Posted on July 18, 2012 Written by Leonne 1 Comment The Secret World launched on July 3rd.
Leonne now has in her skills both Assault Rifles and Blood Magic completely done in the inner ring, and a good portion completed on the outer ring. So after my second weekend in the game, as far as your able to go right now, I do like the game. I guess for me, I can live with the unpolished graphics and animations so long as the storyline is there, is interesting, and is plentiful. They have a month to polish, but honestly I would not be terribly surprised if they pushed back the launch a bit. Tales of the Aggronaut by Belghast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For the most part I kill things with ease, a good bit of healing to pull me through and some fantastic AE damage. I'm taking my time snooping around, helping people sometimes, people help me sometimes (OMG), just really soaking it all up and not rushing through it.
It has a ton of flaws, and I really wish they would push the release date because I do not see the flaws getting fixed very fast once the game is launched.

I spent about the same amount of time in the game thus far and the game has left me with both good and bad impressions. I don't know how end game is, if it will just be another grind like most games, I hope this is different. I tried one of the last beta weekends but still didn't get a real idea how much I liked the game, I figured I could hear impressions of others before I made a decision.
It was a bit confusing when starting and I even got lost a few times but I'm grasping things now. I went with the Templars, I thought that would be an interesting choice, all three factions look very appealing though. If you're going to light up something on the map, please tell me what the hell it is I'm looking for. Dire had to pull me off the computer last night, I was having way too much fun to go to bed, obviously, lol.
The whole point of many of the quests in TSW is to make you think and hunt for clues, so there's very little hand holding and definitely a lot of vagueness there, and it is intended. I love the atmosphere, and if it weren’t for a few messed up quests, the game would be as close to perfect as it can.

I like the story and atmosphere but the bugs and over all lack of polish scare me more than the creatures in game currently.
Though the graphic choices are a bit stunted, really tweaking things out isn't much of an option. You basically have to utilize your deck building skills to maximize your effectiveness for a lot of the fights, so being familiar with the ability wheel system is a must. Kingsmouth is really a very cool area, that's where I am now and it really has set the tone for me. I can't complain, there really isn't much loading and I suppose I do a lot of waiting on screens in EQ and SL.

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