On March 26, The Secret Life of the American Teenager - led by Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley!
With Ricky really stepping it up and being a great father on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, fans are definitely curious if Ricky and Amy could have a future together. If you get a girl pregnant, I think you should give her a gift, even if it’s worth more than the baby.

However, as Grace’s mom points out, it’s a very easy way to contract STIs or STDs.  Both of those statistics are rapidly on the rise and something that Hampton’s writers needed to address for once. Check out new promotional art just released by the network and then view the first trailer for The Secret Life's spring season. Online: "And I think his main focus right now is just trying to be the best dad he can to the kid, regardless of if his relationship with Amy works out.

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