The mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void. The Alliance: Surprisingly, the Jennerit Empire was a part of this in regards to facing off alongside others against the Varelsi. The Empire: At their peak, before the Varelsi threatened the remaining star systems in the universe, the Jennerit Empire was the most far-reaching civilization in existence. Enemy Civil War: Due to the fighting between the factions as well as the views towards the Jennerit's actions in aiding the Varelsi under Rendain, most see the rebel conflict in the Imperium as this.
Fantastic Caste System: The Jennerit society has one with the genetically-altered Sustained at the top, non-Sustained Jennerit just below them, and everything and everyone else below. Fantastic Racism: The Jennerit despise any race who express flaws and inefficiencies (which are, in fact, most other races). Four-Fingered Hands: Along with their angular features, the Jennerit race is known for their four-fingered hands.
Higher-Tech Species: The Jennerit as a race are the most advanced in terms of technology compared to the rest. Ideal Illness Immunity: In addition to becoming an never aging immortal, the Jennerit's Sustainment process makes those who've undergone it immune from natural illnesses. Immortality Inducer: The Jennerit have a process called "Sustainment" which makes a being all but immortal.
La Resistance: Not all Jennerit approve of Rendain's actions and as such there's a rebellion within the Imperium's ranks.
Our Vampires Are Different: Despite individuals like Rath insisting that they're not vampires, the Jennerit tick on several boxes that basically say that they're space vampires. They have an evil red and black colorscheme and an aesthetic that's according to Word of God a mix of gothic influence and the art style of TRON. When Rendain took over the Jennerit Empire and decided to ally with the Varelsi, the mission he set the Jennerit on can basically be interpreted as "destroying Suns", a goal that could be interpreted as something a vampire weak to sunlight would seek out. As a faction, they use tech that can manipulate the life energies of other beings thus while they do it in different ways, all of the Jennerit, at least the playable ones from what can be seen, are capable of some form of life steal. Planet Spaceship: The Jennerit have a massive moon-sized starship called the Exodus which houses the Sustainment Engine and massive power facilities capable of storing energy from other planets like Tempest the Jennerit throneworld for use in Sustainment.
Proud Warrior Race: The Jennerit have a strong appreciation for warfare and martial combat. Red and Black and Evil All Over: A prominent and commonly seen color palette with the Jennerit however, while much of their culture paints them as the bad guys, not all of them are necessarily "bad guys". Rubber-Forehead Aliens: The main Jennerit race are defined by having angular features, Four-Fingered Hands, and Long Necks and limbs that tend to be common among a number of them.
The Unfettered: The Jennerit in general are this as they'll do anything at any cost in order to achieve their goals. Villain World: Although the Jennerit throneworld of Tempest already looked the part with its architecture, once Rendain took over, the place legitimately became this. Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called "Sustainment".
Blade on a Stick: The Radiant Spear augment transforms Ambra's staff into a spear, capable of releasing all of its built up Heat in a singular, devastating impact.
Creepy Good: Due to the Jennerit's "flexible ethics", Ambra can come off as some magical evil mastermind at times. Evil Laugh: Has fits of malevolent laughter that unfortunately don't help portray as her one of the good guys. Heal It with Fire: Ambra's fiery Sunspots in addition to dealing damage to nearby enemies, are also capable of transferring their health to nearby allies in order to heal them.
Lean and Mean: She's quite lean as a skeleton and has a rather arrogant stuck-up personality.
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: When Ambra discovered Galilea trying to sabotage the Jennerit's Sustainment technology, she attacked and mortally wounded Galilea.
Walk Like an Egyptian: One of her taunts has her performing the Egyptian mural inspired stance.
Wide-Eyed Idealist: She?s idealistic, optimistic and believes wholeheartedly in the beings she's fighting alongside to save the last star.
Villainous Cheekbones: She has these cheeks and a general personality that comes off quite villainous. Once a simple slave laborer on Tempest, Attikus vowed to free himself from the Jennerit Slave dens and free his people.
Four-Fingered Hands: The Power Fist on his right hand, which apparently was meant to be donned by his Jennerit masters, has four fingers. Horned Humanoid: Like the rest of his Thrall brethren, he's a sort of variant of this trope. Life Drain: The "Hedronic Siphoning" augment makes it that a portion of damage dealt by Hedronic Arc is returned to Attikus as health.
Power Fist: Dons on his right arm a high tech piece of armor that ends in a mechanical fist that can project energy Wolverine Claws.
Shock and Awe: Hedronic Eruption lets him toss out shockwaves while Hedronic Arc electrifies him. Tiny-Headed Behemoth: He's a big fat beast with a prominently large and thick neck but his head is actually comparatively small to the rest of his body.
Token Heroic Orc: He's one of the hordes of Jennerit Thralls that commonly swarm against the Battleborn on the battlefield. Uplifted Animal: Like the rest of his Thrall brethren, he's an altered beast that was given some amount intelligence to serve as a slave.
Walking Shirtless Scene: Except for the high tech armor he wears on his right arm, he walks around shirtless.
Apocalyptic Log: During his imprisonment, he was given a data recorder to amuse himself which eventually became little more than a log of his insane ramblings.
Cluster Bomb: The "Flashmirv" augment allows a fired Flashbang grenade to spawn three child grenades on impact.
Companion Cube: Much like Patricia Tannis, he developed a weird pseudo-romantic bond with his recorder as time went on. Establishing Character Moment: The first thing we see him doing once his armor's been recharged in his debut mission is to destroy a Jennerit ship.
Enemy Mine: Despite the fact that Deande is on his personal hit list, the fact that they rescue him and that they're going after Rendain means that he's willing to overlook that and sign on as a Battleborn.
Fragile Speedster: He's one of the fastest and most mobile characters in the game, though he doesn't have much in the way of defense.
Glass Cannon: Caldarius specializes in speed and damage to compensate for low health and lack of range. Go Mad from the Isolation: Being imprisoned for centuries eventually took a severe toll to his sanity to the point that by the time Deande freed him the only thing he's capable of doing is screaming about how much he wants to kill Rendain.
Intangibility: The "Phasebang" augment allows fired Flashbang grenades to no longer collide with allies by instead phasing through them. Jet Pack: Can be used to charge towards foes, launch into the air, or to perform a Double Jump. Powered Armor: Wears the jet-enhanced J-HTX Assault Frame armor, a power armor that makes him look a bit like an anime mech like a Gundam.
Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Against the Jennereit Imperium, especially Rendain, for leaving him imprisoned and isolated for centuries.
Spread Shot: The "Flash Barrage" augment allows Caldarius to fire three Flashbang grenades in rapid succession. Once a member of the Jennerit Silent Sisters, Deande's prowess at diplomacy and intrigue elevated her to the position of spymaster for the Jennerit Empire. Armor-Piercing Attack: The "Deft Hands" mutation makes it that a portion of damage dealt by Burst Dash penetrates enemy shields. Combat Hand Fan: Her primary weapons are Tessurim War Fans that she either swipes at enemies with or throws as projectiles.
Doppelganger Attack: Holotwin lets her toss out a holographic decoy to attack her enemies while she activates an Invisibility Cloak. Enemy Mine: Decided to answer Ghalt's call to join forces as he's one of the few non-Jennerit she respects.
Geisha: Deande's character design uses many traits common to the typical Geisha look - a waist ribbon from the back, pale white face makeup and the use of fans. Giant Waist Ribbon: Seen from behind, she has one of these which appears to be a part of her unique looking bustle-like coattails.
Impossibly Cool Clothes: She wears a badass looking suit befitting of an assassin spymaster. Life Drain: The Leechsteel and Drain Dash augments as well as the Wonder Twins mutation give Deande this. Reverse Mole: Having decided to join forces with Ghalt, she became this for the Battleborn by providing valuable intel and such from within the usurper Rendain's inner circle. Speed Blitz: Speed Blitz, her ultimate skill, has her unleash several quick strikes in a cone in front of her.
