Khao Khorata, born on 28 December 1888 in Baan Bo Chaneng in Ubon Ratchathani province in Thailand, was the fourth child in a family of seven children. Though Khao had previously already been informed by his friends, who told him about the adulterous behavior of his wife, yet he nearly lost his self control when he heard the news. So, instead of killing the man, Khao called upon all the villagers as a witness to this scandal, and let them testify against the shameless act of the couple, so that in the future no doubt could remain about this matter.
Before all this happened, Khao was merely concerned about how he could achieve his worldly ambitions. Eventually Khao decided to renounce his worldly life in order to put an end to all his suffering. This entry was posted in All Posts and tagged Ajarn Khao, All Posts, Dhamma, Kammathana, Sangha, Suffering on May 20, 2013 by admin.
The Goal of Meditation is often seen as the Ultimate Goal aimed at with Buddhist Practitioners. The Lord Buddha reached these Meditative Attainments to their full capacity with his 2 Lersi teachers. The purity and stainless mind which comes with Buddhahood or Arahantship however, was not his goal at the beginning, for it was only later as meditative ability and insight, along with the experiences leading to his realization of the middle path. The realization of the middle path, and the confrontation with the stains of wrong view which obscured the Dhamma from the eyes of all Beings in Samsara, is what led him to begin the quest for removal of impurities, which leads to Arahantship). Selfishness is what has to be removed, for selfishness arises from the false view of a separate self.. So the way to remove Kilesa, is to remove Avijja (false views) this is done with Vipassana (insight development). The Noble 8 fold path is the theoretical categorization of the middle path as explained to Humans by the Lord Buddha.

Thai Buddhist Arts Online Project – Thai Buddhist Art is one of the most wide ranging Cultural Forms of Artistic Expression, and one of the Worlds Richest Sources of Buddhist Fine Arts. In the presence of the entire village community, among them were Khao’s relatives, he publicly accused his the of committing sex with his wife; the man admitted his faults, and agreed to pay a financial compensation to Khao. But because of the martital unfaithfulness of his wife, Khao was inspired to contemplate the Dhamma. This did not Enlighten Him or release him from Samsaric wheel of Rebirth, which was of course his aim and goal from the beginning. After attaining the Meditative Jhanas in all their possible levels, the Buddha realized that this would take him no further, and so he left to tarry onwards, for it was the presence of stains, kilesa, impurity, defilement and wrong views which was the goal (to remove them). Successful Manifestation of the Practice as a Fully Realized Innate Natural Poise is the true correct practice of the 8 fold path. One could split it into 12, 7, or however many abstract facets of practice one can concoct if one wishes, the core truth remains undivided, and is one single poised practice. He worked hard to be wealthy, and was known as a person who was easy in social interaction. Though he had to work hard in order to provide for his family, yet his income was just enough to provide them with the basic necessities of life. His rage and anger took complete control over him, and so he pointed the machete at the sleeping couple. Soon after that he understood that there are many hidden dangers in the life of a householder. Thus, Khao put all his trust and faith in the teachings of the Buddha, and went forth as a member of the sa?gha[5] to put the Dhamma in to practice. Eight-fold path mental discipline is not a simple minded, trusting, blind faith, devotion or moral.

Hence, for the sake of his family’s well being, he decided to go and look for a job in another province.
However, coincidentally, his wife’s lover noticed what was going on, and saw Khao standing at a short distance with the machete in his hands. And so he realized that his worldly dreams and wishes would only cause him to suffer even more in the future.
Through his dilligent practice, he found that the Buddha’s teachings are true in the sense that there is indeed a way to transcend beyond samsara, which leads to final liberation from suffering. Terrified by what he saw, he immediately raised his hands and begged Khao to spare his life. This insight, of course, upset him so much until it became almost unbearable for him to carry on living this way. The man then instantly admitted the grave mistake he had made to sleep with another man’s wife. After a while he had lost the will to live, for he could not find any motivation to get his worldly life back on track. When Khao saw that man’s his fear of death, his anger disappeared, and he regained his sense of reality again.

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