptford High Street. Charles Booth’s vast 1886 Survey of London ranks each one of London streets according to the class of their residents. In Booth’s time, Deptford High Street was "the Oxford Street of South London"; today, marooned amid 70s housing blocks, it’s one of the poorest shopping streets in London. Featuring compelling accounts from residents, including one family which has been trading on the High Street for 250 years, the film tells the story of transformation and endurance as the people themselves tell the history of their own past and the street they lived in.
Help us to build a picture of the secret history of streets around the UK by contributing to our diaries. It seems that now the Holidays Are Coming, everyone is talking about Not Talking About Christmas. The reason I was choosing Christmas gifts was for three fellow bloggers as part of the NOTHS Best Blogger Gifter challenge. This week the regular knock of the postman at the door has caused him to ask if Christmas has come early. Lovely gifts all of them – it was so nice receiving surprise goodies in the post wasn’t it? To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

The Brazilian beauty is the face of Icons, and, having modeled for the likes of Armani and Ralph Lauren, makes the pieces look majorly high-fash. Now in a major series for BBC Two in partnership with The Open University, The Secret History of Our Streets, returns to six archetypal London streets visited by Booth to discover how their fortunes have ebbed and flowed over the last 125 years.
Through these deeply personal accounts, of huge extended families living together in a single street, the bigger story of slum clearance and the unraveling of the old ways of life will emerge; a change which shaped the lives of tens of millions of British families all over the country.
But last week I spent an entire evening on Not On The High Street (NOTHS)-  an online marketplace that brings together 3,800 independent small UK businesses- diligent in my pursuit of the perfect Christmas Gift. On most sites this would restrict your choices to a handful, easing the burden of choice considerably, but even when I used the handy slider to restrict my search price band, I still regularly brought up dozens of pages of ideas for everything from personalised gifts to quirky gifts, from edible treats to bathtime delights, all from small businesses and independent retailers who are talented, creative and different from the identikit gifts you can buy on the High Street. I love the retro styling of this- Love Heart Sweets were always such fun growing up- and this totally takes me back to a wonderful time in my life.
Again such great ‘retro’ styling and I love the way you can add so many person-specific details to the apron, so it almost feels as if it was hand-printed by the person who chose it for you! I spent hours on Not On The High Street, rescued only by DH who insisted that it was time for bed, so I know the stamina and dedication required to search and find the perfect gift, the three perfect gifts, from the site, just for me.
Our family is doing Secret Santa this year, so I’ll definitely be having a look at NOTHS for inspiration.
Petty and obstructive, they will spend six months arguing about the door fittings on your shed.
That is indeed Alessandra Ambrosio fully clothed, and in Coast’s amazing new Icons collection no less. We’re still getting our heads around the fact that striped number is actually high street. The side benefit of my night on the site was that I have filled out my Birthday (Thanksgiving, if you were interested) and Christmas Wishlist, so feel free to take a peek!

Of course it will have to wait until next year for me to attempt to grow anything to fill it, as we have recently moved house, but I can always fill it with veg from the local Farmer’s Market when we have visitors! There is something really wonderful about unexpected, thoughtful things popping up on your doorstep.
But if a developer wants to erect a 40-storey tower in a Georgian cityscape, they are all purring acquiescence. But it is, and even without Ms Ambrosio’s model prowess to show them off, the clothes stand on their own. Although I know these bloggers online, I don’t know all of them that well in real life so I spent a long time searching their blogs, their Pinterest boards and their twitter feeds for hints, tips and ideas about the sort of things that they liked and wanted.
My only concern is that, as this one is white – which will show the paint, cake-mix, soot and dirt that I am covered in daily- I won’t look much like a Domestic Goddesque for long! From ballgown skirts to dramatic dresses and cool jumpsuits, Icons has you covered for weddings, prom, the races, graduation or if you just want to add something a little fancy to your wardrobe. Santas?) I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and care to choose such fabulous gifts. And with 25% off*, you definitely don’t need a supermodel salary to look as good as Alessandra.

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