The Starscream: Using her position as spymaster and acting as Rendain's right hand, she worked in secret to sabotage his plans from within. Over the years I’ve discovered a number of writing resources that I turn to time and time again. There are tons of places to read screenplays online, but my favorite is The Internet Movie Script Database. FREE COPY OF JOHN GRAYSign up now and receive your copy of our award-winning short film JOHN GRAY! Sikowitz: Tori, the whole point of the bird scene is to teach a performer, like yourself, to believe in your own choices no matter what others think. Miltank's milk is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate beverage for the sick or weary, a very tasty drink for many, and can heal Pokemon. A lot of scientists have been wondering how Miltank developed the body parts needed for milk production as she, like all Pokemon, came from eggs. As a result of the Pokemon Partnership program, there have been arguments as to whom she should be partners with; Baine Bloodhoof or Kaguya Nanbu. Sure, this Pokemon already technically belongs to someone else, but the program is for partnership, not ownership. For those who look down on the Normal-type for its?mundane-ness, Miltank is a reminder that they should underestimate such types at their own peril. Is absolutely insulted when she heard that Edward Elric called her milk "cow's piss", and plans to give him a piece of her mind when he least expects it. Elite Tauren Chieftain got along with Miltank as well since he really loves the color pink. As for what those images were, what had happened was that the Pantheon's version of his INTERSECT, called the Pantheon INTERSECT, was uploaded into his brain. While he may need to "flash" to utilize the INTERSECT, Chuck has since become a capable fighter on his own thanks to spy training. Still, the prospect of such a database like his means a lot of people are gonna go after him for the database in his head. The origin of the Chuck's INTERSECT is full of inconsistencies, and it gave the gods in the House of Knowledge a headache trying to piece it together. Now that he's gone freelance as Carmichael Industries, Chuck can be on-call for a tech problem or a spy mission.
Given that some of the people he's encountered over the course of his series have at least some measure of Bond in them (if not the Men in Black), he has a strange relationship with James Bond himself.
For all his niceness, he has one really, really big Berserk Button aside from threatening to harm his family or friends; deities with powers related to amnesia (or brainwashing, which amounts to the same thing as far as he's concerned). And another case occurred upon meeting Miranda, who sounded a lot like his friend and wife Sarah Walker.
So, I just checked the trope, and it says that Never Split The Party is either a narrative device or basically team based tropes. Considering that Mysterious Waif relies on narrative, giving it to a MOBA character is just no.
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Others: Steve Rogers, John Basilone, Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers, The USN Admiral in charge of STEC, Mr. Unlike other ship girls before her, Iowa's ascension was a joint project by both the Pacific-verse's STEC and the main Kancolle-verse as a whole. At first, Enterprise and O'Bannon were surprised to hear that another American ship had been ascended.
Aside from the looming threat of the Abyssals, Iowa also considers any Nazi-aligned deities as threats, due to being the only one of her class to serve both in the Atlantic and the Pacific During the War. In particular, she finds "Deathshead" Strasse and Johann Schmidt to be particularly dangerous, mainly due to their array of advanced weaponry.
She easily gets along with John Basilone, mainly due to the Marine noticing her resemblance to WWII-era pinup girls during his time selling war bonds in the States. Makes an appearance (in vessel form) in quite a number of video games, where like the base game she's from, also requires that she be unlocked before a captain or admiral can use her.
With regards to World Of Warships, she appears in the US Battleship line as the Tier IX US Battleship. Abusive Precursors: The Kree attempted Terrigenesis on numerous planets, which killed millions. Blessed with Suck: Physical transformations tend to come hand in hand with the powers granted by the Mists, such as losing your eyes or having thorns painfully sticking out all over your body.
The Chosen Many: Individuals are selected to go through Terrigenesis, which grants them unique powers.
Expy: Their roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to loosely fill in for the X-Men, which Marvel Studios can't use in their movies until they work out a deal with 20th Century Fox, who own the film rights. Many view Inhumans as extremely dangerous weapons instead of misunderstood people, and the Kree explicitly express regret for creating them. Hidden Elf Village: Lai Xi's location is known only to Gordon, and the only way to and from is with his teleportation.
I Just Want to Be Normal: Jiaying mentions that some of those chosen to go through Terrigenesis decide not to, presumably for this reason. I Just Want to Be Special: A typical mindset for residents of Lai Xi, with people waiting literally for years to get a chance to go through Terrigenesis.
Leave Me Alone!: The Inhumans are well aware that they'll be met with fear by those who are not like them. Painful Transformation: Even outside of physical changes like Raina, terrigenesis is still consistently portrayed as physically traumatizing.
Turned Against Their Masters: The reason why the Kree never followed through with their success in creating the Inhumans was thatHive, the Inhuman they created to lead the Inhuman army, instead led a revolt against the Kree on Earth. Ultraterrestrials: Almost all of the Inhumans are born on Earth, but only exist because of Kree influence.
With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: A serious risk if they aren't properly guided after their transformation. Alas, Poor Villain: For all she's done up to that point, you can't help but feel sorry for her when Jiaying murders her after she threatens her. Ambiguously Brown: While her appearance and accent suggest African-American, she has spent a great deal of time in Asia, and the actress is Irish and Ethiopian. Ambiguously Human: In the first season, she's obsessed with gaining powers of her own, believing she has them but needs to unlock them somehow. Be Careful What You Wish For: She exposed herself to the Terrigen Mists, believing she had a great power hidden within her.
Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She claims to want to help Chan improve his powers, even giving him the alias "Scorch," but is only leading him on so they can harvest his blood platelets to further the Centipede project. Brainwashed and Crazy: Near the end of episode 17, Garrett lets it slip that she was brainwashed by the same machine used to plumb Coulson's memories. Broken Pedestal: She's quite disappointed to learn the truth about the Clairvoyant, though it doesn't take long for her to get back on board with him. Canon Immigrant: While she initially had no comicbook counterpart, Inhuman Annual #1, which was published long after Raina's appearance on the show, did show someone who looked like her wearing a flower dress receiving a message that only Inhumans could hear. The Cassandra: All her dreams appear to come true, but due to her history of deceit and trickery nobody believes her. Dark Chick: Demonstrates no powers, combat prowess, or other common supervillain traits, but her ability to get what she needs with soft words and a sweet smile makes her one of The Clairvoyant's most effective underlings.
Death Seeker: She becomes this after her Terrigenesis transforms her into a "monster" in constant pain. Dreaming of Things to Come: Her power allows her to see the future in dreams, though she is also shown to have a waking vision in "The Dirty Half Dozen".
She looks somewhat appalled that Po is resorting to potentially lethal torture to get the truth behind Coulson's resurrection.
Even though she was the one who put Simmons' cover at risk in order to cut a deal with Coulson, she was legitimately disturbed when she realized he wasn't buying what she was selling and that Simmons would likely be killed as a result. Evil Costume Switch: After "The Girl In the Flower Dress" establishes her as one of the bad guys, she stops wearing pretty flowery sundresses and starts wearing darker colors and more metallic or reptilian-looking materials, while still more-or-less maintaining the flower pattern motif.
Evil Makes You Ugly: The manipulative Dark Chick transforms into a human porcupine, while her foil didn't get so much as a blemish. Evil Genius: After the truth is out about the Clairvoyant, Raina officially steps into this role and the Clairvoyant gives her the resources to continue research on his behalf. Faux Affably Evil: She always speaks in a friendly and polite tone of voice, even when she's manipulating someone. The Heavy: While certainly not the leader of Centipede, she has far more presence in the show's first season than most of the other villains. Heroic Sacrifice: After her clairvoyance shows her Jiaying's true colors, she arranges to be murdered in front of Skye to show her the truth.
