Many people talk about conspiracies such as WATERGATE, IRAN-CONTRA, THE S & L (Savings and Loan) SCANDAL, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, OCTOBER SURPRISE, KENNEDY, THE FREEMASONS, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, and even GREY ALIENS, but very few people know the real facts enough to explain them because they are not researched themselves.
For AT LEAST five- to ten thousand years, mankind has been aware of MORE scientific and spiritual facts than we are currently aware of today as a great society and nation. Since the earliest times of Pagan groups and Nature religions, the SUN has been considered a SYMBOL for LIFE.
The Essenes, as well as other secret societies around the times were PRIESTHOODS, so the early CHURCH was an established KNOWLEDGE CENTER with IDEAS ENCODED SYMBOLICALLY into religious text.
Essentially, they held knowledge of ARCHETYPAL ENERGIES that bond or link Spirit to matter. SACRED MUSHROOM ingesting and CANNABIS-smoking shamans are tribe spirit leaders in a sense and they practice inducing a state of consciousness in warrior tribesmen to temporarily replace their consciousness with animal consciousness to perform certain tasks or learn spiritual lessons or principles.
The Assassins, as well as a society called The Order of Lady of Sion appeared at the same time around 1090 AD. This is where the idea of a central bank and its local branches comes from, which became the model for banking in Europe and America. The same secret societies and old European bloodline families are in control of the world today. The first Masonic lodges by that name appeared in England in the 1600’s and within a century they were spread throughout most of Europe, including Germany and France and the colonies of early America.
In the highest circles of the order they propose to control the world through a One-world government, which they stated they could do by converting existing Masons to concepts of Illuminism.
Through their combined fortunes, the members of the Illuminati gained control over the literary societies and printing press.
In Germany, the lodges which preceded the Illuminati were the Lodge Theodore and the Lodge of Strict Observance. The Americas have been called the New World since Columbus, however, Columbus did not come here first. There are many prominent American Presidents who are related to strong European bloodlines and great wealth. The PURPOSE for the build up of World Wars was to create a NEED for PEACE so that a UNITED NATIONS may be needed and then created as a SOLUTION for establishing peace between nations. He also stated that if the American people understood the rank injustice of our banking system, there would be a revolution by morning. President Garfield was shot and killed shortly after declaring that whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of all people. The measure of a nations wealth is the sum total of it’s goods, services, natural resources and private wealth.
A short time later they replaced the gold and silver certificates with Federal reserve notes which are worthless. With a federal deficit of 4 trillion 8 hundred billion dollars so far [currently around $10 trillion – New Illuminati Ed.], the interest is in the neighborhood of $200 Billion dollars, which is drained from the economy each year in the form of income taxes. It is common sense that if you are borrowing money from someone and you have to pay interest then where will the money come from to pay the interest ? The solution to the problem of the National Debt is to coin a 4 trillion dollar coin and use it to pay off the Federal Reserve. It may appear to be a grand conspiracy where you may think that everyone knows what’s going on, or you may say that it is impossible for everyone to work together on such a large scale for so long and so secretly, but the truth is that not everybody knows everything. All of the founding fathers of this nation were Masons as well as almost all of the presidents. The reason that Hemp is illegal in America today is because the main families in America (Masons), the Harrimans and Rockefellers (Standard Oil), the Whitneys (Eli Whitney-Cotton Gin), Dupont (Chemicals in wood pulp processing and cotton pesticides), and Hearst (Newspapers, Media) find it more profitable to sell us unnecessary chemicals, unneeded dug-up petroleum oil, immune system destroying pharmaceuticals, and axed up trees cut into real thin slices, all at over-inflated prices and at the expense of our health and living environment.
If that isn’t bad enough, he also has brothers and sons that are Skull and Bones members and they do politics as well.
Population control and mind control are the methods used by the new Fascist Roman Capitalistic Empire. Luis Pasteur, shortly before he died, stated that he was possibly mistaken about his germ theory. There have been several cures for cancer and other diseases but these have been viciously suppressed by the establishment and pharmaceutical industry. The build-up of these toxic substances weakens the immunity of certain organs or areas of the body (Thyroid, Lymph, skin), allowing worms to grow in these areas. The biggest people in the media are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, both creations of Skull and Bones and David Rockefeller.
To one with an open mind, it would seem foolish to assume that we are alone in the universe. Some people claim to have been abducted by GREY ALIENS and underwent childbearing and medical experiments only to have been returned somewhere unconscious with examination scars left behind. If you take the sum total of the info that exists and put it into perspective, it would appear as though our race may have been seeded here by off-planet intelligences or that we were created as an intergalactic experiment, that huge 8-10 foot tall powerful Reptilian beings live at the core of the Earth, pilot advanced flying craft, read minds and plot to enslave mankind by using grey Zeta-Reticulans, who have no choice but to assist because their race is dying from genetic inbreeding and they need help and have nowhere else to go, and that they have the government under their control through genetic cloning and electronic implants. Probably the best book I have read on the subject came to me recently after years of entertaining the idea of this possible reality of Aliens, gov. He intended to present it to the Geneva Convention as a proposed solution for world peace and energy liberation. The Nazis created propaganda back home that Hitler was in touch with a Blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan race of beings who communicated to him that he was chosen to lead the Germanic people.
There was a time in America in the 1950’s, when it was trendy to wear alien antennas on your head or a Hat shaped like a flying saucer. William Lyne claims to have seen this entire drama evolve from a simple bungled crash recovery story to the elaborate present day theory mentioned before.
