There are an estimated 20,000 warheads in the world's combined stockpile of nuclear weapons. David Cameron warns peace could be put at risk by leaving the European Union - but Boris Johnson hits back calling the EU "a force for instability and alienation". Meeting and hearing the stories of so many people doing extra ordinary things, inspired me and equipped me to do the same thing in my sphere of influence. Join thousands of others who are experiencing dramatic results as they have adopted their streets and are seeing the spiritual climate change as they implement prayer evangelism.

Your one-stop resource center for timeless transformation principles and practices that are fully aligned and fully integrated. Where biblical reasoning leads to deeper personal transformation, setting the stage for extraordinary miracles that will change people, institutions and the world! Where international transformation pioneers discover and apply biblical principles to instill God's healing power in the marketplace. Where prototypes are the syllabus and leading practitioners are the faculty.More than taught, you are mentored into producing your own transformation prototype.

Transformation Mentoring is about being equipped to experience greater intimacy with God and with others, and then to fulfill your destiny to make the world a better place. Of these, almost 5,000 are considered operational and about 2,000 belonging to the US and Russia are believed to be ready for use at short notice.

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