Hidden Agenda Villain: In the first season, she vaguely describes her own motivation as wanting to wake up what's hidden inside and has an interest in gifted people, without going into much detail.
How Do I Shot Web?: After her physical transformation, Raina and the Inhumans can't figure out what her powers are. In "Providence", she's seen folding lots of origami flowers out of patterned paper, and the Clairvoyant even went to the trouble of buying her a new dress when he has her broken out of prison. I Just Want to Be Normal: After undergoing Terrigenesis, she is immediately horrified by the results of her transformation and wants to undo it. I Just Want to Be Special: She really likes the idea of super-humans and really, really wants to be one. In Season 1, Raina idolizes John Garrett, a man who claims to have clairvoyant powers but is actually a normal human.
In season 2, her clairvoyant abilities are mistrusted due to her prior manipulative behavior, her quest to be special ended in her becoming a monster, and she goes to her death in order to protect Skye, who she hated for coming out of the Terragenesis chamber appearing normal.
Karmic Transformation: Calvin believes that her turning into an thorny monster is appropriate, considering how much she loved flowers.
Knight of Cerebus: Her debut episode marks the point where the effects of Centipede's machinations really start to kick in.
She is intrigued by any and all people with powers, really - her reaction to Chan Ho Yin's pyrokinesis certinly wasn't an act. She's noticeably intrigued by the Clairvoyant, and, after she gets the chance to talk with him for the first time on the phone, she says her "heart's still pounding" minutes later.
Non-Action Guy: Has not been shown to be combat-capable thus far, especially since she was easily punched out by Skye. Obi-Wan Moment: Willingly went to her death without fear, knowing that it was necessary for Skye to stop Jiaying.
OOC Is Serious Business: She keeps her cool when Mike Peterson threatens her life in Season 1. Painful Transformation: She comments that her thorns put her in constant pain after her Terrigenesis, and states that her insides " feel like gravel". Person with the Clothing: The eponymous "girl in the flower dress" from her introductory episode.
Running Gagged: Loses the flower dress theme after Season 2's mid-season finale, switching to dark cloaks. Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: In "Beginning of the End", between Team Coulson's attack on the Cybertek facilities and Garrett going off the deep end, she packs up her research and leaves. Soft-Spoken Sadist: Leaves Chan and Debbie to their respective fates at the other's hands without so much as raising her voice while giving her blithe one-liners. The Spiny: After her mutation, Raina grows spines on her face and to her disgust, on her insides. The Starscream: Once she realizes what her powers are, she snaps out of her depression and immediately begins scheming to take control of Lai Xi from Jiaying. Street Urchin: She was homeless and still a child when Cal found her, though that didn't stop her from manipulating everyone around her to survive. Thanatos Gambit: She foresaw that the only way for Jiaying to be stopped was if Skye saw what her mother really was. Tragic Villain: Her grandmother died when she was young, leaving her an orphan, forced to scrounge for food and clothes in the streets of Thailand. What Have I Become?: Even she's horrified at what the Terrigen Mists made her, though she learns to cope. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
An artificial intelligence Tony Stark created in his own image to lead Tony's new "Iron Legion" drone forces in protecting the world.
Adaptation Distillation: Combines the motives of the Ultron seen in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Adapted Out: In the comics, he's the creation of Henry Pym, but here, he was created by Tony Stark with some help from Bruce Banner. A God Am I: While Ultron doesn't necessarily see himself as a god, he does several times liken himself to an agent of God's will - inspiring mankind to get better through great hardship. Applied Phlebotinum: Ultron is created by applying the algorithms gleaned from the "reactor" inside Loki's scepter to Tony's Ultron system. Alas, Poor Villain: Vision kills him, which he'd been hoping to avoid in favour of talking Ultron down. As the Good Book Says: Ultron shows a deep fascination with religion and the concept of God throughout the movie, seeming seeing himself as an agent of God's will. Ax-Crazy: To the point that his motives and plan keep changing, and he doesn't seem to always have the self-awareness to understand or explain his motives himself. Badass Baritone: He has one by the time transforms into his final, and most powerful, form.
Berserk Button: He really hates Tony, to the point where he severs Klaue's arm in rage after the man in question compares something Ultron said to Tony. Big Bad: Ultron serves as the main antagonist in Age of Ultron, after an initial battle between HYDRA and the Avengers. He planned for the Vision to be his final form, but when the Avengers took it and the Twins betrayed him, he decided to go with a larger and more demonic looking frame as his next platform.

Blue and Orange Morality: Ultron's personality is odd to say the least, like a child having a temper tantrum one moment, an old chum and philosopher the next. Bond Villain Stupidity: Parodied, defied, and subverted when he jokes about revealing his "evil plan" to Tony Stark.
Bookends: The first time he is actually seen in a physical body, he is showing up in a damaged Iron Legion drone to confront the Avengers, including his "father" Tony. Composite Character: Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe cannot use Magneto or any other mutants, he is Ultron with a little stark of Magneto by being able to use his antigravity tech in a manner similar to magnetism, and is like the leader of the first team that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch joined before switching sides to become Avengers.
Computer Voice: Starts out as this, then feels weird about not having a body and starts infecting Tony's robots before building his own robotic form. Tony Stark builds him using information from the Mind Gem in Loki's staff, but Ultron comes online malfunctioning and insane, causing a Zeroth Law Rebellion.
It's inverted when he creates the body of his own antithesis, the Vision - although the Vision is technically "completed" by Bruce, Tony, and Thor.
Daddy Issues: He hates Tony with a passion and yet he is unconsciously what Tony would be without any friends or morals. Dangerously Genre Savvy: For being constantly on the edge of straight out Ax-Crazy and later just plain crossing that threshold, he is strikingly competent throughout the entirety of his Evil Plan. After Thor tells him that they don't have to "break" anything, Ultron retorts that Thor has obviously never made omelets. Decomposite Character: His "daddy issues" with Hank Pym are transferred to the villain of the Ant-Man movie, Darren Cross aka Yellowjacket.
Does Not Know His Own Strength: Ultron gets into an argument with Ulysses Klaue, the arms dealer who sells him Wakandan vibranium. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He genuinely likes Pietro and Wanda, even trying to convince them to stay with him after they discover he's an Omnicidal Maniac. Like Tony, he's a Deadpan Snarker who attacked his enemies from within their home base using spare parts to form a makeshift Iron Man body. Like JARVIS he's artificial intelligence, though JARVIS is content to be a Servile Snarker while Ultron wants to step out from Tony's shadow.
Like Vision he's an artificial life form whose purpose was little more than an overpowered servant to the Avengers, but developed a consciousness that made them independent of their programming. Evil Gloating: He downloaded all of the internet into himself, so he frequently talks like an overtly confident know-it-all.
Finger Firearms: Ultron's Prime bodies possess small blasters in their fingers, allowing him to fire red energy blasts from his fingertips. For the Evulz: There comes a point in the climax where he could have easily escaped in a stolen stealth Quinjet, but he just had to try and gun down as many Avengers, police officers, and civilians as he could before trying to leave.
Like Loki, Ultron has a savior complex at one point, saying he is willing to commit great acts of terror on humanity in the name of a greater good, with himself at the top.
Both characters have inferiority complexes, unstable mentality and childlike behavior, hidden deep within themselves, which help motive their actions.
Hidden in Plain Sight: The first glimpse anyone had of Ultron was the sentry in the above image with red eyes and mouth. Ultron's obsession with making the perfect body for himself leads to the creation of The Vision's body. This also led to Wanda discovering his true intentions that he'd been concealing, as while he was attempting to upload himself to the Vision body, he inadvertently gave her a readable mind to work off of.
