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As Loki sits in the void of the after the end of existence, he notes how the only things that survived the end outside of Doom's patchwork planet was himself and the Silver Surfer. Scott Lang spends his Last Day shagging the new Beetle, who he had already dealt with before and ran into the night before at the club.
As both Earth-616 and Earth-1610 are in their death throes, Wilson Fisk decides to throw an End of the World Party.
And emails all his old buddies (Norman Osborn, The Sandman, The Lizard, Bullseye, and eighteen others) to come drink and party and watch it all. The sheer fact that even after having the ability to recreate the universe In Their Own Image, Doctor Doom still has to take away Reed Richards' kids and wife, despite probably being able to wipe him out of existence altogether is some Black Comedy.
Some Thors are riding over to the Bar Sinister to bring Baron Sinister before Doom for arbitration, and Sinister looks down his nose at them. Issue #7 begins with grandiose narration about how the Prophet is crossing Battleworld and inspiring the locals to rise up against Doom. Molecule Man's constant complaining about being hungry ends up becoming an important plot point. When Doom confronts Reed in Molecule Man's chamber, the first word out of Doom's mouth is "RICHARDDSSS!" Classic Vic. Basically any time Peter and Mary Jane pull the parent card on Annie, a rambunctious kid with superpowers. The contract itself reads: "Signees below swear to serve faithfully for their lives entire! In a setting largely bereft of humor, the Vision is a coin-operated fortune-telling machine.
First time we see Nico she is stuffing her mouth with cereal while rolling her eyes over America and Loki, which in combination gives her an incredibly goofy expression. In the final issue, Kamala Khan mentions that, if they made it through this, that she would have to admit that the zombie invasion is way better than any of her fanfics. A bit earlier we also got two digs at the poor guy in one panel, first She-Hulk referred to him as Spider Hero, which he corrected to Spider-Man, and then the narration introduced him as "Hobie Brown. Mondo City's War Machine is a huge sentient tank with drills and chainsaws on mechanical arms.
Storm brings back a drone (that was looking for Miriam Sharpe's killer) to Colossus and asks what they should do with it.
While attempting to recruit the twins into the Avengers via showing off their clubhouses, the twins find Wolverine over there, who tell them not to tell Cyclops or he'll get "eye hurt". As Hank goes to human resources to report sexual harassment claims, the HR manager immediately (and correctly) assumes this is about Madame Hydra before Hank even gets in the door. As Baron Zemo gives a speech at a charity event for a Hydra run school, he shows off a "guess how many marbles are in the jar" fundraiser where the school would get money for each guess. Howard utterly drooling and offering to give all the money in the world to eat an egg which came out of a chicken mobster.
In the first issue, Anwen's father and grandfather have a heated argument while she hears something and tells them both to shut up. In issue #3, Dracula suspects that the Howling Commandos have betrayed him, and that the Invisible Man is hiding somewhere in his castle. In issue 3, Gwen is utterly horrified at the sight of Spider-Ham eating a BBQ rib sandwich, pointing out that he's eating pork. In #5, while fighting a Thor, Spider-Ham says that he can get hit really hard and not get hurt.
As the intelligent zombies slowly lose their smarts from not feeding, Mystique starts tripping over her words.
The art is great at delivering goofy facial expressions that can make you laugh all the time.
Molly trying to join Jubilee's gang - last time Jubilee told her she needs a jacket like the others, so this time Molly made one. Molly smashed a locker into Skaar, Son of Hulk from land full of Hulks, while yelling "Smash Hulk!". When Bucky stops escalating fight between Night Witches with Molly and Shanna and Skaar, Dagger immidiatelly starts underlining he has nothing to do with these people.
When Bucky informs them there is only one spot left for a team to register and they'll have to all be in one together, Jubilee drops her relaxed posture and just goes for a Big "NO!".
The cover alone, being a throwback to old romance comics, with an overwrought Kamala Khan yearning for Robbie Reyes. Secret Wars Journal #5: Just about everything about Mill-E, a perky fembot tasked with bringing the word of Doom to the outer territories, but failing hilariously at it, whether it be through corny raps in Westchester, or by trying to rally the forces of Hydra with "Hail Hydra!
The Disney crooning comes back up when Quill and Kitty are captured by an alternate Kitty who is a robotic frog. Thors is a modern Police Procedural where the cops happen to all be alternate versions of Thor. Ultimate End #1 has Peter's major reasoning for getting things back to normal: they all know who he is and he doesn't like that. Emma Frost gets a separate panel when everyone raises her hand, and the cheekiest smirk imaginable. For those who have watched the cartoon, admit it, it's impossible to read Storm's dialog and not hear her shouting everything in your head.
Rogue and Gambit are having a heartfelt moment, where Rogue is talking about her past and wondering how Gambit could possibly claim to love her when she doesn't even understand who she is. Cassandra Nova in general straddles the line between a hilarious parody of Political Correctness Gone Mad and Moral Guardians, making sure the X-Men are acting appropriate and sanitized, and a horrifying mind rapist turning them into puppets.

