By altering the genetics of birds (who are direct descendants of dinosaurs), one could activate dormant genes.And this isn’t even conjecture!In May, A team at Yale University published a paper in the journal ‘Evolution’ detailing their research into reverting a bird’s skull features to the skull of a small dinosaur such as a Velociraptor or Archaeopteryx. The scientists experimented on chicken embryos to reverse the molecular process that made dinosaur snouts evolve into beaks.“Our goal here was to understand the molecular underpinnings of an important evolutionary transition, not to create a ‘dino-chicken’ simply for the sake of it,” stated paleontologist and developmental biologist Bhart-Anjan S.
Dinosaurs were created in the sixth day of creation week along with other beasts and man.Before the worldwide flood, Noah was commanded to build an ark to save a remnant of human kind and other land forms of life. According to Genesis 6:14-16, the Ark was at least 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. The first pair of dogs in the Ark would have carried the recessive and dominant genes for producing all the varieties of dogs we have today. The genetic and biological similarities between all forms of life are due to a common Designer (God) Who designed similar functions for similar purposes in all of the various forms of life.What about “Junk” DNA?

Recent scientific research published in scientific journals such as Nature and RNA has revealed that the “non-coding” segments of DNA are essential in regulating gene expression (i.e. Darwinian evolutionary theory would have us believe that, by the random forces of nature, partially-evolved species came into existence along with partially-evolved skin, muscles, nerves, tissues, organs and then survived over millions of years as they eventually became complete. God may very well have caused the animals to hibernate in the Ark so feeding and taking care of them wouldn’t have to be a problem. No doubt, dinosaurs would have very easily fit in the Ark.We can surmise from the Bible that conditions on the earth were ideal before the flood, but after the flood the world was a hostile place where severe competition was necessary for animals to survive.
God had placed the genes in natural species for limited adaptation in so that they could survive through the changing environment on earth after the flood.Genesis 7 says that much of the water that flooded the whole world came from under the ground.
Obviously, if the Genesis account is true, there was much greater amount of water underground in the earth’s past.

Psalm 104) describes God as raising high mountains from the earth after the worldwide flood so that the waters would recede into the ocean basins. The tremendous velocity and pressure from such receding water is what most likely caused the formation of the majestic Grand Canyon packed with its billions of fossils.The Bible says that the Ark landed somewhere in the mountains of Ararat where the modern nation of Turkey is now located. Look at the 7th day God rested and it was still going when moses talked about entering the day of rest, and Jesus mentioned it and paul mentioned and it is still running and the day of rest continues until the end of days.

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