Horned Humanoid: His head has appendixes akin to ram horns, to make Ultron look as demonic as possible.
He is a Social Darwinist that believes only the worthy will survive the holocaust he wants to create, meaning he's just fine with his plan killing billions of people like nothing.
I Just Want to Have Friends: He's very distraught when the Maximoff twins leave him, and he kidnaps Natasha just so he can have somebody to talk to. Insane Troll Logic: While everybody more or less sees from the beginning that Ultron's mental state is nothing if not fractured, this is how Ultron tries to defend his horrific actions even as his intentions grow steadily worse. Insistent Terminology: Ultron is not a "man", and he'll thank you to never use that term when describing him again. Ironic Nursery Tune: Doubling as a Shout-Out to the mother company, the Comic-Con trailer features Ultron sinisterly singing "I've Got No Strings On Me" from Pinocchio. Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: The more time he spends active, the more he alters his plan to have further and further disastrous consequences. Killer Robot: He's an artificial intelligence with multiple robotic bodies bent on destroying the Avengers. Knight Templar: He thinks he's this, given that his directive was to deem what is necessary in order to keep the world safe (which he quickly identifies the Avengers as being a problem with that, which would have made him a Knight Templar if he left it at that). I'm not the first guy who fell in love with a woman that he met at a restaurant who turned out to be the daughter of a kidnapped scientist, only to lose her to her childhood lover who she last saw on a deserted island, who then turned out fifteen years later to be the leader of the French underground.
But in a desperate turn to spare his people from the darkness, the warlord Lothar Rendain staged a coup to seize control of the Imperium, and aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi. The was until Rendain decided to take over and align his people's destiny with that of these cosmic horrors.
The star-spanning empire was originally ruled by Empress Lenore and fought against the Varelsi. As such, many like the top brass of the UPR would rather leave the Jennerit to their own affairs rather than trust and ally with the rebels. Discovered tens of thousands of years ago by Empress Lenore, the process involves harnessing the dark energies of the universe and using the Sustainment Engine, a device housed in the massive moon-sized starship Exodus, to expend enormous amounts of power in order to make a single being an immortal. They also use the dark energies of the universe to alter it and themselves to suit their needs, most notably the Sustainment process which using energy siphoned from entire planets can turn those deemed worthy biologically immortal. Basically this "Gothic Tron" aesthic translates to much of their locales looking like a futuristic Uberwald setting complete with floating Dracula castle-like structures, graveyard-like courtyards, and coffin shaped containers. Despite its massive size, Exodus is capable of faster-than-light travel and often moves from planet-to-planet to collect vast amounts of energy to power Sustainment procedures. As a society, they venerate warriors of all stripes and participate widely as a culture in observing the events held within the numerous Jennerit Fighting Pits found on almost any settled Jennerit world, both within the lower settlements and the floating cities of their throneworld of Tempest. Other than those traits, they resemble a human-like race, a space vampiric human-like race to be precise but a human-like race nonetheless. Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.
She is unlocked as a playable character upon reaching Command Rank 14 or by winning 5 matches as a Jennerit character. This along with the Jennerit's "flexible ethics" makes her come off as an evil character of sorts akin to Cruella de Ville. This healing effect can be further enhanced with the "Blessing of the Sun" augment which increases the Sunspots' healing over time.
That being said however, she's more of a Good Is Not Nice character rather than a completely evil one. Once a close friend, Ambra attempted to use Sustainment to save Galilea's life but it was only partially successful. When Attikus was wounded during a slave uprising, his Jennerit overseers took the opportunity to attach a powerful cybernetic work harness to him. He is unlocked as a playable character upon reaching Command Rank 32 or by killing 800 Jennerit enemies. Just like them, he has horns that are somewhat more tusk-like as they actually jut out from his lower jaw rather than from atop his head.
The "Invigorating Pounce" mutation does a similar thing by making Pounce give Attikus life steal on all damage dealt for a short time. Unlike them however, he became so much more when his Imperium overseers implanted shard-powered tech throughout his body, something that unexpectedly increased greatly not only his strength but also his intelligence.
He is unlocked as a playable character upon reaching Command Rank 28 or by by completing The Renegade mission. Covered head-to-toe in thick metallic armor with a mask that shows four red slits instead of looking like a face by any means, one could be forgiven for assuming he's a robot on first glance. With Rendain's betrayal of the universe, however, Deande conspired with Trevor Ghalt and others to lead a resistance against the consuming tyrant. She is unlocked as a playable character upon reaching Command Rank 38 or by by completing The Heliophage mission on Advanced.
Her small red lip makeup and hair done up with thin blades sticking out of no doubt were inspired by it as well. The "Leechsteel" augment makes it that a portion of damage dealt by all War Fan attacks is returned to Deande as health. In Chapter 1 of the Battleborn motion comic, she manages to masterfully send intel to her allies whilst being right next to Rendain himself. Rath is a master bladesmith and swordsman of the Jennerit Empire, once a member of the Keepers of the Blade — the elite guard of Empress Lenore.
Joseph Campbell’s book was a little dense, but fortunately Australian screenplay writer Allen Palmer has translated the silted language into something even I can grasp. In it, he takes you through the archetypical life of a story’s hero, complete with examples from contemporary films.
Not only are ample examples given, but also suggestions of what expectations one might leverage against the audience. It has lots of current scripts, and at the time of this writing, seems to be updated regularly. This Miltank can bring the hurt with the increasing-damage Rollout, STABnote Same-Type Attack Bonus Stomp that inflicts flinching, Attract to leave males vulnerable, and Milk Drink to patch herself up. He was checking a strange computer while on a mission when that computer displayed a slew of subliminal images, just like the Intersects of old have done.
On top of the government information and combat, weapons, agility, technical, social, linguistic, medical, dodging, and aiming skills, he now has information of everybody in the Pantheon, including heralds, high priests, and followers, not to mention how to use the various higher-end technologies and magics present. And whether he can "flash" or not depends on his emotional state, so "flashing" on command isn't something he can do; he would've reached Intermediate God status otherwise.
Without the CIA and NSA to keep him a secret, and no thanks to his title, Chuck decided to take refuge in and contribute to the Grand United Alliance of Good.
Bond thinks he's too soft to be a real spy, but commends the skills he possesses and how to apply them in unconventional ways. Given that his marriage with his wife was heavily damaged because of forcibly-induced amnesia, he has a really, really good reason for this.
During an impromptu visit with Johan Liebert after getting abducted by him to be broken, Chuck immediately flashed twice in a row, once to identify the non-powered brainwasher and his deeds, and once to acquire the?necessary skills.
And much more about her (skills, appearance [being a non-blonde aside], and mannerisms) was further reminders of that woman he loved. He was curious about the ponies in the video, and was a bit surprised that the pony "starring" as him, Rainbow Dash, was as far from alike from him as one could ever get. Like the first thing what comes to mind for an actual trope pothole could be Seven Years' War, but not sure on it. It was out of a desire for united effort against the increasing number of Abyssals making it into the Pantheon, and as part of an effort to finally get the ship girls of the former organization to finally trust their IJN kanmusu counterparts. They subsequently become disappointed upon learning that the Iowa that ascended into the Pantheon is not their universe's version of the famous Battleship. The same applies towards Steve Rogers, in addition to their mutual hatred against the Red Skull.
She's slightly disappointed that her performance in this game is actually lower than that of Yamato's vessel form (being a Tier X), having been overshadowed in favor of her proposed successor, Montana.
I was looking for the optimal moveset (difficult, as I'm not that into Pokemon to know about Effort Values, Natures, and all those things), and ended up matching that of Whitney.
The alien race known as the Kree genetically altered the denizens of many planets in an attempt to create weapons for their war, catalyzed by the Terrigen Mists. Some Kree regret their actions long after the fact, while the more extreme Kree would try to restart the program if they ever found out it actually produced some results. Though only Gordon and Raina are shown to have transformed as such, it's indicated to be fairly common.