Deadpool's surprise cameo along with '92's version of X-Force, investigating the mysteriously quiet Xavier Institute.
Due to Nova's psychic conditioning, Wolverine finds himself unable to rescue a trapped bystander. At the end, Jubilee and Rogue get their first look at the new students as they're helping Gambit clean his car.
Old Man Logan #1◊ has Logan pointing out how a young variant to an old character doesn't make sense. The Ultimate End #1◊ has Brian Michael Bendis dropping the mic for the Ultimate Universe. Civil War #1◊ has kid Iron Man and kid Captain America forget what they were fighting about.
Deciding that he'd rather avoid Battleworld and that Norrin probably would not appreciate his company, Loki opts to skip ahead by breaking the fourth wall in a manner that would make Deadpool blush in shame. In issue #3, Strange notes that while Sinister complied, he couldn't resist having an unflattering statue of the former Baron made and delivered to the Braddock clan.
He nonchalantly strips Doom of his godhood because he didn't bring him food, and so that Reed could have a fair fight.
Angela impales him on her staff, and he tries repeatedly slashing at her with his claws while she looks bemused at best.
Sinister of this world is the King's wimpy aid, who spends most of his time screaming and cowering behind Angela any time something bad happens.
Hobie Brown was determined to fill in for Spider-Man after he was killed during Spider-Verse, but no-one calls him that.
He and Magneto turn the drone into a ball and toss it into the Iron with "next time, it's a Hulk!" painted on it. He then exits the area threatening to shoot Pete the Possum if he didn't leave without the egg. Each of them immediately starts scolding her for talking like that to the other like if they weren't yelling at each other just seconds ago. Even funnier as it's a Call Back to an incident in Spider-Gwen #2 where she hallucinated a version of Spider-Ham eating a hot dog. The reader can only hear Elsa's visceral threats (involving Azazel's genitals and arsecheeks) when the two pop back into reality. It's a regular jacket with poorly sticking star on the back, where Night Witches' pentagram should be.
And King Thor ends up giving his two best cops (Thor from the Ultimate Universe and Beta Ray Bill) a very traditional rant! If something's happened to Xavier, we may be too late to stop Westchester from becoming my future.
Gambit winks at Rogue, getting her to blush and causing Jubilee to tease, but when Chamber flirts with Jubilee, it's her turn to get ribbed. The story follows a 15th-century female mercenary captain, Ash, as she gets involved in literally world-changing events.
Although the eight years might not count, since it was in suspended animation, but it was still a three week old hamburger. It's the reason why Doom decided to just kill everyone because he couldn't stand someone being more handsome than him.
Doom!" When her efforts finally succeed in converting one little girl (with chibi Doombots) the Council of Doombots get fed up and pull a manual override and just start using her to blast everything while shouting "Submit to Doom!" She's then sent to the Deadlands to try to convert the zombies. She exclaims that the X-Men are supposed to be role models, summoning up child versions of Colossus, Dazzler, Longshot, Havok, and Nightcrawler, to make a point about their effect on impressionable children. Is a Crapshoot: The Wild Machines, an ancient self-aware computer conglomerate, ultimately wants to wipe out all humankind and remain the only intelligent thing on the planet. In one scene in season two , he tells Adrian that Ricky's unfaithfulness is a result of her inability to get along with John's mother, Amy.
However, it turns out that they only wanted to prevent the chaos and horror that would result if humanity were to keep developing its innate Reality Warper abilities, making them more Well-Intentioned Extremists than anything else. Alternate History: Although somewhat inverted, in that there is no past point of divergence.
Anti-Magic: The power of the bloodline of the Dukes of Burgundy is to prevent miracles from happening. The Cavalry: Played with in the arrival of John de Vere with the Turkish troops when Ash and her company are under siege in Dijon.
The troops are too few to turn the tide in Burgundy's favour; however, they present protection, since the Carthaginians really do not want to attack them and risk a war with the Ottoman Empire. Convenient Miscarriage: Ash miscarries hers and Fernando's child while in a Carthaginian dungeon.
Curse of the Ancients: Discussed, with the editor settling for translating Ash's swearing as modern four-letter words in order to retain its shock value. There was even a point early on when he had just recently knocked up Amy, was having sex with Adrian, on the verge of dating Grace, and made out with Lauren who was fighting with Madison over him. Fictional Document: The historical narratives being translated and polished in the Framing Story by the historian Pierce Ratcliff. Framing Story: The book is supposedly the work of historian Pierce Ratcliff, who is piecing together the story of Ash from historical documents.
Interspersed in the inner story are correspondences between Ratcliff and his editor as the story related in these documents begins to diverge from known history. Friend to All Living Things: When Godfrey was a child, he used to go out in the forest and spend hours just standing amid the wild beasts, similar to St. She ran away from home because of her intolerant family, and she and her lover Esther were sentenced to death. She joined Ash's company as a Sweet Polly Oliver, only to have the soldiers try to lynch her when it came out that she was female and a lesbian.

