Take control of Zak Saturday and his family the Saturdays, scientific explorers dedicated to discovering and protecting secret artifacts and mysterious creatures known as Cryptids. Take Control of Zak Saturday and the rest of the Saturday family: Multiple playable characters include the entire Saturday's family - Zak, Drew, Doc, Doyle and their pet Cryptids, Zon, Komodo and Fiskerton - and some select Cryptids to fly, swing, pole vault and battle enemies. Experience Zak's Unique Powers and The Claw: Use Zak's unique powers to influence Cryptids and experience dozens of different play styles and abilities.
More than 30 Never-Before-Seen Cryptids: Collect and interact with more than 30 never-before-seen Cryptids including several other Cryptids from the TV series and record the details of each find in your very own Cryptipedia. Explore 10 Action-Packed Levels: Adventure through 10 exciting levels in amazing environments from dangerous jungles to lost undersea cities.
The Alkali Lake Monster horn is large and hollow, and is able to produce a deep, loud sound. It is seemingly very territorial, as it consistently attacked anyone in its lake (The Saturday family and the bounty hunters that actually meant to attack it).
The horn (as stated above) is seemingly easy to break off, and is assumed to regrow like a shark's tooth (as Zak asked if it would be ok without it).

Oddly, beneath the fallen horn there are several tentacle-like appendages that it can use to attack with. Almost every state in the United States has had a Thunder Bird sighting, making it one of the few cryptids that's present in every states' folklore.
Using Zak's unique powers and The Claw to battle enemies and swing through exciting environments, you will also find, collect and interact with more than 30 never-before-seen Cryptids and record the details of each find in your very own Cryptipedia.
Use The Claw to fend off enemies and grapple and swing through huge, action-packed environments. It only takes a few seconds, and you will soon have access to all the features of the site.
The Alkali Lake Monster also possesses a horn which is very easy to break off and can grow back like a shark's tooth.
This sound, when played in front of Kur's tomb, opens a stone door, allowing access to the tomb. The horn itself might be tightly wound and hardened tentacles much like hardened hair on a rhino's nose.

Most sightings are from central America, but some sparse sightings have been located in the eastern and western U.S. Solve fun puzzles to locate hidden Cryptids and discover new paths as you fight against the dastardly V.V. Many (mostly western) Native American tribes thought of the thunderbird as a very sacred animal. She later in Curse of the Stolen Tiger assists the Saturdays in reclaiming a village's stolen blue tiger from Shoji Fuzen, Wadi helping to defeat him by stealing a component from Shoji's high-tech armor that controls its flight capability. All of Zak's family thought that he has a crush on her (which turned out to be true) due to his being very clumsy around her, which he vehemently denies until she admits she thinks he's cute, which he immediately blushes at.
In the episode Life in the Underground, Wadi shows that she has a crush on Zak, and gives him a kiss on the cheek and has a new purple yo-yo which Zak point out it similar to his claw and knew how to do tricks with it.

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