The famous phrase against the ancient Gnostic Heretics known as the Cathars says it all “Kill them all – the Lord will know his own.” It was allegedly written in 1233 by Pope Gregory IX who issued a formal letter denouncing them as a sect of devil-worshippers, whose practices he described as being immoral and downright evil. For the purpose of this article, I would like to explain in simple terms what happened to the old-time religion of Gnosis. As I have stated many times in the past, early Christianity is nothing but a unified exoteric form of this religion. Anyone who was not part of this Universal Brotherhood of the Christian Church that was backed by the Roman and Greek armies and elite with Jesus as their Grand Master were deemed enemies of the Brotherhood. We can even go one step further to a time I like to call that of the Gnostic Liars where telling lies in the name of war and deceit was not only lawful, it was their job to use their words and writings to combat all competing Gnostic sects. This war can be originally and directly attributed to the Roman-Greco Catholic Churches war on the Gnostics, and now with Islam against the competing global religion of exoteric Gnosis that at one time was found almost all over the world. This Christian influence and eventually with the advent of Islam and the birth and life of the prophet Muhammad overshadowed all the ancient Gnostic religions and schools of the past.
The most recent evidence of these warring facts may be found in the persecution of the Gnostic sect known as the Yezedi‘s in the Middle East and Iraq by the Islamic group known as ISIS. A religion that they deemed unlawful, and all teachings that were not accepted by the Western and Eastern Churches in the early Councils by the Church Fathers and Doctors was deemed as heresy and doomed to destruction in a blaze of Gnostic Glory. An event that would signify the official start of their world-wide Brotherhood and war on all Gnostic heretics. A Brotherhood that was now not just based on Gnosis and blood, but also by merit in which the first Pontifex Maximus, Augustus Caesar with his advent of the 6th Age would be declared the defacto cornerstone to not only their church, but the official Grand Master of their secret societies as well. The secret rites of Gnosis would then become incorporated into the Bible, Koran, Secret Societies and ordained initiates who operated in the lights of the dark shadows such as Freemasonry, Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians would be the new depositories for these ancient Gnostic teachings. Manly Hall explains this simply when he said, “The members of the order claimed to be familiar with the secret doctrines of early Christianity.
All teachers, schools and secret societies that did not have their stamp of formal approval were deemed Heretics.
The Freemasonic organizations such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) are considered lawful because they have the proper legal rites garnished by The Powers That Be, and the government of the counties and states in which they operate. This is why you will see the biG G in Freemasonry which I have explained before is nothing other than a captial G for the word Gnosis and ancient Gnostic horned deities can now be found in Freemasonry and with the Knights Templar in more modern form such as the famous Baphomet.
I would go one step further and call Baphomet a  pious Gnostic hieroglyph, and Jesus one of the most powerful and influential Gnostics who has ever lived!
So is the Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians, and the key of this doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle of the Lord’s Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek Rite, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it.
The sacred word MALKUTH substituted for KETHER, which is its kabalistic correspondent, and the equipoise of GEBURAH and CHESED, repeating itself in the circles of heavens called eons by the Gnostics, provided the keystone of the whole Christian Temple in the occult versicle. That is one of the truest statements coming straight from the mouth of a globalist himself!
In the video below I delve through Bilderbergs own stated agendas found in the years 2013 – 2015, using the yearly conferences held across the globe as a springboard. No matter what aspect of the Illuminati you want to learn about, this article has something for you.
Perhaps youa€™re like me, and you find the version of a€?historya€? we are told when it comes to sites like the ancient megalithic structures around the globe utterly ridiculous. Yet, even though we know the stories in the history books are bogus, somehow they continue to be printed.
Regardless of what aspect of the illuminati interests you, this is the most comprehensive article Ia€™ve ever come across.
Seeing all this would make us think the world has ended and we are all going to die in a matter of moments, but when we go outside nothing appears to have happened.
Aliens and the Illuminati are one subject, not separate topics having nothing to do with one another. Many people ridicule and laugh at these ideas, but as time goes by those who ridicule are being left with less and less to laugh at. Stories of fantastical celestial apparitions have been told since antiquity, but the term a€?UFOa€? (or a€?UFOBa€?) was officially created in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to serve as a catch-all for all such reports.
It seems very strange that the less likely of these two is embraced while the more likely of the two is dismissed and laughed at. Barry Goldwater Wrotea€¦ a€?The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Royal Family of Holland created the Bilderberg group and this is where the Skull and Bonessecret society comes from.
Many people think Skull and Bones is the big secret society behind all other secret societies, but that is simply not true.
The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. Since the 1950s, starting with Operation Mockingbird, the US government has completely controlled all information from mainstream media sources.
If all the owners of sports teams met behind closed locked doors with armed guards stationed outside and would not tell anyone what they were doing, the media would be all over it. In the video below, media analyst, political activist, and author Mark Dice exposes the CIAa€™s Operation Mockingbird as a€?Conspiracy FACT,a€? not a€?Conspiracy THEORY.a€? Marka€™s work has been featured on ABCa€™s The View, the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, and other mainstream media outlets around the world. However, the most powerful people in the world, those who control our money and our laws, do this every year with no media coverage.
The people running things have most of the population fooled into believing they have good intentions for us, but it is obvious the opposite is true.
When April Glaspie, American Ambassador to Iraq, was asked in 1990 about Saddam Husseina€™s interference with Saudi Arabia she said it was an Arab problem, not an American problem. Whenever a few people get killed by guns everyone gets all upset and starts screaming about gun control, but there is no outrage about millions of people being killed over oil and money. Until 1975 the US government included cigarettes as part of military rations and most soldiers smoked the free government issued cigarettes.
After World War 2, the Council on Foreign Relations wanted control over South East Asiaa€™s mineral resources.
