Mermaid Features: Swimming and DivingAs should be expected, Mermaids grow legs when walking on land and fish tails when swimming in the water. In order to stay a Mermaid, a Sim needs to Swim at least once every 48h, else they will get an 'Adapting to Land' moodlet that lasts two days. Evil and Mean-Spirited Sims can click themselves to Summon Shark, but this doesn't really do much. Because of Mermaids' inherent Diving Skill, you could go ahead and open all treasure chests that are openable based on Scuba Diving skill level and even unlock a private island pretty quickly. At present, it's very annoying getting around Isla Paradiso as a Mermaid because they prefer to swim everywhere, even with a boat for an option. When the Hydration Motive begins to decay, you'll first have a Chapped moodlet with no mood effect, but at around 10% it will change to a -40 12h Flakey moodlet. All Mermaids' favorite foods change to Kelp, and they are capable of eating raw fish on the go - so can simply catch them underwater for a snack later.
Once you've got a Mermaid in your relationship panel, you can click them and use the option Signal Mermaid to blow a sea shell horn and get them to come visit you if they're available. Becoming a Mermaid: Mermadic KelpWhen your friendship with the Mermaid is at 70% or higher, you can use the underwater conversation option 'Ask about Fish Parts' which cannot be done on land.
If you don't feel like befriending a Mermaid, you can get Mermaidic Kelp as a LTR for 25,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. Mermaid's Secret IslandOne of the eight uncharted islands you can unlock are found through Mermaids. Changing Back to NormalIf you no longer wish to be a Mermaid, simply avoid swimming for about four days.
Changing Tail and Shell Colors for MermaidsYou cannot edit a Mermaid's tail in normal Create-a-Sim.
Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. If you have the expansion and are wanting a little help understanding puzzles and basic concepts, Click here for World Adventures Tomb Raiding Tips. The Main Feature: TravelThe biggest addition to The Sims 3 brought by World Adventures is the ability to travel to three destinations in the world. Al Simhara, Egypt - This place sells the best cameras in the game and is the unofficial "home" of the new Photography skill because of this. Shang Simla, China - Home to Martial Arts, a new skill that works with the athletic skill to improve a Sim's fighting ability.
Check back later, a full list of what the shopkeepers offer in each destination will be detailed, along with some general information on the sites you can visit while vacationing. AdventuresIn each location you can visit, there is an adventure board outside the base camp. You'll earn VISA points and ancient coins, as well as Simoleons from completing these tasks. As you accumulate more ancient coins, and raise your Sim's visa level in that destination, you'll gradually be able to purchase new items in the special store. Old Skills' Involvement in World AdventuresThankfully, if your Sim is stuck at home in between adventures there's still plenty to do. New Lifetime Wishes and TraitsThere are 8 new lifetime wishes to be pursued with the World Adventures expansion.
New Lifetime RewardsSomething I was sorely hoping for in this expansion pack was new options to spend my Lifetime Happiness Points. New Build Mode Cheats: Tomb CreationYou can now create tombs using a cheat in build mode that will allow you to access hidden items. Additions to Existing SkillsThere's a ton of new content out there for players who love the fishing, collecting, cooking and gardening skills. All these changes to existing skills have led to tweaks in the way the challenges for those skills work.
If you find something new in the Sims 3 World Adventures and want to share it with us, head over to our Sims 3 Forum.
This Guide to Mermaids I will teach you how to turn your Sim into a Mermaid, and the perks to playing a Mermaid. Mermaids are immune to Drowning death thanks to their gills and Steel Lungs would be a useless Lifetime Reward for them.
Sometimes, a Shark won't even appear anywhere around you, and if it does, it may very well do nothing when it arrives. The solution to this is to own a boat and select the 'boat here' option on the water near a place you want to go. If the Mermaid still doesn't seek water, a -80 Dehydrated moodlet will kick in, and the Mermaid will go unconscious. If successful, the Mermaid will give you some Mermaidic Kelp, which will transform the Sim that eats it into a Mermaid.
