Following the Epic events in Jonathan Hickman’s ongoing avengers and New Avengers story arcs dealing with Pan-Universal Incursions, a chain reaction throughout the multiverse where neighboring universes collide, with Earth being the epicenter of the event, the Marvel Universe(s) will be no more. So far the Illuminati have been able to fend off our Earth’s destruction, using somewhat dubious methods, methods that got even more dubious-er when the Cabal (Namor,Maximus, Black Swan, Terrax, Thanos and his generals) took over the Alternate-world- destroying chores after the Illuminati wussed-out and decided to give up. Now; Time Has Run Out ( see what I did there ) and the Marvel 616 Universe, the Ultimate Universe, and countless others from Marvels past stories are slammed together into Battleworld .
If the Marvel Universe is only ten years old, can you really count Avengers #1 as the true origin of the Avengers? And speaking of commies, why are there so so many Communist-based villains running around the Marvel U. Shouldn’t the Punisher be in a retirement home by now, most Vietnam Vets I know are getting up there. Oh yeah that’s right he was killed and resurrected ( presuming to his prime )by mystical means!
And then there’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the companies biggest source of new fans, and integrating aspects of that to make it palatable in the 616. Nick Fury, who was white in the 616, was played by Samuel L Jackson in the MCU, based off of the Ultimate Nick Fury, then in the 616 white Nick Fury finds out he has a black son, who loses an eye, changes his name to Nick Fury and works for SHIELD,…. So Marvel, Like DC with their New 52, had to find a way to keep all these established characters fresh, open to new readers, yet still keep to the core of the characters who have developed legions of fans, fans who follow them more closely then they do some of their own family members. But in the digital age of broadband, Netflix, video games that look better than real life, e-readers, reality tv,and handheld devices that allow us access to all of the above, I consider us very lucky to still have actual printed comics. The explosion of comic related movies, tv shows and video games have led to a new era of eager fans running to comic shops, leading to a somewhat boom in the industry. As classic and awesome an issue as could possible be, said consumer might left a bit wanting.

The cinematic universes are very important to both companies and will continue to exert a creative force on the direction of the comics as long as they keep making money and bringing new fans to the shops, who buys comics, allowing the companies to make comics, you know the, the ones you read! I’ve been a comic fan for over 2 decades, okay who am I kidding, 3 solid decades, and primarily a fan of the big 2.
Just like you can’t have the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe with the events of pre-Secret Wars 616 happening. Trained by the Four-Color wizard, Hagan, in all things comic-booky, young Robert took to the streets of New York, dragging his large bespectacled head from comic shop to comic shop, absorbing, learning… knowing…. Until a very delayed pubescent spurt in his early thirties when the tumescent lump of comic knowledge burst forth, rupturing into nonsensical rants about Jack Kirby, superhero related tattoos, questionable cosplay activities, worshiping Jim Starlin as a prophet, and courting the young lady working in his local comic shop. Now he is just mad…roaming the streets late at night while walking his dog, plotting and preparing to unleash more comic-booky goodness on an unsuspecting world. With such a wide selection and range of comics these days, there’s no reason for anyone to be negative about the industry! It’s ridiculous, I know, but I love the way every muscle in my body just loosens up, slowly, as the sensation envelops my body. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!
Meaning the birth of the superhero Era ( FF #1 ) is always 10 to 15 years ago, allowing the characters to barely age. All of these stories, individually or combined can be used as a reason for certain alterations made over the years.
But you can’t make everyone happy all the time, a lesson obvious by reading the comments section of any post New 52 DC article. You couldn’t have had a New 52 after Flashpoint if Barry Allen never came back from the dead after dying in Crisis on Infinite Earths and returning post Infinite Crisis.

Criaturas que alcanzaran este nuevo estado de evolucion mediante el novedoso proceso Mega Evolucion, que segun parece estara basado en el uso de objetos especiales.En este sentido, Nintendo ha anunciado ademas que el querido Torchic sera el primer Pokemon que se ofrecera mediante descarga gratuita durante los primeros meses de vida del juego, al menos en el territorio japones. I have been having this secret love affair and there are days I can’t go to sleep without indulging in it. There were many events in the Marvel Universe that can explain all these discrepancies away using the butterfly effect theory. The Marvel Boy mini series from Morrison and Jones, seemed to take place in another universe, but here’s No-Var, right in the 616? DC has a long established history of alternate timelines so they have a little more sway than the Marvel U so to speak, who still needs something for the new fans, fresh out of theaters to go grab. Your friendly neighborhood comic shop employee hands you Marvel Masterworks reprinting Lee and Kirby’s inaugural run on that book. Y este es, como sabran los aficionados a la serie, uno de los Pokemon que podra alcanzar el estado Mega al evolucionar hasta convertirse en Blaziken.Por lo que parece, Torchic vendra acompanado hasta el 15 de enero de 2014 de una “piedra mega” que le permitira evolucionar a este nuevo estado. Even if you go for the far end and say 2000, I highly doubt you can find a teenager of that era who even knows what a ham radio is?
Those that gripe about ongoing modifications are missing the point – in fact, I would boldly state they are not true fans of comics! Sure characters have been replaced in the past, but 9 out of 10 times they all return to there true form.

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