Often American tax payers direct anger toward people who live on public assistance, but their anger is misdirected. With the Cold War, Vietnam, and everything else that was a direct result of what they created, how much money was spent? People do not know about any of this because we were never taught it and no one ever talks about it. Many of the mass shootings being constantly promoted by the mainstream media are expressions of the Hegelian Dialectic. Everyone knows it is never a good idea to sign anything without reading it, but the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act were both voted on and passed without being read by Congress. JFK called it a a€?secret societya€?, Eisenhower called it the a€?military industrial complexa€?, Woodrow Wilson said it could not be talked about above a whisper, and George Washington called it the a€?Illuminati.a€? They were all talking about the same thing. Abraham took knowledge from Sumer to Egypt causing the sudden rise of the fully developed Egyptian Empire. Now known as Moses, he delivered this secret ancient knowledge to the Hebrews as they made their way out of Egypt. Secret societies have always been running the world and the origin of all secret societies is Sumer. Since ancient times people have always been moving away from religious and political tyranny. History should record a never ending gradual progression from towns, to cities, to states, to nations with nothing unusual really happening, but that is not what is recorded. Freemasonry is the secret society that all secret societies have emerged from and appears to have been founded by aliens.
As information comes down the pipeline it becomes distorted and confused because most of the people passing along the information do not know the entire story, they have not researched much information themselves, and they tend to be biased as well. The libraries of Alexandria, which held the collection of the world’s greatest knowledge, existed in Egypt thousands of years ago. The Ancients believed that when the SUN gave off its energy, it was giving ITS life for US. Out of The Order of Lady of Sion came Notre Dame de Sion and five out of nine of the founders of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR came from this order. The Knights Templar became more popular when they were exposed in the fourteenth century and banished by the king. One of the purposes they served was as a forum for the elite individuals to meet and discuss their political and social views without fear of religious persecution.
Weishaupt told them about the Utopia that could be established on Earth if everyone who KNEW would secretly work together to bring about this plan.
They circulated printed papers showing falsities of religion and abuses of government and promoted a general state of desperation throughout society, all the while blaming it on religion and government. Because of the existence of these books, as well as the murder scandal, there was a nationwide furor resulting in the creation of an Anti-Masonic political party in 1829. The documents that were recovered in Germany showed that the symbol for the Illuminati society was the PYRAMID and the EYE IN THE CAPSTONE as shown on the back of the ONE-DOLLAR BILL. When the YORK Rite Masons of York, England, came over here, they settled on the East coast and declared it NEW YORK.
Probably the most influential family in this power circle throughout the last century has been the Harriman family. A WORLD body of GOVERNMENT with a WORLD COURT and a WORLD POLICE to keep nations in place and to concentrate power into a few people’s hands. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers found it a hassle to carry these around during large transactions due to heavy weight and frequent robbery, so out of the kindness of their hearts, the bankers would allow people to leave their gold and silver on deposit, while the bank would issue a gold or silver certificate, a piece of paper that was as good as gold.
If you still don’t see how this works, just realize that 23 years later, you now need 5 times as much money (work) to buy the same ounce of silver and 60 years later, after they removed the gold, we have to pay 20 times as much money for the same ounce of gold.
Some people that are a part of the establishment only know a little and some don’t really have a clue, some just follow the money, but most that hold high degrees have a pretty good idea, if not a lot of knowledge about the inner workings of the conspiracy. The building of early American colonies as well as the American Revolution would not have been possible if it were not for a very special plant. Neil Bush (Silverado Savings and Loan Scam), there is Jeb Bush and there are several other Bush’s hiding in the BIG BUSH FAMILY.
Millions of people die around the world each year from debilitating diseases like cancer, AIDS, Leukemia and now flesh-eating strep and Ebola.
Herbs have been around forever, they grow naturally and they have been used for healing for centuries. Some of these include Raymond Rife and the Rife Microscope, Harry Hoxsey, Cancell, Essiac, and Ozone.
In contrast, to one with a closed mind and a probable lack of spirituality, it would appear that reality is made up only of what we see and feel physically. Thousands of cattle mutilations have occurred in remote areas sometimes followed by sightings of flying disks or bright lights and occasionally black helicopters.
The positive side to this double edged sword is that the Pleadians are supposedly here to save us along with another group called the Arcturians. Soon there were several sightings by people of mysterious flying objects and bright flying balls of light. If you wanted to expose the government or publish books or videos on UFOs or aliens then where do you get the money to do it ?
It may appear on the Pope’s headdress or on the advertisement for the American Lung Association or even in the EXXON sign. If you still think it was Lee Harvey Oswald and you believe the lone assassin theory or if you are stuck in a cave somewhere building a wheel that is shaped like a square then consider these important historical facts : The assassination took place in Dealey Plaza, site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas.
Ruby Road twists north into the area of 2 mountain peaks known as Kennedy and Johnson Mountains. You see, in ancient times around 3,500-2,000 year ago, there was a global Gnostic religion that was practiced by many nations. Wherever there were massive empires and or evidence of a highly advanced people to be discovered, more often than not, there can always be found archeological artifacts of the serpent Gnostic religion. Meaning that the ancient teachings of Gnosis were not at all lost and or permanently destroyed, but were secretly encoded into the teachings of Jesus and the Saints of the Universal (Catholic) Church who after all, were Gnostics themselves. Once you were considered an enemy of the state, war would be made upon you, your family and any and all the members of these ancient Gnostic serpent schools who refused to become members of the new Universal Brotherhood. In a sense, we can say that the last 2,000 years, we have seen a global war that was partially based on eliminating and or controlling knowledge in all parts of the globe.
