I consider myself to be an eccentric blend of the things you love to hate and hate to love about a person. This is a collection of my thoughts intertwined with my emotions while I reflect on and experience the ups and downs of life. Grrr… you work at a place that has BLT on their menu please learn what that includes!!! Struggling with his studies at university, Thomas Reinholdt set out to find a cure for his short attention span. After a year and a half, my report card was not really something I wanted to show to my parents (laughing). So I started looking into how to increase my efficiency, and I found Transcendental Meditation. THOMAS REINHOLDT: I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so after I graduated I founded a startup company which provided organic school lunches. The startup did give me a really good experience, though, in the entrepreneurial way of thinking.
Then I worked with finance, money management, and real estate, trading stocks, currencies, and futures. So what made you quit your career in finance and go to the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course (TTC)?
THOMAS REINHOLDT: The funny thing is that I wasn’t really sure how I would function as a teacher. However, what I discovered was that, basically, teaching is just being able to administrate your own life. So seeing how grateful people are and how they respond to the knowledge and appreciate it, seeing and understanding how this can really help them – that’s the most blissful thing!

Also, there was this woman who had small kids and who had not had a good night’s sleep in 4 years. Lately, there was also a journalist and writer whose mind was all over the place, and he was very sceptical that anything could help. So taking people through the process and seeing the results gives me more and more determination to go all the way with it. THOMAS REINHOLDT: Businesspeople are generally very mindful about how they spend their time and also how much they get out of every day. THOMAS REINHOLDT: In August I will start a project teaching war veterans TM in cooperation with a veteran’s organisation. There’s just no way to forget what a mess I was and how truly horrible I was feeling. Once he learned how to meditate, he breezed through law school and embarked on a successful career in finance. This experience really showed me the importance of the calmness I had inside as a result of meditation. We have mandatory military service in Norway, but getting into the Special Forces (SF) is tough. I had laser-sharp focus, my memory had improved, and I could grasp all the knowledge easily. It fared really well in the private sector, but the public schools did not have enough money to afford it.
After the third day of TM practice, she was smiling like a sun – she had been sleeping like a baby and she was so happy!
Based on your own experience, what do you consider the main perks of practicing TM for someone working in that field?

Having been in the Special Forces myself definitively makes it easier both to understand them and also to explain what TM is and how they can benefit from it.
Everyday I am so grateful for my daughter because she is a miracle…a dream come true after living so many years in a nightmare. Today, he is teaching the winning TM technique to his peers in the finance industry in Norway.
It was hard and I was very sad, yet I could direct even that energy in a positive way and make the following years incredibly productive.
I exercised a lot before I went to a month of tests to get into SF, which culminates with “hell week,” where you really get to test your own limits.
I realized that this would be my ideal life – teaching TM and doing a bit of finance projects on the side. Teaching TM makes it possible for me to realize myself at the same time as I help others transform their lives toward greater success and happiness. More happiness and better relationships usually come as a surprising positive side effect for businesspeople J. I yearn for understanding and a new take on life, Figuring out tomorrow and dealing with the strife.
The stamina that I had built up helped me to get through “hell week” and to serve in the Special Forces unit in Norway.

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