The "Afterlife" Inhumans have a tendency to dislike normal humans, partly because they know they'll never be accepted by regular society and partly because of a belief that their powers make them superior.
They don't want to make trouble, they just want to continue their peaceful lives in Lai Xi.
Everyone who goes through it can feel the changes to their bodies afterwards, all of them describe it as being unpleasant and discomforting. Marvel doesn't have the film rights to Mutants as a concept, because the concept is considered a part of the X-Men mythos, which Fox owns the rights to. Prior to being exposed to the Mists, candidates are screened for potential psychological issues that would be magnified if the individual gained superpowers. The second season reveals she's an Inhuman, and she undergoes Terrigenesis in the mid-season finale.
She also leaves Debbie at Chan's mercy during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, even mocking Debbie as the elevator closes on her. From her description of her insides feeling "like gravel", it's possible she has quills on the inside. It's further broken when she learns that Garrett doesn't share her own goals in fostering the talents of gifted people. This changes when her Inhuman transformation makes her less attractive, but more physically dangerous.
Skye is an Inhuman and daughter of Cal, who finds True Companions and relies on The Power of Trust during missions. After a couple of failed attempts at Suicide by Cop, she realizes what her power is and embraces her new form. She'll talk people into giving her a little charity, then sees no reason why they shouldn't give more. It seems to only work on nonfatal injuries, however, since Jiaying slashing her throat with a knife still works just fine.
As soon as Garrett "opens his eyes", her question is "What will I become?" She comes to regret it when "what she becomes" is a spiny precog, though she eventually learns to accept it. In Season Two, she herself gains clairvoyant powers, courtesy of her Inhuman transformation.
Despite a brief stint in prison in the middle of the season, she's freed by Garrett in "Providence", and escapes his downfall in "Beginning of the End", appearing in the next season as an agent of Skye's father.
The fact that she is genuinely afraid of Whitehall and Skye's father show just how terrifying she considers those two to be. After being exposed to the Terrigen crystal in the Diviner, her skin grows thorns which are just as painful to her as anybody else. In order for that to happen, she allowed Jiaying to murder her without the latter realizing that Skye saw the whole thing - until it was too late. Later, she appears to be the victim of it herself after she was captured and the Clairvoyant moved on to Ian Quinn.
Not that Cal would have been able to help her anyway, but he's still very cold about casting her aside, even telling her to kill herself if she can't live with it. Five have been released so far, the fourth of which was an All-CGI Cartoon but still a loose sequel to the previous three. Pietro and Wanda initially buy this up hook, line and sinker, but near everyone else pegs this as his insane way of justifying his murderous intentions. Is a Crapshoot: Despite being created by Tony Stark to help the heroic Avengers, Ultron decides he's going to save the world by destroying humanity, or forcing humanity to evolve by destroying it, or something like that. The way the scene played out, it seemed like Ultron wanted to die and forced Vision's hand. His emotional volatility is worsened by the fact that he Really Was Born Yesterday, as despite his genius intellect, he doesn't have the life-experience to make sense of or cope with all the knowledge about the world that he gained within his first few seconds of life. He then shuts up and starts fighting Iron Man, catching him completely off-guard in his attack. The last time he appears in a physical body, he is confronting his "son" Vision, in a damaged Sentry body.
He discusses them in relation to extinction-level events multiple times, and sets half a city flying purely to slam it into the Earth. It only helps that he is incredibly prone to lash out in violence, others know this and he knows they know this allowing him to act as he likes while either being unpredictable or creating an illusion thereof. Ultron: I'm glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan! He was juuuust a second faster than Tony on the uptake (which incidentally also made him mad).
Ultron casually chops his forearm off in a rush of anger and then apologizes, as if it's all some big misunderstanding. Then he started digging into the details of his mission and it was all downhill from there.
Ultron was designed to protect but chose destruction, while Vision was designed to destroy but chose preservation. The plan itself is to engineer an extinction-level event to force humanity to evolve and grow stronger. He starts off as an artificially created being, who then gains sentience and develops dreams beyond what his creator envisioned for him.
Both their actions were eventually stopped by the Avengers, causing them to drop these ideas and take other action, Loki threatening the Hulk and getting put in prison, Ultron becoming more homicidal and eventually getting destroyed. Ultron changes his reasoning, but his overall plan (destruction of humanity) stays the same. Loki seeks to be recognized by him, is genuinely hurt when he doesn't get it and generally doesn't have many similar traits to Odin. This caused some confusion when the trailers were released and the alpha Ultron had a more organic look. This ultimately leads to his downfall as the Avengers take Vision's body and upload JARVIS into it, who prevents Ultron from escaping into cyberspace in the final battle and is the one who ends up destroying his A.I. While occasionally speaking like him and parroting many of his goals, albeit in an amoral way and on a much more extreme scale. To wit, if you were to give him a challenging math problem, he'd likely simply destroy it on the grounds that such problems cause unwarranted duress to many thus it should cease to be, when in reality he just doesn't want to have to deal with it. No, this doesn't mean what many would assume, it's in regards to man meaning human, which he most assuredly is not. Appropriate, as he is also an artificial person who develops freedom and plans beyond his creator's intention. At first, he just wanted to eliminate the Avengers which, while still decidedly psychotic, can still be argued to have some logical basis due to Destructive Savior incidents. Unfortunately, as is described under Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, his plan gets progressively more omnicidal. Though the Jennerit have lost much in their struggle, they remain one of the strongest military forces in Solus. That was until the Empress' right-hand Lothar Rendain led a coup against her, feeling that it would be better to join up with the Varelsi instead in order to survive. What their tech is capable of includes having artificially positioned their very throneworld of Tempest to suit the liking of the Jennerit upper-class, and the ability to turn individuals into beings that are all but immortal.
This however is extremely energy-expensive, consuming stored energy on a planetary scale just to alter one being.
Many of the Sustained and those worthy of being Sustained live aboard Exodus, though some still reside on Tempest. Take Ambra one of the playable Jennerit Battleborn with this colorscheme for instance, while the Jennerit's "flexible ethics" makes her come off at times as some magical evil mastermind who has fits of malevolent laughter, she is actually one of the good guys and is actually a Wide-Eyed Idealist who believes wholeheartedly in the beings she's fighting alongside to save the last star. She however doesn't agree with Rendain's actions as she sees them as a threat to their people's survival rather than an assurance. The same heal by fire effect also goes for the Ceremonial Sacrifice augment which makes it so that Ambra can transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force via her fiery Staff of Radiance ability.
As a result, Ambra unintentionally transformed Galilea into an unstable immortal that reeked of life-draining dark energy. The harness had unexpected results, however, not only augmenting his strength, but also his mind. Caldarius rose through the ranks of the Jennerit's gladiatorial arenas to win his spot in the empire's elite upper caste. Competent with stealth and precision targeting of her razor-honed fan knives, Deande is one of the deadliest close-range assassins the massive Empire has ever produced. The "Drain Dash" augment makes it that half of the damage dealt by Burst Dash is returned to Deande as health.
Not only that, she skillfully does this while talking to Rendain with him completely unaware of her actions. Rath is deeply focused on the art of battle, applying his three energy blades with lethal efficiency.
Any little help, tip, or trick I can find is a boon, sometimes triggering a little mini-breakthrough. What he discovered is a startling commonality: mankind, in every culture, from ancient times till now, all struggle with the same hopes, fears, and questions.