Quite possibly they are one of the last remaining ancient Gnostic groups in the Middle East who has refused to convert to the ways of the Brotherhood. They then encoded their own Gnostic teachings into a hard to understand esoteric form into the New Law that we know today as the New Testament. It was then decided by the ruling aristocracy that the ancient secret rite of Gnosis would be reserved only to those they had initiated themselves into their Brotherhood which they controlled based on the person’s merit of serving the state, Brotherhood and church in which the true Gnostic teachings were reserved only for a select few. All Masonic Lodges that did not have a charter from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) were considered clandestine. Clandestine Masonry is an unlawful secret society falsely claiming to be Masonic. It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse. I link agenda similarities and note the differences, as well as tie them to current events that are happening globally. What about what goes on at the annual meetings known as the Bilderberg meetings and those in attendance have become known as the Bilderberg Group or the Bilderbergers? There have already been numerous scientists who were not drunk on the Kool-Aid who have already proven perhaps as many as hundreds of times that the nonsensical tales in the history books are patently false.
That means that somewhere, there is an organization that transcends all national boundaries and manages to continue perpetuating the lies some of us know to be false. They need to just rename it to a€?The Bad News.a€? They report terror attacks, mass shootings. Birds and butterflies happily move around as if nothing has happened, but they do not watch the news do they?
All of these topics come together through secret society networks and are totally dependent upon one another.
An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon.

Often, movies and TV shows about aliens and UFO sightings are based on actual testimony and evidence of real events.
Theories suggesting the Illuminati is planning a New World Order are outright dismissed and ridiculed. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical. Colonel House wanted to educate the American people on the desirability of global governance.
This is a hijacked America that has the absolute worst of intentions for each and every one of us. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. In the following video, Mark focuses on the Congressional hearing that Proved The CIA controls the Mainstream Media!!!
We have had nothing but trouble under these people and we need to realize that they do not care about what is best for us.
In the Summer of 2015 over 250,000 children were killed in Syria because of oil pipelines, but no one cares. We have had it so good for so long that we no longer have any concept of what others are experiencing around the world.
In the 1990s, during the Clinton administration in a bill introduced by Joe Biden, it was determined that no medical treatment would be given to veterans for any smoking related condition due to these conditions being self inflicted. Because of these a€?Wise Mena€? and the Council on Foreign Relations, over two million Human lives were lost. It is only by focusing on the people who are responsible for the problems that solutions will be found. With the help of Max Warburg, Lenin was financed and supported to create Communism in Russia. Trillions upon trillions of dollars wasted on manufactured nonsense that we should have never allowed.
Education in America would be a fine idea, our education system should give education a try. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). Secret societies realized there is no need to wait for a problem, a problem can be created. The reason President Obama is so frustrated over gun control is because they never imagined having to do so many shootings. Instead, it has turned into a huge invasive illegal Frankenstein monster that will never go away.
The local government, city council, school board, and things like this generally consist of good people who want what is best for their communities. Those in the outer circles are typically good people who are responsible for some really good things that are part of society.
What they were speaking of comes from very far back in time and has been with us from the very beginning. This knowledge flowed out of Egypt into ancient Greece and Rome, and is the origin of Western civilization. Near the end of World War 2, through Operation Eagle Flight, the United States removed the most valuable equipment and technology from Germany and relocated it to the US. According to Sumerian records, over 400,000 years ago aliens called Anunnaki came to Earth from a planet named Nibiru. Tyranny moved out of Sumer into Egypt, Greece, and Rome, each move pushing the people further away. Not only can we not get away from them, they now have the technology to track and control all of us. Violence would only encourage violence in return and we do not want a violent confrontation with these people.
Instead, our historical record shows fully functioning societies coming from nowhere and then gradually declining over time.
What we know as Freemasonry must have been the religion or moral code of the Anunnaki aliens that landed in Sumer so long ago.
They have always used secret societies to control us and to conceal themselves, but we have always known they are here.
The Essenes were just one secret sect of Gnostics (Knowledge Holders) that existed around two thousand years ago.
They believed that the SUN of GOD, the LIGHT of the WORLD is ALL SALVATION because He has RISEN.
We naturally fear what we do not know and since we cannot SEE in the DARK, we do not know what’s there and we fear. Remember, just a couple of centuries earlier under Rome in the Dark Ages, they would kill you if you didn’t believe that the moon was made of green cheese.
Being free-thinkers and atheists to begin with, they proposed abolishing religion, government, orders of class, right to own property, or even raise your own children; and they believed that the ENDS justified the MEANS, meaning that whatever it takes to accomplish this task should be done WITHOUT HESITATION.
They sought to promote ANARCHY and REVOLUTION, whereby they would strip the monarchy (king) of power using the classes (people) as a lever to ultimately bring power back into their own hands, all the while creating new forms of government which would be puppets they could secretly control from behind the scenes.
After this there was a temporary drop in membership in the lodges, but their control over the press soon caused the anger to diminish. In America in the east, we have the area of NEW ENGLAND, where the first colonies were established. The Communist Manifesto appeared in 1848 and Communism formed itself as a solid revolutionary movement in Russia in the early 1900’s, in the form of the Bolshevik Revolution. Millions and millions of dollars were secured and put into a trust in his will to be used to finance the creation of secret societies for the furtherance of Anglo-Saxon rulership in the New World Order and the eventual recapture of the U.S. In 1963, President Kennedy passed an Executive Order calling for the printing of $450 Billion dollars in U.S. The first Levi jeans were made out of hemp as well as all of the soldier’s clothes for the Revolutionary War.
Almost everything produced in America by large corporations is exported for sale on the world markets. It is probably no coincidence that the Harriman and Bush families both have a history in Eugenics or race purification and Genetic Selective Breeding. Does the Rockefeller-run American Medical Association (AMA) do everything it can to insure that doctors know the truth about health and do the most to insure the safety of the patient ?