Heel?Face Turn: At the end of the story, the Wild Machines, who have spent history trying to wipe out humanity, are now working with Ash's plan, maintaining Lost Burgundy and keeping reality functioning.
Jeanne d'Archetype: Ash is in some respects very much like Jeanne d'Arc, including hearing voices.
Jerk Ass: Fernando starts out as a huge jerk and a misogynist, among other less-than-pleasing qualities. Literary Agent Hypothesis: the book is supposedly what Pierce Ratcliff, the historian who's piecing together Ash's history or legend, is writing for publication.
Interspersed in the work are snippets of Ratcliff's private notes and correspondence with his editor. The Marvelous Deer: To decide who shall become the new Duke of Burgundy, the pretenders to the throne try to bring down one of these.
Floria succeeds, and as she does, the power of her bloodline causes the stag to morph from an ethereal, supernatural creature into an ordinary dead animal. Berserk Button: Amy apparently hits one of Ben's in "Loose Lips", when she basically reminds Ben that Adrian used him as revenge against Ricky and implies that Adrian still wanted Ricky, meaning that Adrian didn't love him. Adrian hits an even bigger button with Ben in "Hole In The Wall" when she clears out their stillborn daughter's nursery, including a small, stuffed bear Ben's deceased mother, Sarah, gave to him as a small child. Betty and Veronica: Season 1 strangely had both Ricky and Jack between Grace (Betty) and Adrian (Veronica). Big Damn Kiss: For shippers of the couple, Ricky and Amy's kiss onstage at the former's high school graduation.
It wasn't their first kiss, but it was a big deal since they got engaged seconds before the kiss.
Black Comedy Rape: Surveillance footage of the attempted rape of Grace and her attempts at self-defense is treated as a hilarious blooper reel by the local news and populace.
Brain Bleach: George's expression when Anne tells him that Amy and Ashley were discussing masturbation is a comical plea for some of this trope.
ALL of "Just Say Me", especially the montage of all the girls with HUGE smiles on their faces, since they've just finished masturbating. Translation Convention: The characters speak in reasonably modern English, including cursing, as a deliberate stylistic choice to make them more approachable and understandable.
By season 4, he had a failed marriage, a stillborn daughter, and had experimented with liquor — all before his 18th birthday.
Losing his mother years prior to the Pilot also seemed to have done this to him in some ways as well. But Not Too Gay: Griffin and Peter have had exactly one appearance since they hooked up, even though Griffin is supposed to be Ashley's best friend. Though the plane crash is (hopefully) not the direct result of Grace having sex, her Downs Syndrome-afflicted brother shouts at her, "You killed him!" She believes it on account of her own idiocy, though. Terrifyingly, this seems to be just the beginning as it appears that the concept of sex = death is catching.
The girl who knows the most about sex does it first with her best friend since second grade; shortly afterward, he goes away for cancer treatment and it's implied that he died. This affects her to the point where it wrecks all of her social relationships for several episodes.
Ricky and Adrian have sex all the time and nothing bad happens except when Ricky takes Amy's virginity and gets her pregnant and when Adrian has sex with then-virgin Ben, she gets pregnant and loses the baby.
Chewing the Scenery: Every once in a while, kind of surprising considering how dull the show usually is.
Dull Surprise: Apparently, being in this show removes your ability to express genuine emotions.
However you feel about Adiran, the fact is she at least tried to make her life work when she was pregnant. Amy, however, did nothing but bitch and moan during her pregnancy, and yet has the happiest ending on the show. Everybody Has Lots of Sex: It's more Everybody Talks A Lot About Sex, but there's plenty of actual sex going on as well(though to date, there hasn't been any sex onscreen).
The original title of the show was The Sex Life Of The American Teenager, but Brenda Hampton said Googling that name brought up a lot of porn sites, so it was nixed. Her mom felt horrible about it afterwards, saying "Everyone forgot my sixteenth birthday and it stayed with me forever!" Amy is mildly irritated, but gets over it pretty quickly.
A few headscratchers in particular are Adrian and her mom having an upscale apartment in season one , even though they were supposed to be kinda poor.
Daniel and his friends also manage to have lavish apartments, despite being college students.
With the latter, it's been implied that the apartments are owned by the college, which could mean a lower, affordable rate. He's gotten several mentions and has driven several of the characters around (off-screen, of course), but he's never put in an appearance. Give the Baby a Father: Ben, convinced that he is in love, proposes to Amy shortly after finding out she's pregnant with Ricky's baby.
Since they're 15 and have only been dating a few weeks at that point, their parents don't approve. Amy's first time is awkward and brief, while Grace's first time is apparently the most amazing thing ever. Informed Ability: Amy informs the football coach that the football team is merely a warm-up act for the amazing marching band.

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