All too often we get a feeling about something, but our logical brain takes over and tells us not to listen to a feeling.  After all, why should we listen to a feeling when it doesn’t deal with the real world?
Here is one of my favourite quotations from Sigmund Freud thatmight provoke some reflection on how you make decisions:"When making a decision of minor importance, I have always foundit advantageous to consider all the pros and cons.
It's not about control, it's more about listening, paying attention, being mindful, overall, being self-compassionate.
I'm glad that we support each other's ideas in this.  Yes, it's quite a practice, but so worthwhile, in my experience! Even if you don’t realise it, your unconscious mind pretty much runs the show in your life.
This means that simply *consciously* wishing to be richer or more confident is kinda like giving instructions to a Dutchman in a regional dialect of Mandarin… It just won’t make much sense. The first way to influence your unconscious is by speaking to it in a language it understands. This may sound a little strange, but it’s actually how you programmed yourself in the first place. So, when you got publicly rejected by a potential partner growing up, and this *really* embarrassed you, and you replayed the “movie” of what happened over and over again in your mind… congratulations!
So, the key to influencing your unconscious mind is to feed it really compelling, bright pictures of you at your best – and really *feel* as if your make-believe world is the truth!
If you haven’t tried visualisation consciously before, you might like to read this post and then come back to this one. Well, we pay a visit to the unconscious mind – which is found in the realms of theta waves and alpha waves. When you’re asleep and dreaming, your brain is accessing a range of waves, but mostly delta and low theta waves.
So, in short, if we can communicate with our unconscious using positive emotions and bright pictures… AND do this while in the realm of the right brain waves, we’re bloody laughing. Feel the positive emotions and embrace your thoughts, intuition and let spiritual awareness consume you. My final tip for influencing the unconscious mind is to relax and trust your unconscious to hook you up. Instead, spend a few minutes each morning or night (or both!) vividly imagining what you want, whilst feeling the positive emotions. Use meditation or binaural beats to better access the unconscious mind and influence it faster. One of most down-to-earth and practical articles on subconscious mind reprogramming I have read.
July 23, 2013 by John Cassidy-Rice Leave a Comment  The Unconscious Mind Can Alter Your Health in ways that can be unexpected.

The unconscious mind has the capacity to store and distribute energy in our systems, and this can be either a positive or a negative facet. Then, the whole picture changes; you complete your project and you go on holiday with your family. About three or four years ago, my mum developed cancer and sadly, she arrived at the point where she was asked where she might like to die, at home or there in the hospital. It’s important that we try and have real focus because focus is a gift from the unconscious mind. If you have any questions that have been unanswered, please email me directly and let me know how I can help. I almost advised readers not to buy the course if they didn’t feel in their heart it was right for them. The feelings we get sometimes, are reminders, I believe, that we are connected to something much bigger than us.  If we learn to listen to those feelings and act on them, we develop an almost sixth sense and hone it the more we listen to it. One thing to do here is to keep the conscious mind busy, as it will throw up all sorts of logical, immediate answers to the question you ask to the unconscious mind. In vitalmatters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession,the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewherewithin ourselves. It helps determine how much money you earn, how happy and successful you are, and what you believe to be true about the world. Just by feeling more positive emotions and visualising empowering pictures, you will make giant leaps to achieving your goals.
Delta waves are slow, so slow in fact that we find it very hard to remember what’s happened consciously. I own them all and they’ll definitely help you out… Enjoy influencing and accessing the power of your unconscious mind!
Affirmations have to be practiced often, almost daily to take root, but hypnosis penetrates on a deeper level.
People have a tendency to shut down or tire more easily during times of inactivity such as a period of unemployment. You tell your family you have been given a great opportunity, but it will require their support for the following six months to accomplish this task because you will be working many evenings and weekends. The very first day you catch the worst cold or flu going round and your family gives you no sympathy because they say you always do this. Naturally, she wanted to die in her home, and hospice felt that she might only have a week to 10 days if we were lucky. If we are clear on what we want, our unconscious mind will work with us to help us achieve our goals. In the important decisions of personal life,we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of ournature."My web site has a compilation of over 100 quotations and shortexcerpts.

Don’t allow neurosis and stress to enter your mind, just let yourself believe that something big is going on behind the scenes. Opening your mind to possibility beyond what you perceive when in the pre-conditioned state of mind you are used to.
If a person stays relatively busy with a full schedule such as taking on a big project or starting a business, our energy level actually increases. You ask for their support and then you promise them that at the end of the six months, the family can all go on holiday for quality time together.
However, it was close enough to my youngest daughter’s first birthday that my mum stated that she wanted to see her celebrate that first birthday. We need to remember one key aspect of the unconscious mind though and that is, if you set a goal, either personal or in your work, the unconscious mind will look for lessons to help us be the person who can achieve that goal. Feel the feelings of success, and over time your unconscious mind will dramatically change. After they agree to give you their support, you begin working on your project and your energy level is greatly magnified. This is most likely because your unconscious mind understood that you needed all the energy and motivation possible during the time that you were working on your project, but it decided early on that it would all catch up with you once you were on holiday. We don’t always like those lessons and sometimes they serve as reminders of things that really sucked in our past, things we want to avoid. As incredible as that was, she decided that since it was so close to Christmas at that time, that she would set a new goal of seeing her grandchildren at Christmas, and she did actually live almost another month to make it to the New Year. The unconscious mind wants you to grow so that you can achieve your goal, but our conscious mind would prefer to follow a smooth path from point A to point B. When we become uncomfortable with what our unconscious mind recalls for our lessons, we might decide we don’t like it and want to change our mind and go for something else.
However, as you are working on your project, people around you are coming down with colds and flus, but you remain healthy and proclaim they are weaklings because you are quite well. We were able to witness ourselves just how powerful the unconscious mind is because it kept her alive for as long as she set her goals. Then the unconscious mind reminds us that it spent several years looking for that particular lesson and you were, in fact, on track with your goal. This is why it is important to have a clear goal and to bear in mind that when we head toward that goal, the road may not be a straight one. The closer we get in recognizing our goal, the more our conscious mind will energize us and the more momentum we have in achieving those goals.

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