Have you ever wondered what’s the best PSO2 Wiki with the most up-to-date info on the latest weapons, units, quests and everything else in Phantasy Star Online 2?
In case you missed the 13th NicoNico PSO2 Live Broadcast that just ended, here’s a quick post summarizing everything that’s covered! SEGA just posted a friendly reminder on the players site reminding players to make sure their AC (Arks Cash) isn’t expiring soon. SEGA just posted on their site that the Phantasy Star Series 25th Anniversary Concert ?Sympathy 2013? Live Memorial Album is now on sale! Do you like Hatsune Miku (????)?  Here’s 9 Kawaii Hatsune Miku x PSO2 Fan Art Illustrations that will make your heart flutter!

Just a quick post summarizing the September 18, 2013 PSO2 (post-maintenance) updates: 100% Grinding Success?! Below we’ll take a look at the notable items you must get your hands on from this AC Scratch. In this post, I present you a list of the best, most popular Phantasy Star Online 2 Wikis you need bookmarked!
Plus, we take a look at a summary of New FUN Scratch Items, New Client Order Campaigns, Player Reward Campaigns and other updates for the October 9, 2013 PSO2 update. In this post, we take a look at a summary of that announcement and what you should do to make sure you don’t lose any AC due to expiration.

PSO2 Project DIVA-f Pixiv artist Miyabi drew this kawaii Hatsune Miku x PSO2 Project DIVA fan art to celebrate Miku’s 5th Anniversary! Plus, the first of the Episode 2 Story Quests and new Extreme Quest levels have also been added.

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