Drugs are synthetic chemical reproductions sold by the large pharmaceutical corporations at highly inflated prices.
The way this could be explained is that the body overloads on toxic build-up and produces symptoms of stress, then necessary bacteria or viruses move in to scavenge the toxins, creating an abundance of these in the system, and leaving a super toxic waste by-product behind, which the body has a difficult time expelling. Clark has diagnosed hundreds of people with both Cancer and AIDS and found that all of them had both the worm present and the weakened immunity from one of these toxic sources. There has been a recent movie made about the crash and retrieval of a spaceship as well as bodies of several dead aliens in Roswell, New Mexico and it is suggested that the government might be covering up this entire situation for political or religious reasons. They are supposedly here to assist us in our higher spiritual development and help us break out of our old 3rd dimensional physical reality into the 4th dimension or multi-dimensional reality.
The story goes that Einstein was working as a clerk at the Swiss Patent office at the time that Tesla was applying for his patents. In 1944 and 45, there were newspaper reports about flying balls of light possibly being advanced Nazi aircraft. If this is the kind of technology the government had 50 and 100 years ago, then 166 mhz pentium processors are probably a far cry from REAL present day capabilities.
The New Orleans CIA (who provided security) station’s headquarters were in a Masonic temple.
It can be called the religion of Gnosis symbolized by the famous symbol found world-wide being that of the serpent and or dragon. They were just part of the Sethian initiates of the official organized Roman and Greek unified schools of Gnosticism backed by the world’s most powerful armies and strategists. Christ did not put His teaching into writing, and only revealed it in secret to His favored disciple, the one Kabalist, and he a great Kabalist, among the apostles. Based on that information I forecast what we could be looking at in 2016 and beyond based of their “stated conference agenda”.
Very vague to cover their real agenda which is, yes jobs can be created however coming from the Bilderberg’s they choose not to create them—after all the target is the downgrading of the middle class! This understanding is gaining acceptance and more people are beginning to realize that these topics are part of each other.
Culturally, UFOs are associated with claims of visitation by extraterrestrial life or government-related conspiracy theories, and have become popular subjects in fiction.
The term UFO became more widespread during the 1950s, at first in technical literature, but later in popular use.
Even though the two topics are intimately entangled and intertwined as part of one another, one is embraced while the other is dismissed as nonsense and lunacy. What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nationstates involved. Much of the world is not interested in American Democracy, but our leaders are forcing it onto them anyway. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions.
There is plenty of bad information on the internet, but there is also a huge amount of quality information readily available to all of us. What comes from mainstream media is exactly, and only, what the government wants us to know. JFK said this was repugnant in an open and free society, apparently we dona€™t think so anymore. We do not need to be in wars destroying other countries and parts of the world because of oil.
Long term constant exposure to chemicals and dense smoke from burning oil will have devastating physical effects on anyone, of course the soldiers are going to come home sick. During the Vietnam war the United States made more loans to Russia than they did during World War 2 when they were supposed to be allies. The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two. If someone can secretly create a problem, then openly offer the solution, they can produce desired outcomes. They thought Americans would roll over on gun control just like people did in other parts of the world, but it is not so. The media only says what the government told them to say and If the government says it, it is a lie. Above these are secret societies like the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and even the Illuminati.
This sacred knowledge originated in ancient Iraq, also known as Sumer, Babylon, and Mesopotamia.
When Moses and the Hebrews left Egypt they took everything they could and gathered more as they traveled. These aliens manipulated the DNA of primitive Humans and created a worker race, a race of slaves.
When there was nowhere left to move, people boarded ships and headed out to sea eventually reaching the east coast of the Americas. It went from the Sumerians, to Egyptians, to Greeks, to Romans, to Europeans, to Americans.
Then another will pop up in another location, each society attempting to run the whole world.
This is how and why secret societies, conspiracy theories, aliens, and UFOs are the same topic.
We know there is a tiny ruling elite that have always run this planet, they are still running it today.
They took the knowledge, hid it, and made it appear to be EVIL, so that they would know it, we wouldn’t, and they could then control us a lot easier. A portion of the Templar’s wealth was seized by the king and handed over to their sister society, called the Knights Hospitalers, who were a branch of the Templars responsible for medical facilities in the kingdom. First they create CHAOS, then they propose the solution, ORDER, secretly from behind the scenes to control a given situation.
In Rome, they realized that they could not rule the world by themselves and that they would need a consensus of nations or a United Kingdom and United Nations.
In 1789, they beheaded the King and Queen of France and orchestrated what was historically known as the French Revolution. Harriman amassed over $60 million in the late 1800’s in a swift stock deal involving Union Pacific Railroad and Kuhn Loeb. William Howard Taft, Skull and Bones graduate of 1878, helped found the American Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes in 1920. This is the headquarters of the United Nations and the World Bank, the 3rd part is the World headquarters of Freemasonry. So after the bankers started to issue these notes they saw after a while that the people were not using the gold as much and coming back to withdraw it and that they could issue and loan more notes than they had gold to back it up. Henry Ford resigned from the Ford Foundation citing an inability to maintain control over affairs. It requires no chemicals to grow, has very few natural enemies, and grows in the widest variety of climates of any weed or plant. The total value of oil, petrochemicals, and pharmaceutical sales totals hundreds of billions of dollars. They will propagate their own young on the planet because they can afford it, while sitting back and deciding which countries can have how many children per family.
Doctors receive less than 3 hours of instruction on nutrition, eating right and preventative medicine in their entire 4-6 years of training. Therefore the presence of the virus or high bacteria count is a result of the disease and not the cause.
She was also successful curing all of them with the three herbs that are necessary to kill the worms.