Instead, you need to buy or find a mirror and click it to choose the 'Change Scale Color' option. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. This page will start as a listing of new features in World Adventures, and gradually expand to include articles on all the new features, as well as updates to existing guides that have been improved. In travel destinations, you can meet with the locals and form new friendships, experience an entirely different map to explore and pursue adventures. This place features the most challenging adventures in the game for some Sims, because there are mummies inside which can put a deadly curse on your Sim.

Nectar Making allows Sims to brew drinks to serve at parties or to themselves, which give a nice mood boost when consumed. This behaves a lot like the opportunities in the normal game, but you'll be allowed one extra slot for each location giving you the ability to take up a mission in each. New items like dried food, the shower in a can and a variety of different quality tents make sleeping and surviving in a dungeon much easier to accomplish.
None of the puzzles are too challenging, but some might require a little thinking ahead to be done right. Work on the old skills, namely fishing, cooking and charisma, in order to get new options when adventuring. While you can buy a Snaptastic Flimsy Cam in any of the locations, Egypt's general store sells the very best 2 models. Sims with the Adventurous trait will experience less downtime in between adventures and be happiest when they are off exploring the exotic destinations. For example, at one time you needed to catch all fish in the game for one fishing challenge.
I'll provide tips to befriending a Mermaid quickly to access Mermadic Kelp and transform your Sim, while also having the Mermaid lead you to the Uncharted Private Island, Mermaid's Secret. On my first try, a nearby Sim did pee himself in terror at the Shark that was already there, but that was the most I got out of it. Hydration means that once every so often a Mermaid needs to get wet, either via a shower, bath, or swim in the ocean.
If you have other Sims under your control, you can easily revive them with a bucket of water. Another way to befriend them is to build up relationship high enough and use the underwater conversation option 'Invite to Land'.
Simply idle, and eventually the Mermaid will come up and offer to show you the location of the Mermaid Secret Island. This will let you change what little you can about your Mermaids, but the scale colors are fully customizable so you can pick a color that you like. You'll go home after a set amount of days based on your traveling Sims' combined VISA levels. There is a specific skill associated with each area, which will be detailed in their associated guides.
Adventures can be as simple as collecting a certain material and returning it to the quest giver, talking to some of the locals to convince them of another Sim's opinion or as complex as doing some tomb raiding and exploring one of the expansion's many dungeons. These can come in the form of collectible item sets, ancient relics and fragments that can be assembled for place on your home lot. The general stores are always located in that town's market area, so look for it on your map. One actually reveals all the locations of excavation sites on the map for your Sim so they can easier find them and line their pockets with riches and ancient relics for their collections.
In short you'll be looking around more often and paying attention to the new rooms you unlock, looking for hidden switches and floor traps. Keep an eye out for ancient coins on the ground and look for collectible jars and other relics of the past which can be very valuable.
It'll help a lot when you're tasked to convince villagers or fish for a particular catch if your Sim is already skilled in those areas.
There are a lot of subjects to capture if your Sim keeps their camera on them at all times. Your Sim might want to master both martial arts and athletics, or even secure level 3 VISAs in all three countries. Disciplined Sims will find Martial Arts an easy skill to master, and be better at it in general. It might not hurt to explore some other combinations to see just how they can help your Sim in their Adventure. It can remove the mummy's curse preventing a Sim's death and saving them a trip to the Great Sphinx to remove it. Players who find the rare tiberium rocks can save them until they turn radioactive and sell them for a hefty sum. Together with Late Night, Ambitions and also Supernatural it is an expansion which expands the game really.
Because of their expertise in the water, Mermaids automatically get level 10 in the Diving skill upon aging up to teen but still need to complete the Skill Challenges. You can also buy the 5,000 point Lifetime Reward Permanent Mermaid, which will prevent your Sim from ever losing Mermaid status to lack of Swimming. Mermaids will dry up faster in the sun, particularly when the temperature is 90 degrees or more when you have the Seasons Expansion Pack. Nearby Sims may also help, with Good or Friendly Sims guaranteed to help, while Evil and Meanspirited Sims will simply walk by or enjoy the show. Once you've met a Mermaid, they will appear in your relationship panel and you'll build a relationship with them. If your relationship is high enough, they'll even come to your home so that you can perform better social options and boost the friendship faster. That way, your one Sim can use his Mermaid buddy to help you turn the entire family into Mermaids. For example, get enough sarcophagus fragments and you can build a sarcophagus back at home that will allow your Sim to sleep like an Egyptian King.
