With their lean limbs, flat stomachs, pert breasts and shapely bottoms, the a€?perfecta€™ bodies splashed across billboards and magazines are all too familiar.Yet it seems we may be beginning to tire of these gazelle-like beauties. Ali Williamson, 57, who says she is strong and fitA Ali Williamson, 57, a size ten, is a fitness instructor from Surrey and is married to Dave, 61, a company director.
31-year-old Emily Harvey who says her confidence has been boostedEmily Harvey, 31, a size 14, is a blogger and lives in South-West London with her partner Feroz, 32, a teacher, and their daughters Abigail, five, and Sophia, 15 months.
Eva Belliever, 34, says she is happier as a size 18A Eva Belliever, 34, a size 18, is a pianist and lives in North London. Sam Sims, 32, who is drinking 'pond water' to stay slimSam Sims, 32, a size ten, runs a parenting website and lives in Surrey with her husband and their son, Barney, three. Alida Young, who fluctuates between a size 8 and 12Alida Young, 46, a size ten, is separated, a full-time mother to Olivia, 12, and Sophie, nine, and lives in Kent. Emma Tennant who is happy to show she is a real womanA Emma Tennant, 40, a size 14, is a sales manager. Gail Daniel, 50, who has banished the weighing scalesA Gail Daniel, 50, a size 16, is a fitness instructor. Suzanne Dalmedo, 37, who says the shoot was liberatingA Suzanne Dalmedo, 37, a size 14, is a full-time mother.
Natalie Lee, who says she was horrified to not see a average-sized woman on the Victoria's Secret adNatalie Lee, 34, a size 12, is a full-time mother to Alexa, five, and Autumn, two. She lives in Leicestershire with her husband Mark, 50, who runs an outdoor centre, and their son, Jake, 14. She lives in Berkshire with her husband Darren, 36, an operations director, and their two children, Theo, six, and Ruby, four.
The compliments I get prove you dona€™t have to be a stick to be attractive.But as far as Victoriaa€™s Secret is concerned, I dona€™t exist.

At 5ft 1in, I fluctuate between size eight and 12.I dona€™t like my thick thighs and upper arms, but Ia€™m reasonably slim elsewhere.
But like every woman, Ia€™m insecure about my body and this advert doesna€™t help that.Taking part in the shoot has boosted my confidence hugely.
Theya€™re missing a trick because there are plenty of sexy, larger women who would love to buy their underwear.Ten years ago, I lost seven stone in nine months by going on a drastic cleansing diet because I felt I was overweight.
My best features are my flat tummy and slim waist, which gives me a lovely hourglass figure.When I saw the Victoria Secret advert I was shocked by how skinny the women are. Thankfully, something snapped in me one day and I thought: a€?Enough!a€™But I still worried about my weight.
I dona€™t want my children subjected to images like that.Why cana€™t we see more women who look sporty and healthy rather than bony and skinny? I got down to a size eight, but the regime caused long-term damage to my health and I was in a lot of pain for many years.
But labelling them as a€?perfecta€™ is going to upset a lot of people who dona€™t look like that. It was not until my mid-40s that I decided I had a fit and healthy body and should be grateful.
That would be inspirational.Ia€™m 5ft 5in and weigh 10st 10lb, which means Ia€™m healthy and fit. Ia€™d reduce it surgically if I had the money because it gets in the way when Ia€™m teaching.I wish there were more older models. I decided six years ago that I was going to let my body get back to its natural weight, which is 15 stone.Taking part in this shoot is the bravest thing Ia€™ve ever done. I cana€™t see how women or men would find the super skinny look attractive.I always use the word a€?healthya€™ in front of my daughters.

I wanted to show my friends that this is what a real woman looks like.I didna€™t think Ia€™d get the chance to show the whole country! I dona€™t think I look too bad for my age.Ia€™ve banished the weighing scales, though, because I dona€™t believe they give a true picture of a womana€™s size. He loves my body and is ever so proud of me for doing this a€” and Ia€™m proud of myself.Super skinny?
When I look at ads they could be my grandaughters.However, negative images dona€™t affect my body confidence. I rely on how my clothes fit to tell me if Ia€™ve gained a few pounds.Adverts like the Victoriaa€™s Secret campaign do nothing to help self-esteem.
She lives in Kent with her partner, Steve, a taxi driver, and two sons from a former marriage. While I understand that some women are naturally slim, why arena€™t there a few bigger models in the line-up, too? She says:Three years ago, when my marriage was breaking down, the stress made me lose two stone. We come in all shapes and sizes and to say that anyone who is not a conventional model shape is not a€?perfecta€™ is simply rubbish.I love my waist, breasts and back. My breasts were hanging like old socks.My friends were horrified, but I loved being able to fit in a size ten. However, Ia€™m not keen on my legs, because I think they have too much cellulite.But Ia€™m fed up of ads making women feel bad about ourselves.

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