Millions of people around the world claim to have seen unidentified flying objects, flying disks, bright lights, and fast moving objects that reflect advanced technology, that we, most people claim, could not possess.
All we have to do to receive their help is give up nuclear weapons, turn our lives to god and learn to live in peace.
While the former reality may seem to be a little out of this world, the info presented in this book is a lot more down to Earth.
Alternating Current was in the position of putting DC out of business, which meant that Edison and Westinghouse would suffer. There is new information appearing that Lawrence Rockefeller has been behind the private financing of groups to discuss the UFO issue and undoubtedly promote more propaganda and lies. 32 miles between Deming and Columbus and are a minute and some seconds south of the 32nd degree line. And last but not least, Mason Lyndon Johnson appointed Mason Earl Warren to investigate Kennedy’s death.
It was by no means a unified religion and many of these nation states had constantly warred with one another.
Please keep in mind that some of the world’s top military, police and judges are Freemasons and Templars who uphold this law against heretics.
They are a manipulative, money seeking, power hungry group out for the betterment of themselves.
Do you wonder just how much of a concentrated effort is put into controlling the Mainstream Media?
One report claims you will die without vaccines while the other says you will die from vaccines. The significance of this is profound, but leaving connected things unconnected is a massive mistake. Outside the United States, in places where media does not dominate as completely or lie as much, these ideas are accepted a bit more.
While UFOs are often later identified, sometimes identification may not be possible owing to the usually low quality of evidence related to UFO sightings (generally anecdotal evidence and eyewitness accounts). UFOs garnered considerable interest during the Cold War, an era associated with a heightened concern for national security. Someone can speak of aliens and UFOs without much criticism, but add to it a group pushing for world government and it is no longer taken seriously. Empires and Totalitarian Dictatorships always attempt to force the whole world to accept their type of government.
Under the Department of War we had three wars, but under the Department of Defense we have had continuous never ending war.
Some secret society members are drawn to powerful people, but are never actually part of any inner circle. After they have discussed and planned world affairs, the Bilderbergers then create and issue out policies to governments around the world. Through Texaco, Chevron, and Shell the Bush family is deeply connected with the Royal Family of Holland. A hugely disproportionate number of people in high positions of power in the American government come from Skull and Bones, which is the 322nd Chapter of the Illuminati. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. This abundance of good information and the ability to communicate with everyone around the world is very frightening to those who want to control everything. The information is so heavily censored, edited, and manipulated that it is basically a giant lie. People are making bad decisions all over the place, maybe this is because of all the bad information. Those cars we wont get out of run on the very oil that children are being slaughtered for, but no one cares. This means if soldiers smoked cigarettes given by the government and then developed Lung Cancer they will receive no medical treatment for that Lung Cancer.
This gave American Presidents authority to intervene in South East Asia leading directly to the Vietnam War. We were told the reason we went to war in Vietnam was to stop the spread of Communism coming out of Russia and China. If we focus our anger on victims of the system we are only helping the system to oppress us all. The Federal Reserve is a system of banks owned and operated by private non American secret society members.
What an abomination, and all at whatever price they can get the uninformed taxpayer to live with.
No matter how many mass shootings happen Americans will never give up the Second Amendment.
Bills that are hundreds or even thousands of pages are often given to Congress with the expectation of being read in one day.
This legislation is so secretive that no one is being allowed to read it, yet Congress is voting on it.

They are not bad people, they just dona€™t go out and actually get a story or do any real investigation.
They attacked and conquered many cities along the way resulting in a vast accumulation of wealth and knowledge. Interesting, their actions are identical to the actions of everyone who has ever been in possession of this ancient information.
We have to make a stand for freedom just like they did when they created the United States of America. Now, it is the United States that is attempting to spread Sumerian tyranny to the whole world. Sumer popped into existence as a fully functioning society and then steadily declined until it was no more.
But when the SUN was on the HORIZON (Horus, translates to Jesus), it would be called THE SAVIOR.
This allowed an early guild of bricklayers, or MASONS, to be established, making it possible to build great pyramids, etc. The Templars pronounced vows to poverty and in the meantime amassed great fortunes for the church (really themselves), and were responsible for financing the Crusades and other bloody religious wars.
There is evidence to suggest that the Templars may have carried themselves on as the Rosicrucians for the next couple of centuries. The symbol for Fascism is a bundle of sticks wrapped together with a hatchet or an axe tied to it. The Founding Fathers (Masons), did not go to war with their parents, the monarchy of England. This soon became the League to Enforce the Peace, then the League of Nations and then finally The United Nations. Shortly after, he was killed and as soon as his successor, Lyndon Johnson took office, the first thing he did was suspend the executive order and the printing of the currency. The Rockefeller foundation ties into and controls the American Medical Association and the public educational system through textbook publishing.
However, with the availability of over 50,000 new products and the necessity to manufacture them, America would be a much richer nation if the farmers and the average citizen were allowed to grow this valuable crop. She does claim though that some people that are very close to death may be too far gone from the severe burden of over-toxicity. Sometimes it can be very difficult to discern the truth and find out what is really going on. He was responsible for many great discoveries, but it is not mentioned in history very much.
Then a couple of years later, in 1947, there was supposedly a flying saucer crash in the desert of Roswell, New Mexico, with advanced technology and even bodies of aliens recovered. When this line is traced further to the west, it passes the ghost town of Shakespeare at a distance south of the town that is roughly equivalent to the distance which the 32nd degree line passes north of the three sisters mountains. 33rd degree Mason, Gerald Ford was instrumental in suppressing what little evidence of a conspiratorial nature reached the commission.
Mark informs us, “With the form of a serpent, He kills the serpent, for the serpent made out of the rod swallowed up the other serpents.”  St. The formation is also discussed in The 10 Most Critical Things To Consider While Consuming Mainstream News.
