The very unique decorative indoor tabletop fountains with 2tier, 3 tier and multi tier waterfalls through stones and pots will make the house with centre of attraction. The selective indoor tabletop fountains are very beautiful in their appearance and it will give traditional and cultural aroma to our rooms.
T his illuminated relaxation fountain’s natural flower blossoms design adds a romantic feel to any room decor and is softly illuminated to create a more dramatic effect.
The Nostalgia Electrics LPF210 Vintage Collection Lighted Party Fountain Beverage Set creates a beautiful display for any fun occasion.
Four granite-finished tiers cycle sparkling water from bowl to bowl, creating an enthralling meditation piece. 3 Tier Rock Tabletop Fountain With LED Light Let yourself and your guests enjoy a relaxing and peaceful ambience with this beautifully crafted 3 Tier Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Light Let your home, garden or deck radiate serenity and elegance with our exquisite collection of fountains and fountain accessories. Four Tiered Step Tabletop Water Fountain Creates an Oasis of Soothing Tranquility The Alpine Collection is a magnificent array of originally hand-crafted fountains.
B uddha reclines within the shelter of his temple as cascading blessings flow from his glowing basket. Buddha in repose is the timeless image of Zen serenity, shown here as a sophisticated centerpiece surrounded by water’s gentle flow.
11In Tabletop Fountain With LED Light Infuse charm into your surroundings with this wonderfully crafted 11in Tabletop Fountain with LED Light. Mimicking the fluid flow of water that fills it, this tabletop fountain boasts an organic form that will enahnce any contemporary decor.
This is beautiful dolphins tabletop water fountain, The water comes out of the top layer pot and gently travel downward into the center broken barrel. R unning water tabletop fountain offers a calming effect that’s a great accent to living rooms, bedrooms and offices, too.
R elax to the peaceful soothing sound of running water with this Cordless Tranquility Pottery Fountain. T his indoor tabletop fountain is the perfect accent for tables in bedrooms, entryways, and more. T his tabletop fountain invites the soothing sound of running water onto your desk or a nearby accent table. R elax and enjoy the soothing sounds of water anywhere in your home with the Newport Coast Collection Cracked Glass LED Fountain.

T he angular design gives this fountain modern flair which will complement your indoor decor! T his stylish fountain features natural slate and stone, giving a contemporary elegance to this piece. T abletop Leaf Fountain With White LED Lights This beautiful crafted Tabletop Leaf Fountain with White LED Lights is designed to grab attention.
T his fountain is sure to add a natural element to your home as the soothing sounds of flowing water relaxes your mind. E very color and gleaming gem reflects the joy of a mother and child at play Traditional elephant motif fountain brings a vibrant hint of the exotic that enlivens any decor, along with the merry music of cascading water.
G ive your home or work space a tranquil touch with this charming tabletop fountain design. T his indoor water fountain is not only beautifully crafted but it is made of hard wearing, beautifully colored stones on a bed of shingle and set in a sturdy wooden frame. Celebrate in style with the illuminated punch bowl party fountain with waterfall effect as friends and family enjoy watching the lighted cascade of beverage.
With its hand-painted slate design and unique artistry, this tabletop fountain complements any home or office decor.
The fountain is constructed with a sturdy polyresin material that is designed to look like four pouring pots. Cascades of water trickle down faux-stone steps, while tealights glimmer from atop twin pillars. Steady streams of water running through them are great for infusing your environment with peace, tranquility and a unique beauty. Designed by a team of gifted artisans, each of these exquisite pieces creates a striking focal point wherever placed. The fountain is constructed with a sturdy polyresin material that is designed to look like stacked stone with red, brown and gray colors. Featuring 4 pots made of durable polyresin material in a neutral color, this fountain will brighten up any space and add a sense of calm and serenity.
This wonderful water fixture is alive with beauty and the subtle, relaxing nature of a cascading tabletop fountain. The fountain is constructed with a sturdy polyresin material with a wavy carved face to make the water look like it’s rippling.

Crafted from ceramic, with a natural edge, three water lilies rise up and trickle water elegantly from one tier to the next.
You will unwind and de-stress in no time at all when you put your feet up and listen to the soothing sound of water trickling down the stone waterfall.
Easy to operate, the fountain can be displayed nearly anywhere without the need for power plugs or wall outlets.
The electric pump enables the water to flow from the top all the way down to the bottom pool where it then recirculates back through the fountain. The fountains’ gently flowing waters provide a calming effect as they soothe nerves and restore body, mind, and spirit. This fountain brings a calming presence and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration. The electric pump enables the gently flowing water to flow from the top tier all the way down to the bottom pool where it then recirculates back through the fountain. The uniquely shaped fountain features beautiful coloring in shades of brown, white and black. Resembling cut glass, the attractive fountain holds 24 6-ounce cups or 144 ounces of liquid.
Simply assemble, fill and place it on any flat surface in your home and enjoy the ambiance and relaxation that it will bring. Fountains offer the added benefit of covering up distracting ambient noises, helping raise alertness and focus. Plus, the 4 LED lights in the top tier help illuminate the fountain and reflect off surrounding spaces. The fountain also includes LED lights that help to illuminate the fountain and makes the water glimmer and elegantly reflect off of surrounding surfaces.

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