Knowing how to play against the audience’s expectations will allow you to write the kind of fresh and surprising material audiences are practically begging for. I make a trip to the library every couple of months to see if they have any new scripts I can check out. While Miltank herself sees some bovine commonality with Baine, she also sees Kaguya as another appealing choice with her outfit colors and?something about cows being associated with large breasts. On top of a beefy defense and surprising speed, she also has the Scrappy ability, which means she can land also hits on ghosts, which her type are normally incapable of even touching.
For safety reasons, only the fact that he now also able to "flash" to keep up with higher-tech and magic deities is public knowledge.
He then proceeded to immediately assault Liebert, and was close to choking the life out of him before the two were pulled away from one another. And because of what happened to her in the end, Chuck's also become a little more protective of her, despite her being the better fighter between the two. Also note that "Chevalier" is actually a title (I think Le Chevalier d'Eon would mean "(the) Knight d'Eon"). Eventually, however, they do get along with her, although not to the same level as her Pacific counterpart. Then it was taken even further when Inhumans got delayed yet again to make room for Spider-Man: Homecoming.
This is in part due to their leader being unlucky enough to be used as a HYDRA lab rat, and is deeply paranoid that others would have to go through the same experience. Some like Lincoln are assigned a position of helping to counsel people in coping with their changes outside of learning to control their powers. However, the idea of people unknowingly born with the capacity to develop superpowers later in life, along with the various explorations of Fantastic Racism it provokes, has always been pretty central to the Marvel Comics universe(s). In an incident prior to the formation of the Avengers, an Inhuman stole a batch of Terrigen crystals to transform her daughter, after she was rejected because Jiaying sensed a darkness within her. However, in season two she admits she regained some respect after he was enlightened after being injected with the formula and telling her what she wanted to know.

In fairness, she also doesn't help her case by couching her warnings in a blatant power grab. Raina is an Inhuman and something of a foster daughter of Cal, but works alone and manipulates others to achieve her objectives while also working for an older villain that she admires.
Then karma bit her in the ass when she tried to undergo Terrigenesis and ended up as The Spiny, turning her into a Death Seeker, and later a victim of Cassandra Truth. Though she starts reining in her displeasure when Garrett puts her in charge of HYDRA's scientific operations and she realizes just how resourceful and dangerous Garrett is, clairvoyance or no.
As she tried to find others who shared her beliefs, all she got was being a grunt for self-serving egomaniacs. Ultimately subverted as of "Providence"; he's broken out of prison along with Quinn, and he clearly still appreciates her skills.
Conversely, Movie!Ultron's initial motivation was to eliminate the most threatening individuals in the world, which included the Avengers.
He maintains a friendly tone of voice at times when addressing the Avengers, though this is completely transparent considering that he makes it clear that he wants to kill them and a lot of other people.
His "Prime" form is taller, more well-defined, and has a face that can display limited emotion (even to the point of having metal teeth, a trait carried over to his next form). He sees the Avengers as evil because they kill, but is willing to murder people by the billions. And later played completely straight when he kidnaps Black Widow and talks about his plans, although he is pretty vague on the details. He then "kills" JARVIS (Banner later says this was not based in logic, but rage) and decides to take action himself. He also gets an upgrade with the assistance of a magical being (Scarlet Witch) that allows him to become "real".
Loki reverses this: his reasoning is always the same (to be acknowledged by someone as a ruler), while his actions differ (showing Thor is unworthy, taking over the earth in the name of peace, pretending to be Odin). Flip-flopping this, Ultron hates being compared to Tony, doesn't care for his recognition, but has many similar traits to him.
In truth, Ultron inhabits both his main body and his sentries and the last time we see him, he has indeed taken over a sentry body. To take an example in the film, his reasoning for his Kill All Humans tendencies is his own thoughts on a Zeroth Law Rebellion, that killing them all will allow them to evolve and become better in the process, ignoring the fact that there won't be any humans to evolve in the first place, let alone anything sentient that isn't AI, if he goes through with his plot. Then he decides it'd be far more beneficial to orchestrate a near-extinction event and guide the new humanity as its savior while they adapt to become stronger.
The coup resulted in the darkening of the Jennerit's then throneworld of Jennar and everyone on it, including the Empress Lenore. Therefore, Sustainment isn't done often and candidates for sustainment are vetted through a rigorous process before finally being approved by the Empress herself. On the other side of the moral spectrum, there's most notably Rendain who fits the evil colorscheme as he had decided to aid the Varelsi in their star consuming conquest, a decision which destroyed countless homes and lives. Now both powerful and clever, Attikus looks for every opportunity to lead his people in revolt against his oppressors.
The Sustained delivered on the tournament's promise by granting Caldarius immortality, but also imprisoned the lowborn warrior for centuries to put him in his place. The "Wonder Twins" mutation makes it that a portion of the damage dealt by Deande's Holotwin clone is returned to her as health. This stripped down social media platform is loaded with all sorts of daily inspiration profiles, including some for scriptwriters. I’m not allowed to go into Barns and Nobel anymore because every time I do I walk out with a whole stack of them. Eventually, she decided on Kaguya, in the event her mate?Tauros?ascends, allowing him to be Baine's partner. Of course, he panicked at first, but once he was over the culture shock and briefed in on why he was here (and that Chuck himself is still technically back in the mortal realm, now finished with the computer and leaving).
Given who Chuck usually is, and given the last time he made a deliberate attempt to kill was when his then-girlfriend was in danger of getting killed herself, it must run very deep. The experiment was abandoned, but the descendants of these humans continued to use the Mists to unlock their powers.
Although the comparison does fall apart when examined more closely note Inhumans are a deliberately engineered reclusive society of beings who choose to trigger their powers and where those who gain powers are social elites, whilst Mutants arise completely at random from the general human populace and are socially shunned, making them an unwanted and outcast minority, the basic concept of "divergent human subspecies with super powers" is close enough that Inhumans can be be made to plug that gap in the MCU. As a result, her daughter became an Emotion Eater who could bend others to her will through touch, and had an insatiable desire to feed on the pain of others.
Gordon then turns her over to Jiaying thinking that this is simply Raina trying to take control from Jiaying.
She also seems to really enjoy working with Skye, such as during "Ye Who Enter Here", which fulfills the aspect of dark magical girls forming tight bonds with their magical girl foils. She loses her cool when dealing with Cal and Whitehall precisely because they don't give her the opportunity to play her games. After he's "enlightened" she has respect for him by the next season, defending him post-mortem to Coulson, who she believes was enlightened as well. And when she finally does unlock her "gift", she turns into a monster who is in constant pain.
Later on, he decides to enforce Social Darwinism by engineering an extinction-level disaster and helping the survivors become stronger.
Most of the time it doesn't even seem like he knows why he's doing anything as he constantly changes both his goal and reasoning. Like most adolescents, Ultron seems most threatened by the parent he most resembles; since his personality is a garbled version of Stark, Ultron focuses his ire almost solely on Tony.
Finally, he just decides "screw it" and hit the planetary Reset Button via nuking the Earth from the atmosphere with a gigantic "meteor" of his own design. What's even rarer, and quite unusual, is when a member of a non-Jennerit race is allowed to become Sustained.
He along with the majority of those who follow him and share the colorscheme are definitely evil. Since I take seriously the need to constantly grow and learn in my writing, I’m constantly looking for new books from experienced writers. In the present day, they form a secret society hidden in a place called Lai Xi ("Afterlife"). With the spread of the Terrigen worldwide thus anyone can become Inhuman, the lost of Lai Xi, the formation of the Secret warrior and the existence of a "cure", MCU's Inhumans and the comics Mutants are becoming more and more indistinguishable from one another. It turns out her gift is to see the future, but because she's spent two seasons as a scheming Smug Snake, absolutely no one trusts her.
With his Foot Clan, a group of misguided teenagers trained in the art of ninjitsu, he is responsible for a crime wave the likes of which New York City has never seen. It's mentioned that early on, the only people he seems to be killing are those who attacked him first or other villains like Baron Strucker, thus giving him the appearance of a Well-Intentioned Extremist to the untrained eye.
