Barack Obama made history on Monday when he became the first president to speak about the Stonewall uprising and the gay rights struggle during an inaugural speech. While many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community were thrilled with the mentions, an 11-year-old transgender girl named Sadie wondered why the President didn't directly address trans people, too. Transgender kids like me are not allowed to go to most schools because the teachers think we are different from everyone else. When they grow up, transgender adults have a hard time getting a job because the boss thinks the customers will be scared away. It would be a better world if everyone knew that transgender people have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else. Though Sadie has been openly discriminated against, her mother says that she "isn't shy or ashamed of who she is," and adds, "I'm always 'on' when we go out because I never know when she'll strike up a conversation with the person in front of her in line at Trader Joe's. Sage says she encouraged Sadie to write the essay because she thought "it might help empower her and overcome any feelings of oppression." In the end she says that she wants Sadie "to know that she has a voice. Dream Angels Heavenly de Victoria`s Secret es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Oriental Floral para Mujeres. La longevidad en verdad es un poco escasa pero huele rico, te hace sentir jovial, limpia, es discreto, su aroma citrico mezclado con vainilla es exquisito, ideal para usarlo en las mananas en el trabajo, es un perfume para dar besitos me encanta.

Es floral oriental, realmente quiero amar su aroma pero me recuerda a el talco de bebe, huele a fresco y limpio, tengo el mist y tienes que ponerte muy cerca de una persona para que lo huela pero eso esta bien ya que me gusta que sea sutil,el unico problema es que tengo que re aplicarlo varias veces ya que la longevidad es muy pobre. Cuando seas miembro de esta Comunidad de Perfumes en Linea, podras agregar tus propias Resenas de Perfumes. Esta pagina contiene informacion, resenas, notas olfativas de fragancias, fotografias, anuncios nuevos, posters vintage y videos sobre la fragancia Victoria`s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly pero no garantizamos la exactitud de la informacion. Transgender people are not allowed the freedom to do things everyone else does, like go to the doctor, go to school, get a job, and even make friends. The schools get afraid of how they will talk with the other kids' parents, and transgender kids are kept secret or told not to come there anymore.
Doctors are afraid of treating transgender patients because they don't know how to take care of them, and some doctors don't really want to help them. She was home schooled until this year and is now in fifth grade and attending public school. When she chats with people, she introduces herself as, 'Hi, I'm Sadie, my favorite color is pink, I'm vegan, and I'm transgender. Si tienes mas informacion acerca de Victoria`s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly, puedes contribuir agregando una resena de perfumes personal.

A vegan, she loves anything that "protects the environment," as well as reading, swimming, basketball and texting her friends. Fragrantica tiene un sistema unico de clasificacion guiado por el usuario en el que tu puedes clasificar Dream Angels Heavenly por Victoria`s Secret.
She listens to Lady Gaga, Pink and Justin Bieber and wants to work for Green Peace when she grows up.
Haz clic en las opciones del formulario de clasificacion de fragancias que se encuentra debajo de la imagen del perfume. No garantizamos, ni somos responsables por lo que encuentres en estos sitios web o de futuras consecuencias que incluyen, pero no se limitan a la perdida de dinero.
Las resenas de Dream Angels Heavenly por Victoria`s Secret representan solamente los puntos de vista de los autores acreditados y no reflejan los puntos de vista de Fragrantica.

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