December 21, 2013 by Patti 14 Comments I was so excited when the day arrived for lunch with my two friends at The Secret Garden Tea Room.  All three of us really needed a break from our overly busy lives and we wanted to do something special where we could dress up and feel pretty!
This is the beautiful Victorian mansion that houses the tea room.  It was so cold that day that I could barely stand to stay outside long enough to get this picture!  Brrrr . I am so bummed that I didn’t get pictures of our own lunches.  We each ordered something different and the presentation was amazing!
After eating my entire lunch I had enough control over my appetite that I was able to get a picture of this dessert plate that we shared.
When we came to the hats Rose told me that she looks terrible in them.  I coaxed her into posing for some pictures so I could prove her wrong. Rose insisted on taking a picture of me in the gift shop too because she said it made me look pretty!  Haha! To kick off our final week of London madness we first hit up the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street. The set up is quaint – located at the actual London address of the fictional character and set up like his home on the first two floors with life-size wax figures and memorabilia from the stories taking up the upper floor.
On this particular occasion and for her first ever afternoon tea, Olivia and I ordered Rooibos tea (my favorite) with lemon fairy cakes, plain scones, and cake (she had chocolate, I had cream cheese and berry). The stoic Royal Horse Guard was so intimidating Olivia wouldn’t even get a picture with him! I prefer to believe the Duke of Westminster painted his lover’s insignia all over the city as a grand gesture of love.
We swung by Downing Street so I could get away with calling this part of the trip educational. We finished off the trip where it began at Southbank for the Real Food Street Food Festival.

Churros from Churros Garcia were warm and crisp and delicious dunked in warm, velvety chocolate. We topped off that meal with some yummy churros and chocolate from Churros Garcia before Olivia convinced me (obviously after the sangria) to risk my life on London Wonderground’s Starflyer ride. It was a good time with good food although I do wish the Real Food Festival would bring back the major festival they did in 2011 at Earl’s Court at least once a year. I feel like I’m finally a London expert and I’ve shared some of my must-sees for any tourist but what did I forget? This entry was posted in drink, food, foodanddrink, life and tagged afternoon tea, Baker Street, Chanel, churros, David Cameron, Downing Street, guard, London, One Direction, Real Food Festival, ride, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, Soho's Secret Tea Room, Southbank, Starflyer, tourist, Wonderground on September 2, 2013 by Brittany. You can find us in Kerrisdale, a village-like community nestled in the heart of Vancouver, BC. If you go to the Coach & Horses Pub in Soho between 12-6PM and kindly ask to be let up the stairs behind the bar you can step back in time. The description wasn’t that appealing but it looked so delicious I had to see for myself. The music, decor, and even the china you use will make you believe you have stepped into another time. I thought I might have Olivia get a photo with one of the stoic, solemn guards there but no such luck.
Olivia and I shared a mild chicken curry from Curry Masters over white rice and I also had a cup of delicious red sangria (into which I accidentally dropped a ?2 coin – oops!).
The market is great but the amount, quality and diversity of that festival has yet to be matched let alone beaten.
Welcome to my blog where you can see all the quirky things I do with my amazing friends and all the delicious things I eat with whomever will feed me.

At Old Things New I share my ideas for transforming your home on a budget, as well as posts about how God transforms our souls. I’ve taken a few days to recover from the whirlwind of it all before finally sitting down to write this so I’ve really had time to reflect on the whole experience and I have to say, overall I really enjoyed myself. It is kind of the anti-museum in that you are encouraged to take as many pictures as you like and open all of the boxes and vials you can get your hands on. Somewhere on the staircase you’ll experience the same effects as if you sat inside the DeLorean and programmed the flux capacitor to take you back to 1925. A great choice for afternoon tea in London although the staff at the bar downstairs can sometimes have a bit of an authority complex – nothing your best desperate 1920’s housewife smile can’t fix.
I got a chance to see things I’m almost positive I wouldn’t have otherwise seen and I got a chance to revisit some of my old favorites that reminded me why I fell in love with this city in the first place. If you must see it however, I would say to go with a group and take turns standing in line and browsing the gift shop which, extremely inefficiently, it so happens is where you buy your tickets for the museum. Once you arrive at this Secret Tea Room, you’ll have entered a time where women rolled their hair just to collect the jar of milk left on the stoop by the milkman.
A waitress in a swishy dress will show you your table and a menu from which you can choose any number of afternoon tea services.
Like 2 hours outrageous, while you stand there exposed to all the main street traffic of Baker Street in a queue that may as well have had you brand the word ‘Tourist’ on your forehead.

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