A classified court order has been leaked to The Guardian, showing clearly how the National Security Administration has requested call logs data on millions of phone conversations of Verizon customers.Now we all know the government, and also private data mining companies, are snooping, but the extent of it seems breathtaking. These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP's newsgathering operations, and disclose information about AP's activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know.This is a pretty new phenomenon, as now for the first time in history you always carry a rather tell-all device on you - your smartphone - and the issue might get to the Supreme Court one day.
Before Congress could make comments against the NSA, the agency told lawmakers in a secret meeting that interpretation of federal surveillance law allows the NSA to listen to domestic and international callsl; we're not just talking about metadata here, but both sides of a full conversation. And what's crazier is when you try to tell the blind smart phones were designed to track the American people you're labeled a tin foiling hat wearing conspiracy nut. Well if your going to do anything illegal just leave your phone home and use a prepaid one. Well the federal government has a huge surveillance system called DCSNet (FBI Digital Collection System Network).
The HTC One (M8) for Windows is the second coming of HTCa€™s flagship One (M8) that launched earlier in the year, and it has the same excellent craftsmanship of design and features like the 4-megapixel a€?Ultrapixela€™ shooter and Duo Camera setup. I'm going to wait and see what Microsoft delivers from the Lumia line this fall then ill make that choice.

Today Samsung pushed to its servers a first full version of firmware for T-Mobile USA (Region: TMO) version of Galaxy S 4 (SGH-M919).
Samsung has already launched the Ativ S in the UK and is now planning to release the smartphone in North America. With all the T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger talk today we almost forgot about everything else, almost. It’s no secret that Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy Note II to many US carriers by mid-fall.
Government has long argued that this is a public domain information, like looking at unopened envelopes, as the calls aren't associated with names, addresses, content and so on, but there are notions that call locations triangulation is also recorded.For starters, the unique serial number of the phone you call from is recorded, too, as are time and duration, and these, together with the eventual location tracking, speaks volumes to anyone who's looking.
The time when they'll come and get you just because they're in the mood to do so, is getting closer. And now, Verizon Wireless, the carrier that is getting it exclusively, outed the handset a bit prematurely, publishing the full promo video with all new features of the upcoming handset.The One (M8) for Windows comes with the same post-capture image refocus capabilities of UFocus inside the custom HTC camera app (that by the way has many of the great advanced features wea€™ve seen on the Android app).
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With the global rollout of 4.3 for various devices, the T-Mobile version of this great smartphone is one of first for which the update was released. Thankfully we’ve just received a few “in the wild” shots of the Galaxy Note II hanging around getting some hands on time with some of the locals.
Rather than Google Now and Voice Search, though, here you are being kindly assisted by Microsofta€™s Cortana. According to, Samsung Ativ S has just been delayed to next year at T-Mobile Germany.

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