I've played plenty of MMOs, so the primary thing drawing me to this one is the modern Lovecraftian setting.
Even if you only end up playing for a couple months I guarantee it'll be worth the 50 bucks because the story is awesome for an MMO. For what it's worth, this is the only MMO I've truly enjoyed for any extended period of time. So I picked this up last week and have been having a ball, but I just got to the savage coast and man has the game difficulty spiked.
Was pretty fun and was glad to see that I was powerful enough to run good DPS throughout the entire thing!

Message any of the Templar players when they're on and someone should be able to shoot you an invite. I picked up a 3 month sub for The Old Republic and was done and tired of it within 60 days.
Framerate takes a big dive when looking to the NW though, which kinda sucks after steady framerates in the high 40s-50s on Solomon Island. I've added a few of you to my friends list in the game but I am not sure aside from Feef (who is in another timezone) who I could message. This game's been out for about a month now, so I'm curious about people's sustained impressions at this mark.

That's just going to screw over those that play off and on, take breaks a few months at a time.
They'll simply lose access to mission and even if there is a recap that's a poor alternative to playing through a mission yourself. If anything they should be going with a phasing system that's in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (the questing areas on the Northrend landmass are like this) and the upcoming expansion for Lord of the Rings Online.

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