Secret Seven Synopses: In Secret Seven Mystery, a schoolgirl named Elizabeth Sonning has gone missing. Want Updates 2x Each Month + Artist Opportunities, Special Offers and an Invitation to the Next Call for Artists? Enid Blyton was posthumously awarded the first Enid Blyton Award for Lifetime Contribution to Children. Multi-award-winning Tony Ross has become one of the best-known creators of original and traditional picture books and his work has been published all over the world. Tony Ross has won a number of awards for illustration, including the Dutch Silver Paintbrush Award for the best illustrations by a foreign artist. The Secret Seven Society is comprised of Peter, Janet, Jack, Pam, Barbara, Colin, George and Scamper the dog. They decide to help the poor family in rebuilding their lives, but they must find out who stole the family’s valuable violin and also what is the source of the noises coming from the hills at night? Colin promises the General that they will find them, but what can the Secret Seven do when there are no clues to their whereabouts and even the police don’t know where to look? As well as his own books, he has illustrated books for authors such as Roald Dahl, Paula Danziger and Michael Palin.
But an awful thing happens when Colin's grandmother's house is robbed whilst she is away and her maid, Greta, was locked in the larder whilst the thieves ransacked the house. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet’s garden, which can only be accessed by whispering a secret password. Two of the thieves were caught by the police, but the third one got away, and the Seven spot him on the field by the bonfire, before he goes off to hide again.
But when they realise the culprits are a ruthless gang, they wonder if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. At this rate they'll have enough material for a greatest hits compilation by the time the series ends!Susie is so annoying that even Janet loses her temper.

Peter turns to Jack and asks him if he can't possibly keep Susie in order, like he does with Janet. Interestingly, Susie finds it for him — she knows that things left on clothes are usually put into an envelope by the cleaners and placed in a pocket. Maybe Enid put this in to show that Susie isn't really all that bad; she has her good side as well. She just likes to have a laugh at their expense.The gardener has been using the shed to store onions, so they have to clear it out before they can meet.
While they are loading onions into the summerhouse, Susie takes over the shed and locks herself in.
They vote for a treasurer to look after the money, and Peter is chosen by 6 votes to 1, with Peter voting for Jack. This is the same Jack who is a security risk as far as the password goes, and always seems to be in trouble with Peter for something. After one raid Jack gets proactive and when Susie asks him where the bonfire is, he effectively sends them on a long tiring walk up a hill. Peter cycles up first and puts down a few twigs with a suitable note so they will know they've been had. This is a trick worthy of Susie herself, but Susie doesn't take it very well at all and vows more revenge. So it's not just the Seven who don't like having tricks played on them.The guy's clothes are stolen and also the money for the bonfire. The feud has gone on for so long, and Susie has played so many tricks that they just can't trust her. They even have to guard their bonfire, and it seems as if Peter is about to give up:"I'm beginning to think it was a great mistake to quarrel with Susie.
Well, as a matter of fact, even Frederick Trotteville got downhearted sometimes, so it can happen to anyone.Jack bravely offers to take the girls to the cinema so they can't possibly harm the bonfire.

Having done this, after some detecting and a brainwave, they are rewarded with a bumper box of fireworks from the grateful police sergeant. They plan the firework display for the next evening because it rains.Peter's conscience is troubling him, however. He feels awful about the accusations levelled against Susie, so they write a very apologetic note and invite her and her friends to the fireworks party.
What's more, and this is quite unheard of, they invite her to tea in the shed as well and give her the password (well, she may have known it already of course.)It's a dream come true for Susie. She is appreciative and waves away the apologies and admits that she did 'awful things' too. Or ours either, come to that!"Review by David CookOnce again the Seven must have all gone away for the summer holidays as we now jump to October.
We learn that there is a wood across the field at the bottom of Peter's garden, wherein is built a hut used by old Burton, the hedge and ditch man on the farm. We also learn that Colin's grandmother (presumably not the one who was living with his family in Well Done, Secret Seven) resides in a house around the corner from Colin's, along with her Austrian maid, Greta, and is called Mrs Strangeways. This house is burgled by three rogues whose descriptions tally with three men the Seven have previously discovered in Burton's hut.
Thanks to the Seven's observations, two of the thieves are captured, but the third escapes.The mother of two of Susie's friends, Hilda and Doris, has to go into hospital, and so the two girls go to stay with Susie and they form a rival group, the Tiresome Three, and the remaining story tells how rival pranks between the two groups blind the Seven to the activities of the escaped thief.
The story is one with much appeal for young readers but less so for teenagers, with a climax that seems unrealistic when the fleeing thief disguises himself as the Seven's guy and hides by sitting on the bonfire!

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