And now with all the pop stars and " rappers" their videos and how they act all screams illuminati. Was watchin a Simpsons episode once and suddenly there was a screen with little worms who yelled out FREEMASONS RULE THE WORLD.
It is completely possible that the creators of the cartoon put this in as an Easter egg that their friends or colleagues would recognize and laugh at. I could be wrong, but I believe she started to rant about the Illuminati for quite a bit, then she mysteriously had a stroke?

Do the adults plaster little hidden "Santa Isn't Real" stuff all over the place to laugh amongst themselves? Definitely not a triangle, the all seeing eye is on the right of the hand, but I would say it might be a mole coverup attempt. Edit: In fact the shape of the dark spot looks like that of a statistical normal distribution curve model of probability.
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