Wraiths rarely occur alone, they tend to be found in groups of at least three and sometimes more. Clerics and scholars are forever debating whether spirits do in fact journey to another world after death, one where eternal joy or suffering awaits. Wraith remains may contain ectoplasm but never death dust without the monsters' bestiary entry. A Restless Ghost, the quest given by Hildegard Zollstock, is about the wraith of her late husband. Sword of the Dun Banner is found in the Dwarven Catacombs if the banner wraith is successfully tricked by answering all his questions correctly.
This town in the North of Aedirn was founded by dwarves who established mines in the surrounding hills. Despite demonstrating unparalleled valor, the hastily recruited units of peasant militiamen, knights without title or estate, and Scoia'tael guerillas could not withstand Henselt's army of experienced, battle-hardened Kaedweni veterans.
Peasant militia units, knights without title or estate, and seasoned dwarven volunteers fought heroically, side by side, forcing the Kaedweni veterans to pay for every inch of ground with their blood. In the additional contents folder, the aftermath of Vergen was narrated by Dandelion in the form of a pdf comic book. Both groups agree, however, on what happens to spirits who, for one reason or another, remain in our world after their body breathes its last: they transform into wraiths.

Unlike traditional wraiths, the variants will flail around when set on fire affording Geralt temporary respite while they are out of action. As was their custom, they carved their homes and community edifices directly into rock formations, granting Vergen a unique architectural style. Many more can be found in and around Vergen, specifically, in the dwarven catacombs and on the battlefield. The priests teach that people who die suddenly, leaving this vale of tears with important tasks left unfinished, become such ghosts. One may even find small groups of the wandering damned in crypts and catacombs or on battlefields. The best means of fighting a wraith is the so called Specter Oil, which should be used to coat a silver blade.
The town was an important trade center, one of the roads through it leading into the country's interior. That is, until Iorveth arrived with Scoia'tael reinforcements - just in time to turn the tide. If the witcher swings his sword too slowly, giving the ghosts time to react, he might find himself striking nothing but air and then sense a quick riposte on his back. Humans had also attempted to settle in the area, but the disturbances that plagued Pontar Valley left most of their villages burned and in ruins.

Sometimes they are unaware of them, but more often they aim to achieve them, not caring for the living.
I can confirm, however, that one cannot communication with them, and that they have no fear of man or monster.
Nevertheless, when we arrived in Vergen it was teeming with humans in addition to its mainly dwarven population.
Saskia's peasant rebels and a group of Aedirnian nobles had made camp there and promptly begun to measure each other with menacing glares.
Meanwhile, all the groups that had assembled in the area were mistrustful of Iorveth's Scoia'tael, who strove to keep to themselves with unmistakably elven aloofness. Truly, if not for Henselt's army making camp nearby, the whole rabble would have been at each other's throats in no time.

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