What's the fix for this?A One guy came up with a solution that deals with all of these problems a€” and more.
In general REBT is arguably one of the most investigated theories in the field of psychotherapy and a large amount of clinical experience and a substantial body of modern psychological research have validated and substantiated many of REBTs theoretical assumptions on personality and psychotherapy. Look for beliefs that hold the words "should," "ought" or "must." That's where the problems lie. When you insist, however, that you always must have or do something, you often think in this way: "Because I would very much like or prefer to have success, approval, or pleasure, I absolutely, under practically all conditions, must have it. But when you start disputing you'll see that your expectations aren't in line with reality.
C is Consequences.A YouA banging the steering wheel with your fist and sending your blood pressure into the stratosphere.
View gallery.William Tiep takes numerous medications for several chronic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Many drugstores offer savings programs for people who pay for prescription medications out of pocket; in some cases, the pharmacy discount price is cheaper than the insurance co-pay. Yet, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) says if you have Part D, you still have a choice. What could be confusing to a consumer with Medicare is that, CMSa€™ rules require a pharmacist to automatically use your drug Part D insurance unless you specifically say not to. Bottom line: We found that, with the exception of Walgreens, most drugstores will let people with Medicare use their discount program, but you'll have to ask. CMS told us that the agency encourages people with Part D prescription drug benefit to use their insurance for three, practical reasons. Second, the amount you spend is only applied toward your deductible and out of pocket costs if you go through your insurance.
When comparing costs, remember to factor in any fees associated with joining a discount program.

If you have Medicare and are unable to afford your medications, there are several options to help lower your prescription drug costs. If you dona€™t qualify for the Extra Help program your state may have programs that can help. Editor's Note:A This article and related materials are made possible by a grant from the state Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Education Grant Program, which is funded by the multistate settlement of consumer-fraud claims regarding the marketing of the prescription drug Neurontin (gabapentin). Get the Best Cell Phone Plan for Your Familya€”and Save up to $1,000 a YearConsumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website. That's where the frustration and anger creep in a€” because thatA godlike insistence isn't rational. And if I don't get it, as I completely must, it's awful, I can't stand it, I am an inferior person for not arranging to get it, and the world is a horrible place for not giving me what I must have! Come August, the 75-year-old from Toledo, Ohio, will reach the a€?donut hole,a€? the point at which he and his Medicare Part D prescription drug plan together have spent $3,310 on medications, and he will have to pay a larger share of the drug costs. Several of the medications Tiep takes are older generic medications, which discount programs price at $4 for a montha€™s worth or $10 for a 90-day supplya€”and sometimes even less.
In fact, when we contacted several retail drugstore chains, we found if you get your health insurance through Medicare, some chains wona€™t tell you about the pharmacy discounta€”or wona€™t let you use them at all. One issue is a broadly worded Social Security statute that prohibits physicians, pharmacies, and healthcare providers from offering valuable giveaways to entice Medicare and Medicaid patients.
First, it provides a more complete record of all the medications you take that can easily be checked for potentially dangerous drug interactions.
Thata€™s especially important if you expect to reach the other side of the donut hole by spending a total $4,850 for the year.
For example, if you take three older generic medications that you can purchase through a pharmacy discount program for $10 each for a 90-day supply, your total cost for the year would be about $120 for all three drugs. If you reach the gap and are unlikely to spend enough for catastrophic coverage to kick in, consider following Tiepa€™s example and shop for discounts.

For example, Kmart charges an annual fee of $10 per person, or $15 for a household, to join their Savings Plus program. If you are taking a name-brand medication, ask whether therea€™s a generic version, which could save you up to 90 percent on the cost of the drug. Many prescription drug plans offer discounts for customers who fill prescriptions through specified mail-order pharmacies. Use the Medicare Plan FinderA toA compare the costs of your medications on different Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans. For example, Kmarta€™s Pharmacy Savings Plus program sells several commonly prescribed generics for $3 per month, while Sama€™s Club offers a few prescription medications free to members of the Sama€™s Plus program if you pay cash. The agencya€™s reasoning is that those promotions could possibly give unfair advantage to large providers over those with fewer resources, as well as encourage bait-and-switch tactics, where providers offset the costs of freebies with unnecessary or lower-quality goods and services. If your plan deductible is more than that, it may make sense to skip insurance and pay out of pocket. If therea€™s no generic, ask if therea€™s an alternative from the same class of drugs that costs less.
For example, if you are enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan, have spent at least $600 on your medications this year, and meet income eligibility requirements, you might qualify to get certain GlaxoSmithKline medications at no charge. You can want, you can wish and you can definitely try your best in the future, but you cannot demand if you want to stay happy and sane. But having beliefs thatA any of these things "should" be the way you want causes you a lot of unnecessary suffering. Being treated unfairly?A Look for your command or demand for success or approval that was creating your anxiety or overconcern.

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