You'll also need a way to make money quickly if you want to be able to afford all those trips.

Nectar can be aged and can rack up a tidy sum pretty quickly if you allow the bottles time to generate value. Photographer's Eye will increase the rate a Sim learns Photography and create higher quality pictures they can sell. Many will be happy to see that the fun and energy needs are easier to satisfy with a couple of them. Frogs, Crawfish, Crocodiles, Mummy Fish, Dragon Fish and Koi are all caught out in the world. This isn't hard, but most of these challenges will require your Sim to travel to one of the new locations to find the next new thing.
As Mermaids are naturally attuned to life in the water, they do not suffer Decompression when they are done with a Dive.
Keeping hydrated in a bath but never going for a SWim will eventually cause a Mermaid to transform back into a normal Sim. Both of these options are preferable to meeting many Mermen underwater and talking to them as they come, hoping to build a relationship.
There is no treasure chest on the island, but there is a nice 30x30 plot of land on which to build a lovely home.
When your Sim loses his or her Mermaid abilities, they will still keep the level 10 Scuba Diving skill experience they earned during the transformation. Having a higher level, combined with lifetime rewards and certificates of partnership with those countries will eventually extend the time frame you can stay in a country from three days to a full eighteen with a single Sim. Some will find this a welcome addition, as it's often satisfying when you unlock that door to the next room.
The base price for a 3 day stay starts at $1300 for for China, $1600 for Egypt and $1900 for France. In short, Photography is not an amazing money maker at first but provides some additional income to early level adventurers who need every bit of money they can get. This adds a lot more replayability to a game that's already chock full of good challenges to take one.
There doesn't seem to be any trait for Nectar Making, although gardening is always a good to accompany this skill, as Green Thumbs will raise perfect plants faster than other Sims, making some very fine Nectar indeed. Sims can learn to become prepared travelers and be allowed to spend more time in each destination, also. This is good, as it lends a more adventurous tone to the world with plenty of exploration to be done. And seasons is only interesting for the weather, cause the outerwear you get is very minor. Other members of your Sim's family who come along will also add their travel days to the tally, bringing it up to a potential of 72 days in a foreign land. Achieve mastery of meditation and your Sim can teleport, further pursue challenges related to martial arts and you may one day be able to use the ultra-powerful tranquil transference ability, meaning a meditative master need never own the personal teleporter to get around quickly. You'll also find a reward called no bills, ever which is definitely worth purchasing as your Sim will need to spend more and more money per week in bills as they accumulate a massive stash of relics to decorate the home with.
True adventurers will be really annoyed when they have to go home for a couple days in between trips and may find themselves looking for something to do. Other destinations also have new fruits that can be grown which will give you a grand total of ten new plants to raise to perfect. It will say that your sim wants to travel abroad with another sim who is not a part of the household.
The mood meter is a blue shade my sim does not appear anywhere and I can't go anywhere.
When I get Island Paradise, I'll just do testingcheatsenabled and meet all mermaids and befriend them. I'm not sure what went wrong but it only hydrates them when they have a bath or shower not when they swim in the ocean. Do they just go on with life as CPUs until you get back or does everything just stay the same?Admin: They don't age at all while on vacation.
You will have to re-disarm traps and you will have to push and pull the statues again to open doors.
But sometimes there all human, it changes all the time for me :( Has anyone tried the siren household?
Ive got my girl a mermaid ( by befriending another and them giving me the kelp) but I cannot find him.
I only have Pets, Ambitions, and Town Life, but I really want to get Generations, and I may get World Adventures. I missed one of the test boxes, so I have no idea if I can take back his grave!It's important, because I play Legacy (A challange where you have to make 10 generation living in a house you build without money cheats or anything) and I need to make a graveyard where all the generation are put in. Shes just getting ill, and runs to the wc :( i have tried to eat the mermaidic kelt like 10 times! But this time the message was different and she said if you want to be like me eat this kelp.

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