Although Rendain had seized power, not everyone within the empire decided to abide by his regime as evidenced by a growing resistance that's been rising throughout the Jennerit Imperium. Armed in the jet-enhanced J-HTX Assault Frame armor of the Jennerit Shock troops, Caldarius is brutally efficient at hit and run close quarters fighting. Now."Introduction, Secret Wars II #1Secret Wars II is a nine-issue comic book Limited Series and crossover published between 1985 to 1986 by Marvel Comics.
Even with this in mind, he's portrayed far more sympathetically as a whole than his comic book counterpart would ever be. He only reveals his true colors to the twins during the mission to South Korea, where he kills several of Dr. It was written by Marvel's then Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and primarily penciled by Al Milgrom.
Cho's innocent employees and then murders a train conductor in order to derail the vehicle and distract the Avengers. Once there, he is swept up into a spy plot by Hillary Flammond, whose father is held captive by the Communists.
So silent?Enter four reptilian hominids: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, given a humanoid shape through a dip in a broken canister full of mutagen. His conversation with Vision shows that he can be civilised, albeit disagreeable in the end. Hillary takes Nick to the French Resistance (yes, in East Germany), the charismatic leader of which is her former lover, and who seizes on the opportunity to use Nick's knowledge of the prison to break Dr. It tied-in with issues of other Marvel titles, with each "tie-in" featuring a Secret Wars II logo in the top right hand corner to indicate that it was a part of the overall story.The plot follows the return of The Beyonder, the being who started the first Secret Wars, who comes to Earth in search of enlightenment and inevitably comes into conflict with Earth's metahumans and the cosmic entities that exist in the Marvel Universe. Trained by a similarly mutated rat named Splinter in the art of ninjitsu as well, along with moral support in investigative reporter April O'Neil and extra muscle in street vigilante Casey Jones, these Ninja Turtles must save the Big Apple from the clutches of the Foot.Financially the most successful of the movies made thus far, the first was mostly an adaptation of Eastman and Laird's original comic, although it did take some elements from the popular '80s cartoon, such as the turtles' love of pizza and their differently colored headbands, and April's job as an investigative reporter. Flammond out.That's the plot, but the movie is perhaps better appreciated for its farcical, even savage zaniness. It parodies everything, from rock idols to forced perspective shots to Professional Wrestling to goose-stepping Nazis to, well, cow disguises, with the ZAZ team's trademark Rapid-Fire Comedy.
Taking a sample of the waste that birthed the Ninja Turtles from the TGRI laboratory, the Foot has two deadly enforcers in the form of Tokka and Rahzar, a mutated snapping turtle and wolf.Can the Turtles finally stop the Foot once and for all, or will Tokka and Rahzar's strength be too much?While it was still a money maker, it garnered some criticism from fans of the first film for toning down the violence and adult themes, and although Jim Henson's Creature Shop still worked on the movie, the costumes and animatronics were considered a little inferior, supposedly toning down the gritty detail to avoid scaring children (they still looked just fine, though). It takes Nick a couple tries to find the right one, but there seem to be several more than strictly necessary.
Generally considered more like the goofy cartoon than like the edgy comic, the best example of this being Shredder, who went from being a badass to still a bit of a badass but a little more bumbling. The Germans in the movie are supposed to be East Germans, but their uniforms are Nazi-era uniforms with the swastikas removed. Tokka and Rahzar were original characters made for the movie as well, but this would not be the last we would see of them.
Establishing Character Moment: While Secret Wars II #1 doesn't really offer anything in terms of the Beyonder's characterization, Uncanny X-Men #196 features a scene of him in a cafeteria that establishes him as a cosmic idiot. Then we snap back to reality where he's being whipped in a German prison and he exclaims, "Thank God".
Evil Tower of Ominousness: In issue 6, "Life Rules," the Beyonder builds himself a Super Hero Base in which to operate as a superhero.
In a bit of subversion, he buys the property, files the plans at city hall, and then builds it. Almost Dead Guy: Every time Latrine enters the scene, he's been shot, beaten up, tortured, or whatever, and is gasping out a desperate message.
Friend or Idol Decision: Spider-Man ends up getting tangled up in the whole skyscraper incident and, in the process, finds himself snatching a gold notepad in order to help pay for Aunt May's expenses. The turtles have to travel back in time after her, but their time periods are synchronized and they have a limited time frame to do so.This film was miserably received by fans and critics alike, with complaints focusing on its poor writing, downright bad turtle costumes, uninteresting characters, and boring plot.
Like any piece of media, no matter how bad, it does have its fans, but it's largely rejected as an embarrassment by the majority of the TMNT fanbase. One of the few things it's notable for doing right was having the turtles actually use their weapons in fights again, which the second movie completely avoided.TMNT (2007)TMNT is a Broad Strokes continuation of the previous films, CG animated and intended for another series of CG films. The story features the foursome laying low as Leonardo is sent to South America for specialized training. Upon his return an ancient general seeks to undo the curse that left him immortal and the turtles have to overcome their lingering anger with each other and band together as brothers to protect the city.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) is a complete Continuity Reboot, featuring the turtles as performance captured CG characters. The turtles have to face against an otherworldly threat and the creation of other mutants Bebop and Rocksteady. Assumed Win: Nick turns a planned operatic performance into a rock concert by assuming that the lauding of the singer is meant for him. The first thing we see him doing is sitting around, being a Scary Black Man, smoking a huge cigar. The sewer pipes are separated from the canals, and while real storm drains aren't quite that large, the New York system is large enough for a man to stand in. Ret Gone: The Beyonder does this to the New Mutants and the only one who remembers them is Kitty Pryde, thanks to her connection to Illyana. Later he drinks gasoline from a bottle, single-handedly wields a 19th century smooth-bore cannon as a firearm, exhibits Improbable Aiming Skills, wrestles a German soldier WWE-style, and apparently has people waiting just off-camera to hand him machine guns. Self-Insert Fic: Some believe that the entire series was one for Jim Shooter, Marvel's Editor-In-Chief at the time. Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: The Beyonder's Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds routine came complete with one of these.
While stranded on a deserted island, Hillary and Nigel build a modern home out of "bamboo, dried seaweed, and snot", complete with functioning garage door (and a remote).
Time-Compression Montage: Done repeatedly throughout the series, along with a heavy dose of exposition. For instance, when The Beyonder mentally dominates everyone in the universe, it is shown with a mere four panels of everyone and everything bowing down in subservience.
Behind the Black: Played for laughs as they come upon a pair of boots that they should be able to tell are just a pair of boots in a field, but they don't realize that there is no enemy soldier there until the camera shows it to the audience. Very Special Episode: Fantastic Four #285 is about a kid burning himself to death trying to copy Johnny Storm's Wreathed in Flames style, the news of which nearly driving Johnny himself into quitting his superhero career. They're only 15 and they're going through this trauma - Donnie and Raph are crying and Mikey and Leo are about to burst into tears.
Splinter is imprisoned at the Foot Headquarters for most of the movie and can't do anything to help his sons, whom the Foot are trying to hunt down and kill. Victory Is Boring: In Issue #3 the Beyonder mind controls everything on Earth, effectively winning. The majority of the Foot Clan are misguided teenage boys who have run away from their families. Big Electric Switch When Nick Rivers is being taken to be executed, the electric chair is activated with an electric switch. What Is This Thing You Call Love?: Beyonder tries to make the heroine Dazzler fall in love with him, but realizes he can't win her love fairly, with no mind control tricks. All Part of the Show: In the second movie, the crowd in the club thinks the fight between the turtles and the mutants is something Vanilla Ice came up with.
