By the way everyone kept staring at us because 1) Xiaxue has blonde hair and 2) Jade has pink hair. It all started from the 19th Golden Melody Awards 2008, Joi was nominated as one of the Best Mandarin Singer for Joi Blessed (????). I was charmed by Joi’s honesty and sincerity which is quite a gem in the entertainment industry. Joi was picked as one of the stylish woman who turned up at the Her World Gala nite, I gave her a body conscious dress to bring out the curves in her. The funny thing is, out of a sudden, everyone who has watched the awards ceremony will start to become fashion critic.
Just imagine, When an Artiste or a Celeb walk on the red carpet, it really takes a lot of people and effort to put the look together, from the hair, make up, nails, outfit, accessories, bags, shoes etc. Anyway, I am really happy to dress some of the celebs that I have never really got a chance to work with for Star Awards. Cynthia Koh: As far as I can remember, I have never worked with Cynthia before, infact, i knew her sister before i knew her personally.
Rebecca lim: This young and hardworking tall girl has a very very pretty face, and all she needs is a dress to bring out her youth!
Tee by Keith Png modeled by Joi Chua (right) and one designed by Wykkid Song, modeled by Roslyn Lee. A month-long pop-up retail store that’s the first of its kind for any publication in Singapore, the Her World Glass House will offer more exclusive promotions when it opens its doors at Bugis Junction on 30 April 2010.
Ms Elisabeth Gwee, Editor of Her World, says: “It was great to see how well the public responded to our first Glass House at Wisma Atria, and we are delighted to introduce our new T-shirt designs and fun activities planned for Bugis.
Mr Keith Png, designer of local fashion label KOOPS, says: “I’m elated to be involved and gratified to be one of the privileged few to design a T-shirt for Her World’s 50th anniversary.
Mr Wykidd Song says: “It’s great that I’ve been chosen to design a T-shirt for Her World’s 50th anniversary. The Her World Glass House’s second stop will be at Level 1, Bugis Square, Bugis Junction from Apr 30 to May 1. Learn how to explore from the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss palette to create the summer look of 2010 as Clarence Lee will share his secret make-up techniques and let Keith Png show you how to look good this summer by playing with the hottest summer trends! I was a bit worried initially, as i thought she will be asking me to make her a Over-The-Top Dress with lots and lots and lots of BLINGS!!!

However after the first consultation, She told me she wanted a poufy short dress, and that she will leave the design to me. I am very happy with the results, Wendy was so hands-on, she made her own hat, bought gloves and did her own make-up to really bring out the look. I like to wish her and Mike all the best in their marriage and thank you for the invitation.
OH, by the way, Great food, service, ambience at Forlino, Nice wedding pics taken by Douglas of Avenue 8 and of cos, great wedding planning from Eternally Yours. I was very honored to be able to attend the press conference of the latest collaboration between Puma and Da Mouth ??? in Taipei early this year.
A little intro about the fun and funky club hip-hop group Da Mouth, with already 3 music albums under their belt, the young and super-hyper four brings something different to the mainstream Mando-pop, as does their unique member composition. The group is formed by many hyphens: Canadian-Taiwanese MC 40, Korean-Taiwanese-American male vocalist Harry, Taiwan-born Japanese DJ Chung Hua, and Japanese female vocalist Aisa. MC 40: Ball games, stairs climbing and sleeping (MC 40 was voted the sleeping King among his group members).
MC 40: I was very into hip-hop dressing in the past however when I started gaining more fashion knowledge due to my work, I started to be more open minded in trying different styles.
Recent CommentsMabel Margaret on Fashion tips on how to stack rings.lemeo on You Glow Girl!!! I already knew one of the other girls previously, and she called me beforehand to bring heels for her because she forgot.
But they couldn't use it because you can't see the last 15cm of my hair and that's what the whole blog advertorial was about. Like we went to Yoshinoya to eat lunch and there were these school kids on some class trip (to Yoshinoya?
I didn't know what it was and semi-believed them when they said it's like a lip injection to make your lips thicker.
I didn't find her different from how she appears on her blog, so that means she doesn't fake stuff you know? Since then, I have worked with her countless times and she has been such an angel to work with, she is an artiste who represents the woman today.
Thanks to Annie Chua of Medicorp wardrobe, I was asked to design for Kym Ng and Cynthia Koh.

When Annie approached me to design a dress for her, I was not sure how i should dress her.. 1 women’s magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd, continues its 50th anniversary celebrations with the second stop of the Her World Glass House at Bugis Junction. Customers can also look forward to the second collection of popular limited edition T-shirts exclusively designed by two renowned Singaporean designers – Keith Png and Wykidd Song. Fabulous $50 Her World subscription deals: Save $22 and receive gifts such as fragrances, nail service gift cards and more. Lucky dip: Every $50 spent at the Her World Glass House gives each customer a chance to win fantastic prizes, including a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 worth $849. Special shopping deals: Check out shopping deals with our partners at the Glass House – Ginvera, HTC, Skechers, Blackberry and Sunsilk. Directly inspired by the backstage of Dior fashion shows, designed by Tyen and the Dior Pro make-up team and formulated by the Dior innovation center. They came across to me as very fun and energetic, MC 40 is the sunshine boy, Harry seems to be the big brother of the group, Chung Hua is the most comical and last but not least, Aisa, the petite belle with an impressive stage presence.
For instance, I used to resist skinny jeans or leggings but now that I have tried wearing them, I prefer my fitted tee and skinny jeans now. She's very approachable and quite funny, like when she talks about Plasticzilla (Dawn Yang) and Mike. It boldly reconciles extremes: spectacular shine, oversize volume and a wardrobe of very couture shades in an incomparably fine caress. I mean all in all she's just normal and nice!I found it really weird to call her Wendy though, because all these years I keep thinking to myself Xiaxue Xiaxue Xiaxue. It is so frustrating to have to rely on random free wireless networks and dumb hotstops called FreeWifi but that are NOT FREE. So I wore this pink floral crop top from Forever21 that I've had for a while but never dared to wear out.

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