Eric eventually breaks free of Ungast's possession for a few minutes in Crown of Wizards and tells her to get the Moon Medallion. The Sea Witch Demither is Princess Keeah's aunt (and Queen Relna's sister), although Eric, Neal, and Julie do not know this until Under the Serpent Sea. He is a spider-troll and assistant to Galen Longbeard Max is very protective of Princess Keeah. The Tower of the Elf King - Secrets of Droon, Bk 9Author: Tony Abbott, David Merrell (Illustrator)A hidden door. Eric, Julie and Neal all dreamed about very weird things, which could only be from one place, Droon.
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Lord Sparr is the main antagonist of the children's book series, The Secrets of Droon, written by the author Tony Abbott.
Lord Sparr is an extremely powerful evil sorcerer, the leader of the Ninns and the ruler of the Dark Lands.
Centuries ago, Sparr lived in the Upper World in Europe as a small infant in peace with his two brothers, Galen and Urik, and his good, wise, beautiful and powerful Queen Zara, who was invincible beyond imagination and so accomplished in magic that it is said that merely a tenth of her power would be sufficient to conquer the world, if her power was ever used for evil and joined with that of Salamandra's.
The evil Emperor Ko of the Dark Lands down in what would become the magical realm of Droon over five centuries later kidnapped Zara and Sparr one night while they were sleeping and whisked them to his dominion.
Sparr is the creator of the legendary Three Powers— the Red Eye of Dawn, the Golden Wasp and the Coiled Viper. In Book 22, "The Isle of Mists", the Coiled Viper "split" Sparr creating two Sparrs — a younger, ten-year old version who aided the heroes of Droon on their adventures (Young Sparr) and an ancient, much more older version that plotted to destroy Droon with the assistance of the skeletal Skorth (Shadowface, as dubbed by Neal). In Book 28, "In the Shadow of Goll", Sparr's two halves are reunited into the original Sparr by the dark magic of "Shadowface", but Sparr seems to have lost the purity he once possessed as Young Sparr, and he flies away. In Secrets of Droon, Special Edition 5, Sparr tries to create his piece of the moon medallion.
In Secrets of Droon, Special Edition 6, Gethwing transforms Sparr back into his old self again so he will fit in a "Crown of Wizards" consisted of Gethwing, Ungast, Neffu, and Sparr.
Keehan Caubang, Denzel Alvarez and Kelvin Alvarez are trying to catch a moonfox as it eats up Eric's basement. Sparr poses as Prince Zorfendorf in this book, but in actuality no one knows what happend to him. When Keeah and friends give Eric the potion that permanently cures him from Ungast's influence in Special Edition 7.

Moon Magic, Keeah and and a magic-less Eric marry in the future, so they become Queen Keeah and Prince Eric.
Droon was the magical world they had found, and the secret entrance happened to be in Eric's basement!
Zara was poisoned by Ko and suffered a long slow death while Sparr was raised by Ko, taught in the Dark Arts and made to be the heir of the Dark Lands. Ever since his brother Galen Longbeard, a five-hundred year old wizard, used a charm on them to force them to assume a different form, and scattered them to the winds, he has been desperately attempting to seek them out, for with them, Droon could be in grave danger and Sparr would gain a huge advantage over the forces of good. He and his two-headed dog Kem are stranded on a remote island of the Serpent Sea where Sparr recalls the times he had before he succumbed to evil and before his mother Queen Zara died, struggling to conquer the evil within him. Gethwing attacks after he finishes his piece and he falls into what seems like a bottomless pit.
Neal baits it with pretzels, then Gabriel Villamor slams a laundry basket onto it and Julie weighs it down. When Eric turned into Ungast in In the City of Dreams, he did not know it, but he wounded Keeah with a sorcerer blast that sent her into a world between reality and dreams.
The Genie King, Keeah is initially overjoyed, but becomes as disappointed as the others when he must go back to Gethwing and infiltrate his operations. She also accompanied Keeah while burying the Coiled Viper in the Upper World in The Coiled Viper. Max wittnessed the overthrowing of Loobalunda ( his home village) at the hands of Prince Ungast.
When they get there, there's a rumor flying around that someone's robbed the Lumpie's village!
The fox says it will chew its way out, but the kids ignore this and hurry back down the stairs into Droon. She shows them a terrifying vision of the future in which Droon's capital has burnt to the ground.
She is a powerful wizard and originally could only use blue wizard magic but it was shown in Wizard Or Witch, she also had red witch magic that her aunt gave her.
King Zello tells them that all of the kings and queens of Droon are gathering to go to Zorfendorf Castle for a celebration.
The Final Quest, she attempts to invade Doobesh, but she fails shortly after Gethwing is defeated, and she is thrown into Agrah-Voor with the other villains. Everyone is overjoyed when "Eric" comes out of the rubble, but when they realize it is Ungast and that Eric has lost, Keeah is devastated and is determined to bring Eric back to Droon's side.

Eric starts to tell Keeah about his father but a figure jumps out of the crowd and starts blasting with red sparks.
They hear noise coming and get into the trees, but it turns out to be King Zello and the royal procession. When they try to talk to the kings and queens and no one responds, Keeah realizes that they're all under a spell and think Plud is Zorfendorf. Galen tells them that as long as Eric's father is here, Sparr could ascend the stairs to the Upper World.
He also tells them that the faceless man is a wraith, a victim of the Golden Wasp, a mind controlled by Sparr. The sneak in after the majesties and Keeah uses a spell that shows them what King Zello, Khan, and the others see. The majesties leave for Zorfendorf, while Galen, Max, Keeah, Eric, Julie, and Neal head for the Farne Woods and the oracle Portentia. She is a talking rock who tries to be impressive and scarry, but she's actually really nice, and they tell her she's better that way. Sparr tells them he has gifts for them, and soon he will ascend to the Upper World with their help.
Keeah, Julie, Eric, and Neal head down to the dungeon, and rescue Galen, Max, and Eric's dad. Inside, Julie finds her bracelet and takes it back, but from holes in the wall come children of the Golden Wasp.
They go outside and find Sparr preparing to give the baby wasps as his gifts to the rulers.
One of the Ninns runs out of Plud, yelling "Fire!" Keeah plays the harp and the majesties awaken. Hinkle uses the harp and a crack appears in the ice, which the Ninns and wraiths fall into.

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