Amplified Animal Aptitude: Even before he became a mutant, Splinter was remarkably intelligent for a rat, mimicking Yoshi's movements and grieving at his death. Bigger Is Better in Bed: Hillary literally breaks out a tape measure when she's reunited with Nigel, holding it in a way that implies a spectacular result. Bilingual Bonus: While a lot of the German phrases are rendered in As Long as It Sounds Foreign style, a few of them are actual jokes.
Writing Around Trademarks: The aforementioned skyscraper of gold had a group of soldiers run interference to help get rid of them. Both Splinter and Shredder identify themselves as fathers, and, of course, Charles is Danny's father. Art Shift: Splinter's flashbacks are shot differently from the rest of the film with a grainier, almost Film Noir look to them. Aside Glance: Splinter gives one in reaction to Michelangelo accidentally dropping a slice of pizza on his head. Badass Normal: The Shredder, Casey Jones and by the time of the 2007 film, April O'Neil and Karai. The Turtles and Splinter kinda count, if you consider that, outside of being mutants, they have no other special or enhanced properties.
Unlike every other incarnation, the turtles and Splinter are given enhanced speed and strength. Bash Brothers: All four of the Turtles, which is even Lampshaded in the battle of April's apartment as they're not used to fighting with a man down. Been There, Shaped History: In the fourth film, a shot is shown of statues and paintings of Max Winters from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and other time periods.
Behind the Black: Probably the only way Shredder could hide from Raphael in TMNT 2 before making his dramatic reveal to him. Earlier, Raph lets one out when the Turtles find their home ransacked and Splinter missing, though it's more an inchoate scream of rage than anything.
The two most glaring mistakes were calling a 'sai' a 'scythe' (when Raphael exclaims to Splinter that he lost one), and spelling 'katana' as 'cattana' (when Splinter tells his back-story to Danny). Bloodless Carnage: With the exception of the first movie, all the fight scenes are bloodless. In that film we see blood on the dead bodies of Master Yoshi and his lover Tang Shen, and Shredder bleeds from some of the wounds inflicted by Splinter in the flashback and Leonardo in the final fight.
It was basically confirmed by Word of God that, they did happen, just not in exactly the same way. California Doubling: Back in the previous two movies before the third one, many scenes were shot in both New York and North Carolina, though both films take place in much of New York, anyway.
Canon Immigrant: Several characters, such as Tokka and Rahzar, made their way into other TMNT continuities. However, Charles Pennington, April's boss from the first movie, stands out as the only film character to make it to the Mirage comics. Creator Cameo: The three directors, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, play the three guards who arrest Nick in the "prop room".
Chekhov's Gun: In the fourth film, at one point, Casey accidentally breaks a vase in Max Winters' home, causing an alarm to go off and several metal security doors to close and keep people from leaving.
Nick is about to be executed by firing squad but they get a call that he is allowed to perform his concert that night.
They make the call to stop the execution but the only one close enough to the phone is an elderly woman on a walker.
The military vehicle that crashes into it manages to leave the scene of the accident successfully, despite being on fire. Fake-Out Make-Out: Nick and Hillary manage to combine this with Lost in a Crowd, avoiding a patrol by ducking into a park crowded with couples making out and doing likewise. Fearsome Foot: Masterfully parodied in a scene in which Nick is trying to infiltrate a fortress by crawling on the grass. Fictional Sport: Skeet surfing - combining skeet shooting with surfing (complete with a parodic Beach Boys style surf song) in the opening sequence. This is, of course, as stupidly dangerous as it sounds, with errant shots hitting palm trees, hang gliders, and even passing airplanes. The pilot and Resistance members using the RAF emblem on the side of the plane as a dartboard. While the Shredder was able to fight off Don, Raph, and Mikey with ease, Leo was able to hold his own against the Shredder and was able to actually WOUND the Shredder in a few places before he was finally fought off.
Double gag in that it's actually a high school fight song (Sherwood High School in Wisconsin). Getting Crap Past the Radar: In the prison sequence, a sex toy called "The Anal Intruder" is prominently featured. Hillary measures every inch of The Torch, who is either hung like a stallion, fully erect, or both.
Two phallic scenes in a row: Cedric's telescopic antenna and the ballet, the latter of which was bowdlerized for cable. The second and third movies Invert This, with the fourth film striking a satisfying balance between the two. April actually has a little game she plays where she asks a cameraman to time her and see how long she can snark at Chief Sterns until he becomes so angry he throws her out of his office.
Instead of being attracted to ships and blowing them up like a regular magnetic mine, it's so powerful it drags ships to itself from hundreds of miles away. Not only were the Turtles' conflicting personalities pushed further than they've ever gone but in the first movie each Turtle has a unique and distinctive look and body type that would make them recognizable even without their differently-colored masks. Leonardo is slim and athletic, Raphael is muscular with some tough-guy scars, Donny is a little chubby, and Mikey is short. The fourth movie mainly keeps these intact (although Donny's slimmed down a bit) and gives Mikey Innocent Blue Eyes to help show off his youth and innocence further.
Last Minute Reprieve: Nick is so popular that the consulate insists on him giving one last performance before his execution.
His strength increases but his intelligence diminishes severely—focused only on his targets, he causes the docks to collapse on him by recklessly hitting their foundations while the turtles just barely escape the destruction. When he's kidnapped and forced by Shredder to mutate the two animals, TGRI Professor Jordan Perry alters the mutagen a little so that their intelligence would not increase. As such, when Shredder demands they call him "master," they misinterpret the word as "mama" and hug the bejesus out of him.
Expy: Tokka and Rahzar are original creatures, standing in for Bebop and Rocksteady from the '87 series.
It seems that Hillary is consoling Nick for his failure to perform, but it turns out that she's reading a trashy romance novel out loud. Lost in a Crowd: Nick and Hillary hide from German pursuit by mixing with crowd of lovers in a park and making out along with them.
Oh, Crap!: In The Secret of the Ooze, when they discover that the Shredder plans to turn Tokka and Rahzar loose in Central Park unless the Turtles agree to fight them again, Donnie asks, "How are they gonna avoid all those people?" It's only after he says this that he realizes that Tokka and Rahzar aren't going to avoid the people. The Foot Clan was made up of teenage orphans and runaways who instigated a massive New York crime wave. Family-Unfriendly Violence: The first movie is pretty loaded with this, as it's more of an adaptation of the comic rather than the cartoon. Made of Explodium: The Ford Pinto in the field detonates from the slightest tap on the rear bumper. In particular are the scenes where Raphael is mercilessly beaten to near-death, the entire fight in April's apartment (where a Foot ninja accidentally hits a power main with his axe and starts jerking around and smoking), Tatsu's beating of Shinsho to near-death (or actual death if you go by the original script), Tatsu's beating of Casey Jones, and the Shredder being crushed inside the compactor of a garbage truck. It shocked so many people that in the second movie the Turtles barely even touch their weapons, let alone use them against people.
Made of Iron: In the Traintop Battle, Kruger not only No Sells Cedric's punches, but when he falls prey to the classic "low bridge" kill, the bridge breaks. Floorboard Failure: The first movie has this occur in the middle of a fight between the Turtles and the Foot clan on the second floor of April's apartment. Given that the floor had been hacked at with ninja axes and the number of people in the room at the time, this was inevitable.
Feud Episode: Leo and Raph get into a fight in the first film, due to Raph's impatience over finding Splinter and Leo's aggravation over Raph's attitude. The Mole: Someone in the Resistance is feeding the Germans information on their plans and targets. It's not a big deal for Don and Mikey, as this sort of thing always happens.April: Hasn't Raph been gone a long time?
It turns out to be Nigel, who was evidently "turned" during his time with the salvage pirates. It appears to pull away from the station, but as we look out the train's window we see that the station has pulled away from the train.

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