Stepfanie Kramer - who has not appeared on the small screen since her long-running role on Hunter ended in 2006 - has been cast in a key role, according to TV Guide: she'll appear on at least four episode as Charles' mom! No word yet on what brings her to Chance Harbor, but Diana's grandmother is part of the elder generation that stripped Charles and company of their powers.
In other Secret Circle casting news, Grey Damon has also landed a potentially recurring role.
Danger will be on the horizon this week on The Secret Circle, as a witch hunter appears in Chance Harbor with a message for Jake. As you can see in the following sneak peek, Adam will lend Melissa a hand - or, really, a voice - when it comes to flirting with a star of the high school hockey team, as she steps in between Faye and a potential love interest and drops the kind of knowledge that not even SportsCenter anchor possess.

Fans can also look forward to a school dance on the episode, one that places Cassie in an awkward position and one chaperoned by Ethan.
As always, we encourage viewers to visit our Secret Circle forum and dish on what's to come. The Secret Circle The Secret Circle Season 1 The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 11 The Secret Circle Episode Trailer: Who is Queen Witch?
We have to get our powers back and help the circle and there is only one person who can make that happen.
The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!

Grey Damon will also play a key role as Lee, helping Faye conjure up a spell with devastating side effects.

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