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Copyright © 2012 Girls Room Idea, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Mort Rainey (Depp), a writer just coming off of a troublesome divorce with his ex-wife, Amy (Bello), finds himself stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger (Turturro) who claims Mort stole his best story idea and just changed the ending. Fresh from being nominated for Best Actor in the Academy Awards, Johnny Depp stars in a Stephen King Thriller.
Secret Window has an eerie sensation as it is strolling along and the scares are partially acceptable with the good direction from David Koepp. I must take a moment and name the product placements in this film because I cannot seem to get them out of my brain.
Director David Koepp serves us well though with nice look and feel to the film, but the script was simply disappointing. Secret Window follows a formula that has been done before and could have succeeded, but when the elements are placed together there is really nothing to rave about. Yes, the ending is the most important and best part of a story, but in order to lead the audience into the ending, you need to keep them interested and entertained.

Secret Window played it safe the entire way through to simply deliver an ending that is not surprising or thrilling at all. There is no doubt that Secret Window's Direction is strong and the performances as well, but the screenplay was written poorly and the entertainment was lacking that it simply concludes as a disappointment. Even after the opening credits rolled, there is seriously good cinematography that sets the mood nicely. There may even be pieces in Secret Window that I have yet to place together, but even when it's figured out there is no interest or care to be had with it.
Sometimes a great Director can overpower a bad script, but the script was lackluster and dull that even with a good direction, it wasn't enough to turn the entire film around once it dug itself deep. Too much thought when into the ending and not enough time went into the actual development of the entirety of the film. It seems the film gets too confident as it progressed though and did not give the audience that punch it needed. Johnny Depp is a great actor and showed that he is in Secret Window, its just unfortunate he didn't star in a good film. Essentially, this film is all about delivering a good ending hence one of the taglines being "The most important part of a story is the ending". While does has nothing referencing the problems with Secret Window it is simply a matter that stands out.

To be completely honest, while the comedy that was injected into the film was pretty funny, it definitely could have done without it. The film didn't have enough spice during the first or second half to keep you guessing what the ending may be. Once Secret Window comes to a conclusion, the audience will be talking as they walk out of the theatre, but they might not be talking positively. What Secret Window fails to realize is how can you have an ending when the base of the film lacked, having the audience close the book before the final chapter in shame.
Most of the film takes place in Mort's home and he is certainly not an active man, but he needs to figure exactly what is happening. When it comes down to it, the clues were not needed because the film delivers a predictable ending. It almost seems like it places the comedy at the wrong times in the film and ends up hurting the mood that the film had running. However, later on he notices how serious the problem is and attempts to find out the controversy on who wrote the story.

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