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We, the public, constantly see Marilyn as the very height of sexiness, but yet that view is always tempered with our knowledge that her story doesn’t have a happy ending.
Kate Middleton Had An Epic Marilyn Monroe Moment TodayChanel’s Creepy New Ad Resurrects Marilyn MonroeKim Kardashian Is Basically A Modern Day Marilyn Monroe, Right? I got this last one just to make you laugh a bit… I wonder what the aliens are going to do with the cow? I would be more scared than ever if I ever saw an alien that looked like the one in the third picturew something about that picture really scares me. The sixth picture has five fingers, which does not seem to correspond with popular descriptions of them, and no sex organ (how would they reproduce? Aliens of this genera are like humans who have advanced so much in evolution than us and the anatomy transforms itself into its requirements. I wondered how you have collected the images; if you could mention a source or a reference it would be nice. Mr Aaron, would you be able to explain the mutilated head shape of this “teen”?
Well if you look at the first pic and then look at the 3rd pic, its layin on the same metal bed. To Aaron, maybe the face could be a human neglected very badly, but those eyes, no its not a human!
I am a kid and I am getting quite cautiouse abou these “aliens” You know with the norway spiral in russia its scary so can anyone please PLEASE tell me what is going on!!??
If you look on the third picture you can see a HUMAN HAND IN THE BACK that means that one has been caught and examind speking of caught how did they catch it??? Je crois q`un jour les etre humain deviendront des aliens ou meme des dieux c ce que je crois.
I’m no scientist or anything but there are people out there with an open mind that believe aliens do exist somewhere. Just like us who are curious of what is out there in space, the aliens seemed to be curious about the tether, they probably didn’t know that our spaceship was observing from afar.
We may be of different species but we are all the same curious creatures that are looking for answers.
Well these look like they are different from humans but i don’t believe that these pics are of real aliens.
Aliens are real like there are millions of galaxies and of course there would be some sort of life existing somewhere.
I know that the American Government knows what Aliens look like because there was a UFO Crash Landing somewhere in 1947. I believe that there is life deep in ice or rock on other planets, which I have seen on the Discovery Channel™. I live in south tx and I have DEFINANTLY seen something I can’t explain to this day. Ok i have so much to say after reading your comments so i am just gonna generalize it to ideas!
Food for thought: Why can most people tell you more about their favorite celebrities than the people they interact with on a daily basis?
But when we asked four top yoga teachers to tell us what they're really thinking behind that serene smile, they divulged a few pet peeves (as well as some secret tips for Zen seekers).

If you're more than 10 minutes late, please consider skipping the class -- even if we welcome you in. Not necessarily because of her va-va-voomy image, but because of what I know about her personally. Although I have always thought she looks better with her blonde hair, rather than her natural brunette. She looks nothing like the movie star she portrays and since she is only known for that, and sleeping around with powerful men.
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Abductions here and there, sightings are everywhere and there are tons of alien pictures scattered on the internet.
In this picture it is clearly shown that an official is shaking hands with an alien, the alien seems unfamiliar with the action. Probably one of the victims of the UFO crash landing in 1947, which the government is denying upto now. We humans could become like them one day if evolution is allowed to mould us before extinction. The features are symmetrical generally in both sides, but not a mirror image, as we may encounter in a human skull.
One day, all you who are saying there are none, will wake up and have no choice but to belive when they are right in front of you.
It was almost midnight and I was driving home from my gfs house when I seen a GREEN light flash and in the sky. Human technology rapidly evolved around 4000 years ago in the time of the Egyptians heirogyplhs came out of nowhere. I have seen few weird things before when I was younger saw ship over Hammond Louisiana around the airport.
Occultists really are behind in their actions and their motives and they work through hidden knowledge which is what occult means. Sadly though, there are some people who are intentionally publishing fake alien pictures just for the sake of publicity.
A concrete proof that the government is indeed in contact with the aliens for quite some time now.
This fellow sure can’t pass as a kid and it is a bit too perfect to be an optical illusion.
It’s like the eyes, nose and mouth are grouped together and notice how big the eye sockets are and they’re egg shaped.
Roswell is about 2 hours away from Alamogordo… home of the first atomic testing at Trinity. And if all these claims of peoplehaving encounters or witnessing UFOs are indeed true and the descriptions of the power source they have are true… it would mean the end of mankind if aliens ever decided to kill off the Human Race.
The American Government and other Government Agencies havd must made some sort of contact with Aliens, but they just wan to reveal it to the public, so many people wouldn’t get scared. If his blood (acid, goop, taco sauce, whatever) is that dark, his skin should not be that pale.
Round like UFO was it spaceship or technology that came from another world that military used to create there own ships. The occult word derived from the Latin language from the verb ocultare, simply means to hide or to conceal or to keep secret and they are perpetuating the forms and control of behavioral control over the masses of people because they have them under a form of mass mind control, their works through the manipulation of people through hidden knowledge about the human psyche and how it function how it operates and what peoples motivations are deep in the psyche and in deep in their subconscious, so with that knowledge they will have the tremendous power differential, you know with the differential in knowledge comes a differential in power and that’s how they are able to control to keep people under their thumb.

Also beware of teachers who, when you tell them you have a pulled muscle or a sore shoulder, just tell you to keep pushing and breathe through it. No suicide or overdose, no costumes, no jewels, no lipstick, no furs, no notorious husband on her arm, no trappings of fame: Just a woman, laughing, by a swimming pool.
I asked one of my associates opinion and she said it’s probably a human who just got sick and everything.
Given that the majority of the testing was conducted in remote areas of New Mexico, Nevada and the Pacific Islands… one can only wonder how many Indigenous people died or were harmed as a result! Big skulls runs in my daughters , fathers side, and she and her sisters were born with unusually big heads. My 2 cents, And I know people who have been abducted, read this site, Please if you are, Leave a comment. It’s a highly secretive organization bent on creating a one-world government system with the powers of Satan (or Lucifer as they call him). When I look at these photos, and think about it, we were taught in science that the earth is one dot to the sun. The bodies can be left out for more than a year.Human bodies are left out to sudy decompostion.
It was the creepiest thing I ever saw in my life but the most amazing thing I have witness has well.
That's usually a sign they don't know how to deal with the problem." -- Barbara Benagh, owner of Yoga Studio in Boston and an instructor for more than 40 years. They even enchant the music with satanic spells so that the weak-minded will follow what the lyrics say.
I would rather have it go off thinking earth is a kind planet and not attack it then if they thought we were evil because we keep aliens captured and do alien autopsies on alive aliens. I mean, if you want to believe in aliens then you are doing exactly what the illuminati wants you to do. I have been to Massachusetts, all around northern canada and when i go there i see hundreds of thousands of stars and the scary thing is those are galaxies. So not to be disrespectful but it is completely ignorant to think that we are the only life forms with intelligence in our universe. They have not yet been discovered mabey because god dosnt want them to be.Aliens life is just like ours but hiden somewhere else not to be discovered.
When we landed on the moon, if there was beings there we would have made contact dont u think? The human race is not nearly as advanced as many of these planets in alternative galaxies could potentially be. We get along so well; the goofyness we share and our conversations are something I'd never trade for anything.
We should leave the aliens alone and let god handle what he created.he knows whaat hes doing. If someone chooses to believe that aliens havent well look at some of the proofs out there. Not only will no one like you because you sulk about your imperfections, your mistakes, but more importantly it is our imperfections that make us, us: human. Those imperfections teach us about ourselves and the mistakes we make in life will teach us how to be a more better human being.

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