These zones exist separately from the main quest worlds and are accessed through the game menus, much like Guild Wars 2 or the World of Warcraft Battlegrounds.
This European location is a simple domination map with a single control point, the Stonehenge circle itself. Every group member could pick up missions to capture a facility or capture an anima well, giving a nice XP bonus to the capture.Anima wells act as respawn points for team members.
Facilities were much bigger and feature a large glowing titan in the middle of a room, rather like the one pictured.

This map required us to work closely as a team to capture as many of the four talismans on the map as possible. One of the team would be carrying the first talisman on his or her back, with the team scoring points as long as we protected it.Once we had all four talismans, a 2-minute countdown would be announced. If our team managed to retain all four talismans for the full two minutes, we would win the match.We did. From those early days of The Hobbit (say to Thorin “Carry me please”) she graduated to Lucasarts adventures and western C-RPGs.

Eventually she found first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and survival games and is now a fully-rounded gamer.

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