We are constantly told about dangerous illnesses and disease, all the while being warned of the deadly and disabling effects of horrible medications.
You are either dying from illness, or you will die from toxic medications doctors insist upon putting into your body. Increasing numbers of people worldwide are understanding that the New World Order, Illuminati, aliens, UFOs, and secret societies are real and are the same topic. What is more likely, aliens and UFOs buzzing around from far away planets deep in space or people right here on Earth planning evil things? All of the original members of the Trilateral Commission were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
At this point, governments cannot control all of the information on the internet, but they are working toward being able to do so. Everything in mainstream media is only a repeat of what the always lying government has said. It is so much easier to be fat and lazy than to care enough to do something about any of this. You cannot provide soldiers with cigarettes during war and then refuse to give them medical care for something you gave them. While our soldiers were dying, China and Russia were getting loans from the United States to produce the very war materials used to fight against the United States. Oppressing and victimizing those who have already been oppressed and victimized is utterly useless and has no value.
These same people created Communism and are responsible for all that is associated with it. If good people use this knowledge for good purposes, amazing things can be achieved as we have seen all through history with Freemasons.
The Pentagon is responsible for defense and is in the shape of a geometric pentagon, which is at the center of every pentagram. Akhenaten, pretender to the throne, became known as Moses because a€?Mosesa€? was his title. We have always been trying to get away from these people and the tyranny that came out of Sumer.
The same thing happened with Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies and is what is happening to America. This really doesn’t matter too much, though, because all of these orders or secret societies are offshoots of other ones. Occasionally, Masonic groups will work against each other in the public forum through the agencies which they control, but they may be united behind the scenes.
Weishaupt had succeeded in grabbing the existing reigns of power in both Europe and America, entwining them together using new philosophical concepts, and tightening all of the existing slack.
There is a clause written into the agreement that provides us with the option to buy back the right to issue our own currency. The seeds from the hemp plant provide the highest source of complete vegetable protein of any food source on earth. She states that the age-long problem and cause of diseases are parasites, Worms in particular. Your heart will tell you one thing and your intellect another and usually we get caught up believing what we want to believe because it’s too much trouble to see all the way through. He was responsible for Radio, Television, Fluorescent and Neon lighting, Helicopters, Lasers, Particle Beams and Alternating Current. Morgan, a Skull and Bones Banking Frontman, was financing Westinghouse and attempted to make arrangements to secure Tesla’s patents through con deals and contracts. This was reported on the front page of the newspaper and then it was explained away as a weather balloon. There is a consistent theme that suggests the government is involved in a super high level cosmic Watergate cover-up.
He even claims that he was offered money by the CIA to write phony scripts about being abducted by grey Zeta-Reticulans. If this is the government’s biggest cover-up then how come all of this info is coming out all at once all over the place ? The Panorama Mall in California uses an almost identical symbol and it is surely not a shell, but the SUNRISE. MacBeth, who killed his King in accordance with a witch’s plot and was himself later killed, parallels the JFK assassination and the sequence of Oswald being killed by Ruby. Augustine tells us, that the image of Christ and his Cross was the new ensign of Christian Warfare that the Romans had carried before them; being the Ensign or Profession of their Warfare. That group of course later branched out and became known as the Trilateral Commission. How did our wonderful and beautiful world turn into this cesspool of violence, hate, murder, war, and fear we have before us today? As time goes by these ideas will continue to become more widely understood and accepted by the population of Earth, because it is true.
The Trilateral Commission was to be a more public expression of the Council on Foreign Relations.
War should indicate war and defense should indicate defense, but thata€™s just not how it works. If we do not resist their efforts, eventually they will control the internet just as they control mainstream media.
This shows without any doubt that the people running things do not care, not even a little bit, about any of us. Had the government not put the cigarettes in with the rations the soldiers would never have had them in the first place. It is the arrogant backstabbing misleaders in positions of great power and authority who our anger should be focused upon. We are being held hostage as a nation by these mass shootings and they will continue until the demands of the hostage takers are granted.
We have to go back three steps at a time to effectively combat the constant two step forward motion. This knowledge can also be used in extremely bad ways as we have also seen throughout history. Why have Christians, Muslims, and Jews always been fighting when their origins are the same?
Akhenaten was considered to be an impostor pretending to be Pharaoh, this is why he ended up being known as Moses.
In 66 AD the Romans sacked Jerusalem, but only got about half the treasure, which they took back to Rome.
They are all Masonic in nature because of the nature of the information which they possess.
Weishaupt was a genius of a particular sort as far as scheming and manipulation are concerned. The Constitution was printed on hemp paper as well as the first 3 drafts of the Declaration of Independence. Concentrated extracts of Cannabis from the flowers were the 2nd most used medicines in America for 150 years for over 100 separate medical illnesses. People living in small communities with no outside exposure can come down with colds and disease. We have already spoken to people in different states that have used her methods successfully. He claims to have many contacts himself, through his own family and relatives and friends from previous service in the Air Force, who have confirmed this info.
The flag of El Salvador and Nicaragua both are a symbol of the triangle or pyramid with the eye in the peak or capstone as well as the sun rising. When this 32nd degree line is traced some distance further west, into Arizona, it crosses an old trail which meanders north of a ghost town, which was once the town of Ruby. Edgar Hoover and former CIA director and Mason Allen Dulles was responsible for most of his Agency’s information to the panel.
It is my sincere belief, which I document in the links at the bottom of this article, that whoever, or whatever built those structures, and whatever happened to them, is directly related to our own future as a species. It was an effort to have less secrecy and to include Asian economies into financial markets.
