The last video which is apparently actually a walk through on how to do a four day time lapse of a bunch of flowers. There isn't anything particularly notable about Gonçalo Campos' latest project, the "Curvas" dining chair, except that I hope it's as comfortable as it is handsome. Sometimes there are simple construction tricks we can use, as with the first neat hidden compartment revealed in the video below:The video above is by Popular Woodworking, who revealed how to make the spice drawers above in an article from last year.
France-based designer Julien Vidame has posted a link for his Extendable Table, which amazingly doubles its length (and halves its thickness) by an unspecified action that rotates each individual slat comprising the tabletop surface.

Where most people see bookcases as a handy place to store tomes, the anonymous gentleman behind Q-Line Design sees prime hidden storage space for assault rifles, handguns, knives and ammunition. Grabski and his buddy Mike Prom, who sells Autodesk products and is an expert at both AutoCAD and Inventor, had heard about a secret-compartment desk featured in the movie National Treasure 2.
We skipped to the scene in that movie and paused it several times to see if we could get anything useful out of it, we didn't.
While there is a video dedicated to the piece here, the emphasis is on abstract, artsy presentation rather than clarity.

If you do and are willing to video them with some clarity, be sure to drop me a line at [rain] *at* core77 -dot- com.

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