Must be the reason whatshisname attempted the jumpsuit, so he could still be noticed in some way. Funnily, I JUST watched that a few days ago, probably inspired by seeing the preview for Kingsman before Hobbit: Battle of the Five zzzzzzzz. Yes, not the best Lady Catherine at all, but Olivier was fantastic and I loved Greer Garson as well. I attended a lecture series on film and TV adaptations of Austen years ago, and one of the tidbits I remember is that Edna May Oliver, who played that role, was known more for comedic roles and had the part rewritten to incorporate more comedy.
I can’t see any dandruff on my screen (nor any make-up on his collar), so he just looks perfect. My uterus just did a big ol’ flip-flop at the sight of this beautiful man (even though my uterus is too old for such things). He went into serious training for the Kingsman role, which has tons of fighting and movement. Just step a little further back so you get the full view and you can’t even see those imperfections.

There are the Be Me people and the Do Me people – and there there are the rare few who rise above all the craziness and are the I Am Me people. I like to imagine they came together like in Love Actually (which technically involved a Portugese woman I believe, but don’t spoil the illusion for me). And Sir Larry, even with the extremely unfortunate portrayal of Lady Catherine de Burgh in that version, I say HELL YES to Sir Larry. The speakers showed clips from the various adaptations, and you can imagine when the audience is a group of vocal Austen fans that the discussions were spirited.
It’s a great look at the world of Jane Austen fans, and one of the women she profiles actually met and went riding with David Rintoul. I’m impressed, that difficulty setting seems to be pretty high judging past past attempts by lesser mortals. But even if it is dandruff, that makes him human and imperfect, which only makes him more lovable in my book. Put him in a double-breasted suit, or put him in a puffy shirt (preferably wet), riding pants and boots, this man really does it for me.

Neeson, the current issue of Cigar Aficionado has a very good article on him-I sat in a sunny spot in Barnes and Noble and read it. My husband saw him doing the rounds of the late night talk shows last week for Taken 3 and said that he just starts telling stories, and is such a treat. HIs name was David Rintoul and at the time (I was a teen) I thought he was perfectly cast. Now I’m just thinking of the creepy Norwegian sweater salesman I had to escape from a few months ago in gothenburg.
And, while both Garson and Olivier may have been too old for the roles, I love them both in that version.
This is not to take away from Firth but just a tribute to some pretty great Darcys of the past.

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