The whole thing was about money and oil, just like what is going on in Syria today is about oil pipelines and money. We have veterans living on the streets addicted to drugs and the government is doing nothing to help them. Those who are the capstone exist beyond physical reality, but Freemasonry is the highest physical level of the pyramid. Many years later Rome was sacked and Romea€™s part of the treasure was taken to Southern France. It all started with aliens landing in Sumer and with all that is going on in our world today ita€™s obvious they are still here. They have always wanted to control every Human on this planet, but it is only now that they have the technology to do so. This forced the Templars to develop branch banking, or, putting your money in several places so it doesn’t all get taken at once. He was a respected teacher at the University of Ingolstadt at the time and had many connections in education. They continued to exist, however, in the form of the German Union and scattered Reading Societies. The interest is collected each year by the IRS (Repo Man), also a private corporation controlled by the Federal Reserve.
1964 was the last year silver was used as the standard coin metal and coincidentally Kennedy’s face first appeared on the half-dollar. It has also been re-realized lately that the hemp seed is the highest source of Essential Fatty Acids in the world.
It is probably the best natural medicine for Glaucoma, stress, and controlling nausea, and works very well for arthritis , asthma, and epilepsy. Generally, it is excreted by the body in the younger stages and does not grow into an adult in our bodies. Even if people do find out about things one way or another, the average person will not even know that people are finding out about something because the media will not televise it and tell people certain things. After Bill Lyne presented this info for the first time at the UFO expo in California and was a huge success, why was he asked not to return and told that he would be better suited at the Extraordinary Experiences Expo ?
There IS NO need to wonder whether there is a conspiracy going on, the fact is AMERICA IS ONE BIG LIVING CONSPIRACY.
Ita€™s enough to cause a perfectly rational person to run screaming, stark raving mad, into the woods never to be seen or heard from again. TVs, computers, phones and other devices are eager to provide us with all the information we will ever need to spend the rest of our lives in fear. They try to tell us it is about terrorism, but dona€™t we all know the truth about that by now?
It is ridiculous, especially considering alternative forms of energy and technology they have kept secret from us. Logically, since it is their fault, the government should take full responsibility for what they have done and at least provide medical care to the veterans.
When we allow the government this much power it is extremely difficult to ever get that power back into the hands of the people where it belongs.
The inner circles represent a group working secretly who have taken blood oaths and will never reveal what they know.
Eventually, because of the Albigensian Crusade, the other half of the treasure was located and taken to Southern France as well. They are here, they are real, they are the conspirators, they are the secret societies, and they are the reason our world is the way it is. IS A CORPORATION located in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and each CITIZEN IS A FRANCHISE OF THE U.S. Paul Warburg, an agent for the Rothschilds as well as several members of Skull & Bones were instrumental in setting up the Federal Reserve Central Banking system in America in 1913. ESSENTIAL, meaning :NECESSARY FOR LIFE, Fatty Acids are necessary for us and beneficial for cleaning the cholesterol out of the arteries naturally. It is estimated that Hemp would have at least 50,000 commercial uses if it were legal in America today.
People with no disease can sleep with people and exchange bodily fluids with people with HIV and not be infected. But, something different happens when substances like Benzene and Propyl Alcohol are abundant in our body.
We have to know we are in big trouble when all the information we ever get comes from only one source. Even people who are not veterans can get treatment with Medicare for self inflicted illness caused from smoking cigarettes. Everything that came from Sumer, and collected along the way, was finally all together in Southern France. President Andrew Jackson had stated that the central bankers were a den of vipers and thieves and he intended to drive them out of America in earlier times. All oils in the supermarket are bad since they are placed in clear plastic containers and exposed to direct sunlight.
These toxic chemicals are consumed in the form of carbonated sodas and extracts and they are absorbed into our skin in hair and body care products. Lyne claims that when Tesla came to America, he had under his arm blueprints for possibly the world’s first FLYING SAUCER and it flew without the need for external energy. They want us to live each and every moment for the rest of our lives afraid, but do not be afraid. He used a process of initiation and power dissemination among ranks similar to the structure of a pyramid, where one sole individual or group at the top know what’s going on but no one else really does, they only know a little until they succeed up the ranks and learn only a little more.
These banks as well as Guaranty Trust and Union Banking Corp, all of which were controlled by Skull and Bones, were the most influential entities in building up the Soviet Union from the early times of the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1900’s, through contracts to improve mining of raw materials and rebuilding of the RR transportation infrastructure. They become as bad as saturated fats, and end up CAUSING cholesterol buildup, leading to heart attacks, etc. If this information is true, then the introduction of prescription and pharmaceutical drugs would only serve to mask the symptoms of the problem and slowly destroy the immune system since these drugs are highly toxic. The abundance of propyl Alcohols break down the shells of the eggs allowing them to hatch early.
The next time you are driving on the freeway and you see an exit sign with gas station displays that offer you a choice between Citgo or Shell, ask yourself whether you are really looking at a pyramid and a sun rising in the east.
In the meantime, they don’t know who is watching them or above them keeping them in check.
These same banks were also directly responsible for financing Hitler’s rise to power and build up of Nazi- Socialism through contacts and subsidiary banks in Germany. Hemp seed oil can even be used as a machine-grade lubricant for engines and other machines replacing petroleum oil from the ground. This version makes perfect sense and is exactly what we would do today if we knew a catastrophe was coming. Secret societies that have been operating for thousands of years are responsible for all of it. As a matter of fact, seed and DNA vaults have been created in case of disaster, this makes much more sense.
If we have seed and DNA vaults, then if catastrophe ends life on the planet, someone will be able to replenish the Earth. Is is possible they know details of a coming global disaster, but arena€™t telling any of us about it?

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