The saddest thing about this relation is the fact that it hinges on one line in a defunct magazine that should be considered apocrypha by now.
You need to calm down and stop being offended that some people are offended at something you're not. The thing is the hints were there, it was pretty much always canon that the night elves came to be from nocturnal humanoids, settling at the wells shores. They look like humans because elves look like humans and the troll -> elf thing is a fairly recent lore addition. I guess the retcon explanation could be that the Titan energies that turned trolls into elves made them look more like titans (who look like humans) though. In time, a primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids cautiously made their way to the edges of the mesmerizing, enchanted lake. At any rate, I tired of threads like these from Ravenmoon and I tire further of people asserting flat out that Night Elves are a result of trolls interacting with the Well of Eternity.
Both the Night Elf and Troll claims were worthless, since both were fabricated with the idea to spite the other, the first to deny any involvement with Trolls and the second to justify their defeat back then. While all these sources singularly do nothing to sustain or prove any theory, combining all these sources' information gave a pretty solid idea of which direction the story followed. Well, they're the equivalent of proto-trolls and are the confirmed source of all troll kind, even though is true that their own origins are unknown.
I want to know how if every troll tribe came from the Zandalari and the Zandalari are the most Elven looking of the Trolls, yet have no contact with the Well, how is it that the Well has anything to do with Night Elves? Because Dark Trolls is their origin and they're described to be hunched and bulky like Forest or Ice Trolls. I want to know if Rastakhan is even a damned Troll cause he COULD be a Night Elf for all we know, he's a bloody immortal dude with a lot of magic.
It's contested on account of things like Dryads looking like Elves and not Trolls and clearly being derived from Elune.
The fact remains that Zandalari are the way they are without the Well and the NElves are the way they are because of the Well. Reading them together yields inconsistency, which is becoming a hallmark of Blizzard development. It's rather debatable considering that Dryads and Keepers of the Groves have nothing to do with Night Elf origin, as that story goes, but are half night elf. The Maxx #13 gives us the usual, everyday tropes that every abductee trots out, immediately before they get probed.

The Last Fall #3 teaches us that if your surname is Fall, you really should change it, otherwise you are just tempting fate.
That’s what happens if you try and grab a sound effect under your arm, in Star Slammers #8. Well, you know Regular Show #17, it’s not like trees have discernable private parts of their own. Flash is wrapping up season two in the next few week and there has been some really good things in the series and some not so good. Mark Hall of the pressure group BusinessWaste has called on the tens of thousands of British comic books destroyed every week to be donated to hospitals or charities for child patients. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been a little quiet of late as DICE try and get the game where it needs to be ahead of release.
Unlike all the other connections between races that are cemented in heaps of lore, like humans and dwarves descending from Titans, specifically Vrykul and Earthen, this shit is relegated to one line that can't be found in game or even novels.
The candidates for the humanoids were always slim, trolls were the strongest candidates even back then, the question is did elune more than guide them, the night elves did believe she slept in the well during the day and as such began to settle at its shore, so it is likely she lured them there. The Trolls attest only another Troll could bring about the downfall of mighty troll empires, and that is where they attested the night elves must have come from them. The feral, nomadic humanoids, drawn by the Well's strange energies, built crude homes upon its tranquil shores.
Regardless, Dark Trolls come from them and these consequently transformed into Night Elves, that's pretty much undeniable.
For all the information we have now, the Well seem to have partially kicked back the Night Elves to a Zandar-ish state.
It's concerning Blizzard's willingness to use them as little more than cannon fodder for now, considered their allegiances. In the RPG (Shadows & Light, 2004), Elune ushered the earliest races on primordial Azeroth. Additionally, there's the Titan angle, and the further fact that Dark Trolls continued to live in Hyjal, in proximity to the new Well, and never changed. Seriousuly, if more superhero type characters surrendered straight away, we’d have much shorter comic books. Unsold comics in British newsagents are returned to the publisher, or simply destroyed at the point of sale, tens of thousands every week. Of course, the ultimate purpose of the skeletons continues to perplex Doc even as they might provide an answer to his predicament.

That should all change with the impending beta for the game though, as players will finally get their hands on the game.
I want to know why the Zandalari are upright and rather proud looking while the other troll tribes are hunched over or roided out. Over time, the Well's cosmic power affected the strange tribe, making them strong, wise and virtually immortal.
The real hints that pushed this theory to almost certainty back before the Magazine was ever published was the combination of two different sources, sources that read singularly proved nothing but read together kinda did. The Zandalari vastly predate the Well, the Titans and most likely everything else, still we know jackshit in regards on when, how and why these guys came to be.
We had a clear, in-game story showing humans origins when you huff the incense in the Vrykul village. Batman Eternal continues to make the case that, seriously, it might be fine for Batman but everyone else (including Alfred) should get the hell out. The tribe adopted the name Kaldorei, which meant -children of the stars- in their native tongue.
Despite Elune's attempts to dissuade them, the kaldorei were seduced by the power of the Well. Their lore is unwritten beyond the stuff they added in Pandaria which focused primarily on their relationship with the Mogu, which was strangely different from the Mogu's relations with any one else.
To celebrate their budding society, they constructed great structures and temples around the lake's periphery. Remember, Suramar was at the bottom of the Maelstrom, now suddenly it's not, and rather intact along with the rest of the old Night Elven capital and people just 'avoided it'. Wanting to kill the shit out of things in the worst way possible when they encroach on your land can easily be shared with humans, orcs, dwarves, and non playable races like Vrykul. I know it's stated that they are related, but it's about as fleshed out as a skeleton and the fact they've never even attempted to fill it out since it was mentioned mid cata means they want to tread carefully, and for good reason. This hasn't been stated, even in that magazine, and really contradicts things like Dryads, Elune, and the fact that Dark Trolls have been living near the new Well for 10000 years and didn't change at all, while Zandalari Trolls have been far from it and *clearly* are different from other trolls.

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